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How to Make Cupcakes Look Pretty

How to Make Cupcakes Look Pretty

One thing that I have learned is not to fight the frosting. Some frosting recipes can be piped onto a cupcake and make beautiful swirls. Other frostings are meant to be spread. Don’t be sad if the frosting you make is the spreadable kind; your cupcake can still look pretty.  When I first started making cupcakes, I would mess with frostings for hours trying to get them to pipe. Now, I just work with what I’ve got and I’m much happier:

  • If your frosting is thin – spread it with an offset spatula and then think of something fun to top it with.  It could be sprinkles or candy or even cookies.  Use your imagination.
  • If your frosting is pipe-able, you can make a traditional cupcake swirl or you can use a tip set and play around with different piping patterns. 
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