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How to Open a Cupcake Shop

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How to Open a Cupcake Shop

I’m regularly asked for advice on opening a cupcake shop.  Unfortunately, I do not own a shop and have never sold my cupcakes.  I bake cupcakes for friends and family and make money through recipe development and the advertisements that you see on this blog.

Cupcakes Take the Cake periodically offers classes in developing a cupcake business.  You may want to check their site to see if they are offering something at this time.

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7 comments on “How to Open a Cupcake Shop”

  1. Nicole Psays:

    I have been looking at this blog all day, it is so inspiring and joyful. While I am not opening a cupcake shop or store front I am planning on baking cupcakes for my cousin’s wedding in August (I am equal parts excited and terrified). Do you have any concerns or reservations to others using your amazing recipes or trying them and altering a bit? Thank you so much-Nicole

  2. Stefsays:

    Nicole – I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog. You are welcome to make/alter any of these recipes. That’s why I share them. All I ask is that if you do write about them, you give credit back this blog. Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way.

  3. Nicole Psays:

    Hi Stef- Wow, thank you so much :) I am happy to tell everyone about this blog (you should consider writing a book!) I really have been enjoying your blog it is inspiring, creative and fun thank you again so much- Nicole

  4. Anonymoussays:

    Great site Stef. I thought you may be interested in a new ebook out on the kindle. It’s called “From Scratch: A Business Story” and it follows two sisters journey starting a successful cookie and cupcake shop.

    Have a great day

  5. Unknownsays:

    I went to a vocational high school in baking, it’s years later and I am interested in taking a leap into doing cupcakes, Can you recommend me any good cupcake recipes to start out with and frosting ?

  6. Stefsays:

    Unknown – I’d start with the Ultimate Vanilla.

  7. Great post. I have skills in baking so I have decided to make it a business. This is very timely post, thanks for sharing. really inspiring.
    How to Open a Store

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