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Huge Fair Trade Giveaway – $250 Prize Pack

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Fair Trade giveaway

I’ve been writing about Fair Trade this week – how Mother’s Day and World Fair Trade Day fall on the same weekend and how Fair Trade certification is an important mechanism for protecting and empowering women in agricultural communities around the world.  In addition to freedom from harassment and other social requirements, Fair Trade certification ensures that women have a voice, a vote, and a leadership role in their communities.

Fair Trade USA has created a Pinterest Board showcasing Fair Trade brunch ideas from a variety of fantastic bloggers.  You’ll find my coffee biscuits with dark chocolate cinnamon butter on that board.  If you re-pin it, you are helping to spread the word about Fair Trade and helping me to win a prize (virtual thank you hugs to you for doing this!).

I’ve got a chance for you to win a prize, too!  To get you even more excited about Fair Trade products, Fair Trade USA is giving away all of the products shown above to one lucky Cupcake Project reader.  It’s a $250 value!  Even the gorgeous scarf from Prana is part of the prize pack – it’s not just a photo prop!

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am lucky to have this post sponsored by Fair Trade USA – a group that I believe in and support.

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107 comments on “Huge Fair Trade Giveaway – $250 Prize Pack”

  1. cara mariesays:

    this is a great giveaway. fair trade items are wonderful and an important issue in today’s society.

  2. cara mariesays:

    ps. i don’t have much planned for mother’s day, as i am not a mom yet.. :] but i’ll probably babysit my nephews for my sister, so she can eat something nice with her hubby. :]]]]

  3. Kittishsays:

    I wish the local groceries would carry more fair trade products. This looks like a wonderful package of goodies.

  4. Amysays:

    This is such a sweet prize! We often make my mom her own brunch at home, including her favorite nutella crêpes!

  5. Lauren G.says:

    Brunch at the club.

  6. Danisays:

    Love that fair trade is rising in popularity lately! I feel like people (including myself) have become more aware of how important it is to know where the things you buy are coming from.


  7. Julie Guarduccisays:

    I’ll be working on Mother’s Day, maybe I can meet my daughter for lunch and celebrate

  8. Laurasays:

    Mother’s Day at our house always includes the traditional Gyro at the Greek Festival.

  9. Triciasays:

    My husband will be preparing me breakfast in bread on Mother’s Day. My children & grandchildren will be over later & will take me out to dinner.

  10. Veenasays:

    I would really want to make something special for my Mother as well as for my lovely lil daughters… Yummy … Caramel custard…

    the prize is so nice… thanks to fair trade for making us aware consumers…

  11. Reginasays:

    Great giveaway, bringing awareness to a great cause

    Still deciding on what to make for my mom on mother’s day…

  12. Barbarasays:

    What a great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Rachelsays:

    Unfortunately, this year I’m an ocean away from my mom. So, my husband and I will probably just do wings and fries for ourselves.

  14. Kathy Gsays:

    Neither my husband or I have mothers alive to honor. Two of our three children live out of town (although one is fairly close); the family usually cooks up some type of event for me :-)

  15. Stephaniesays:

    I’m making my mom some kale, scrambled eggs, and quinoa for breakfast with veggie tempeh bacon (we’re vegetarians) :-) and possibly something baked and delicious alongside of that!

  16. Pattysays:

    Unknown plans for Mother’s day. Love Fair Trade products!

  17. Joyoussays:

    LOVE to support FAIR TRADE! Thank you for the chance to win some amazing stuff. I plan to teach my 17 year old son how to make my yummy egg bake ~ it’s got peppers, onions, eggs & whatever we find all scrambled together. We grow as many veggies as we can and right now we’re using up last year’s supply!

  18. Carriesays:

    Spreading the word about the fair treatment of women is always a top priority for me! I’m glad someone is also making delicious products in the process. Not sure what the guys are whipping up for us gals but spending the day with my daughter, mother and sister-in-law. Should be a lovely day.

  19. Elysesays:

    I’m going to make my mom blueberry pancakes for mothers day brunch. Her favorite!

  20. Shainasays:

    I have no idea what I’ll be making or eating for Mother’s Day. My mother lives in NJ, and I live in FL, so I have no plans!

  21. MichelleHsays:

    I don’t know what we’ll have for Mother’s Day. I will eat whatever my husband and kids decide. lol

  22. Kylie Csays:

    We will probably be making creamed eggs, bacon, German pancakes and greens for our brunch.

  23. Caitlinsays:

    Not sure yet about Mother’s Day brunch- I am flying home to visit my mom for the first time on Mother’s Day weekend in a few years, so whatever she wants is what we’ll have!

  24. Roschellesays:

    I would love to win this!!

  25. Kirstensays:

    Awesome stuf!

  26. Janinesays:

    We don’t have anything planned for Mother’s Day. I have a graduation to get ready for at the end of the week and out of town family coming in. So I will be getting ready for that. No celebration for this mother.

  27. Kimberly Baberssays:

    For mothers day this year I will be taking my sister out to eat. A year ago my mother moved out of state for a job so we aren’t able to celebrate with her because she has to work and can’t come down.

  28. Selenasays:

    Probably sandwiches! Hah!

  29. Joannsays:

    I try to buy as many fair trade products as I can. Thankfully, there seems to be more and more available. As for Mother’s Day, it will probably be pretty quiet with just my husband and myself, as our children do not live close by

  30. Dylansays:

    I know that my mom loves full breakfasts, so I will probably make pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and smoothies.

  31. resesays:

    Cinco de Mayo is Monday, my birthday is Tuesday, and Mother’s Day is the following Sunday so I plan to bbq the entire week — starting today!

  32. Kim Campbellsays:

    We always have a nice breakfast quiche and homemade cinnamon rolls, and this year I think all of the guys in the family are making it!

  33. bridgetsays:

    I’ll be taking my mom to moneterey and making french toast! can’t wait!

  34. Kirasays:

    I’ll be making a lemon chiffon cake with raspberry topping!

  35. Monica Grosesays:

    I won’t be cooking. I am the only breakfast eater. After church my family is trying a Mediterranean restaurant and hoping it is healthy.

  36. mechele johnsonsays:

    I am hoping my hubby will make me his “famous” smoked salmon quiche!

  37. Naomisays:

    My kids like to make me breakfast… usually toast and a banana, which is at least not messy!

  38. Tenayasays:

    For mother’s day I will live anything my husband or children make me. As long as I get to sleep in;)

  39. spicesays:

    My kids make breakfast for me & make sure that i’m in bed when they bring it :)

  40. Laurasays:

    I live 2000 miles from my mom, so I sent her a card. But last time I made brunch for her a made an egg dish with sausage and bread that she made for me as a child.

  41. Margot Csays:

    I was thinking of making a ‘Dutch baby’ giant pancake with berries.

  42. Karen Ostromsays:

    I will be making eggs Benedict and having peachy dreams, champagne mixed with peach juice

  43. sarasays:

    french toast and strawberries!

  44. Amy Birdsays:

    I love fair trade! What a great giveaway idea!

  45. Melissasays:

    I’m going to take my mom out for brunch @ First Watch, and give her some homemade cupcakes that she can indulge in later that evening.

  46. AnneMariesays:

    Not sure yet but maybe ham and au gratin potatoes.

  47. I’m going to try making a cinnamon roll cake. Maybe with bits of bacon in the dough. And mimosas.

  48. Michellesays:

    Me and my Nanay will be going out. I will also bake Cassava Cake ^_^

  49. Tenshisays:

    Wow, such a generous giveaway!
    My Mum is not into mother’s day. She says it’s no use to her to get a box of chocolates or a bottle of parfume one day of the year, if she’s taken for granted the rest of the year. Which I certainly try not to do, because she’s awesome.

  50. Carriesays:

    No set Mother’s Day plans yet, but I’m tentatively planning to make pancakes and a delicious dessert to enjoy at the end of the day. :)

  51. jennsays:

    fair trade rocks

  52. Reneesays:

    Not sure what we will be doing for Mother’s Day just yet but what ever we will be doing I will make mini cupcakes for everyone and my daughter will make deviled eggs. That’s always our contributions to any family gathering! Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful prize.

  53. Allisonsays:

    My baby nephew is getting dedicated at church on Mother’s Day and then we’re all going to my sister’s house for brunch. I’m bringing cinnamon rolls!

  54. Kimsays:

    Thank for giving me a chance to win this incredible prize! My chef hubby would love this!

  55. Carasays:

    I’m making eggs benedict

  56. Rachelsays:

    Almond Poppyseed scones with lemon curd!

  57. Shirasays:

    I honestly haven’t thought much about what we’re eating or doing for mothers day.

  58. Melisasays:

    Maybe some cinnamon rolls or waffles.

  59. This Mother’s Day we’ll be having some type of cupcake!

  60. Kittishsays:

    Not really planning on doing any special cooking for Mother’s day. No kids, and my own parents are across the country.

  61. Amandasays:

    I’m thinking about doing a stuffed french toast, mmm!

  62. sandiesays:

    Mothers day will be spring asparagus frittata

  63. Mahdi Martinsays:

    My mom told me today she wants avocado sandwiches on Mother’s day, so I’ll be bringing all the fixings!

  64. Alisonsays:

    I’m going to be making a rose cake for the evening and cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

  65. Erin R.says:

    Something nice and breakfasty, probably biscuits and eggs.

  66. LauriMsays:

    I’ll make my mom’s favorite cookies, White Chocolate Macadamia.

  67. bn100says:

    maybe waffles and muffins

  68. maggiesays:

    I love to make a nice big healthy breakfas for my mom, so she can start the day happy!

  69. Jenny Ssays:

    Awesome giveaway! We usually go out to brunch for Mother’s Day somewere near our cabin.

  70. Linasays:

    As always my husband will surprise me with an amazing breakfast. I’m so looking foward. Thanks for the giveawaay

  71. We’ll probably make a green juice, some stewed peaches in apple juice, and perhaps a coconut chocolate fudge. Omelett with asparagus, chicken and broccolini for something more substantial and tea. This kit looks so good! :)

  72. Katy P.says:

    For mother’s day, I am going to make my mother gluten free chocolate chip pancakes and some early veggies from my garden!!!

  73. Katiesays:

    This is GREAT gift idea!!!

  74. Melissasays:

    I really wish we had more grocery stores to choose from in our area rather than Wal-Mart & Food Lion, neither of which carry the more upscale items that I prefer. Some of the items included in this giveaway would make me jump for joy & giggle with glee! :)

  75. I’m running a 5k on Mother’s Day and will probably grill some local lamb or pork on the deck after with some spring ramps and fiddle heads.

  76. Mishasays:

    Have not heard what the plans are yet…….

  77. Melinasays:

    I plan to let my husband make me some BBQ ribs for our annual Mother’s Day potluck brunch. We stay at home and celebrate with our family every year. So much more relaxing than going out and spending tons of money on a rushed brunch.

  78. Emilysays:

    Not sure exactly what we will be having for mother’s day, but since I’m mom and I do all the cooking, I can have what I want!!!

  79. Allisonsays:

    Every Sunday, not just Mother’s Day, is a family pitch-in meal for us. I will most likely bring something I can make with my Saturday Farmer’s Market finds next weekend!

  80. Rebeccasays:

    I’m thinking Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread and Bacon Split French Toast!

  81. jessicasays:

    How awesome that you’re involved in raising awareness/support for Fair Trade, thank you!

  82. Moniquesays:

    The things I could do with that pack!

  83. Great giveaway. I learned yesterday that in sub-saharan Africa women do 80% of land cultivation but own less than 1% of arable land. Fair trade and the co-ops supported by smart purchases can help to empower the women who grow crops in a world where they are widowed by violence and disease and starvation. We believe it doesn’t need to be this way- and that is why we demand that companies use ethical sourcing for their supply chains.

    Maybe mum would like to go to one of our favourite restaurants :)

  84. Amy Fsays:

    I plan to eat an omelette!!

  85. Ninasays:

    Looking forward to a big colorful salad!

  86. Natalie Vsays:

    I plan on taking my mom to one of her favorite restaurants.

  87. Samanthasays:

    I don’t plan on making anything…I’m planning to be spoiled by my kids…probably almond flour pancakes or eggs

  88. Lindsaysays:

    I plan on eating at my friend’s house since my Mom is out of town. Hopefully it will include eggs!

  89. Brookesays:

    This package looks wonderful :) For mothers day I am making cute cake pop bouquet’s!

  90. Amy Lsays:

    We will have some fresh berries, croissants from a local bakery, and maybe some bacon and eggs, depending upon what I’m in the mood for. My husband and daughter will be doing the cooking.

  91. Laura P.says:

    We always do a variety of sweet and savory for Mother’s Day brunch. Usually grilled ham steak, caprese salad, fresh fruit, some sweet pastry or coffee cake, and mimosas.

  92. Marinasays:

    I plan on making my mom some yummy lemon raspberry cupcakes! Perfect for spring!

  93. Malerie D.says:

    We are doing eggs in bed!

  94. Corysays:

    We’re eating whatever concoction my kids surprise me with! Can’t wait!

  95. Jennifer H.says:

    I think that I will make reservations :) No cooking for this mama!

  96. Sheryl Edwardssays:

    I love supporting Fair Trade and I purchase Fair Trade products when possible! Fair Trade is a cause that
    I wholeheartedly believe in.
    My husband and I will be preparing brunch for my mother-in-law. I lost my mother 3 years ago. My MIL likes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and fresh fruit so that is what will be on the menu! I also want to try your recipe for
    Coffee Buttermilk Biscuits with Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Butter for Sunday Mother’s Day Brunch. They sound delicious!! I repinned your recipe on Pinterest!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

  97. Portia smithsays:

    I might make a new salad that I found on a Pinterest

  98. Annettesays:

    I haven’t decided on the menu, but I do know I”ll be baking Pineapple Upside Down cake.

  99. MissEmmaLsays:

    I wish I were with my mother for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, I’m miles away at college! I’ll just have to cook her something delicious when I go back for the summer. :)

  100. Jenn Piercesays:

    I’ll be baking some fresh raspberry scones and savory cupcakes!

  101. I love this contest!! I’ve been thinking to go Organic and Fair Trade for a while now. It just makes better sense. If we all do it, what a great way to help the world ♥!

  102. Cindy Stewartsays:

    not sure yet what might be on the agenda, but it will involve BACON! yummm

  103. Gretchensays:

    Making my mom a sausage rice casserole with Uncle Ben’s wild rice and whatever dessert she requests.

  104. Jessicasays:

    This is an awesome give away. Postponing Mother’s Day celebration until my mom visits for my graduation later in the week.

  105. I will make whatever my Mom wants for Mother’s Day!

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