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I’ve Adopted a Girl!

Regular readers know that I’m having a baby in August. Check out my ever-growing belly! Oh – and I haven’t yet told you that it will be a boy!

Because of this huge life change, you may not think it’s a good time to consider adopting a girl. However, I haven’t adopted a new child, I’ve adopted a blogger!

The Adopt a Blogger program is run by Dine & Dish and this year there are over one hundred food blogs participating. The idea is that people who have been blogging for over a year are paired with newbie bloggers to help them on their way.

I’m excited to announce that my adopted blogger is:

You can see from the logo that we clearly have something in common. Cherryspoon is “all sorts of baking related goodness, personal projects, great links, product reviews and more!” I am looking forward to getting to know her over the next three months (the length of the adoption) and I hope you will all head on over to Cherryspoon and show her some cupcake love.

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12 comments on “I’ve Adopted a Girl!”

  1. Congrats Steff!!!

    I will check her blog out.

  2. Pillesays:

    Congrats. Stef!! My baby daughter will already turn 3 months on Thursday – and I’m enjoying motherhood immensely!!!

  3. Marthasays:

    Ha! That’s me :)

    And Congrats on the baby boy!!

    Thank you for the shout out!
    This has already been really great, and we just started talking.

  4. Congrats on the boy! And congrats on becoming the THIRD person I know who will be popping out a baby this summer! ;D

    PS: Have him on the 8th… We can share a birthday!

  5. Kristensays:

    Oh a boy – congrats! That picture of you is darling :)
    Thanks for joining in on Adopt a Blogger! Hope you two enjoy getting to know each other.

  6. toontzsays:

    Ha! You had me going there for a second…I thought all those hormones finally got to you…whew! Glad to know it is just a blogger. You are going to have enough on your plate soon!

  7. Elysesays:

    Congrats on having a boy!!! How exciting! Keep us updated. And your adopt-a-blogger is great, too. I’m going to head over to check out your buddy’s blog right now :)

  8. Bethanysays:

    love the photo and congrats again!

  9. Congratulations on a baby boy and on adopting a blogger :) Very nice idea.

  10. Jodisays:

    what a wonderful program :) it is such a good thing

    Congrats on the baby boy too! :)

  11. A baby blog? Congrats! We’re all so happy for you both!


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