How to Make a Fondant Bow for a Cupcake
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How to Make a Fondant Bow for a Cupcake (What I Learned When I Met Cake Boss)

How to Make a Fondant Bow

When you meet a celebrity in person, you never know what to expect.  Will you find the person you see on TV or encounter someone else entirely?  I had the opportunity to meet Buddy from the popular TLC show Cake Boss on a complimentary trip to his NJ facility.  There, I learned about his line of Cake Boss Baking products coming to stores this September.  Buddy and I did not become BFFs – I didn’t even get close enough to snap the classic awkward fan girl and celeb photo – but Buddy did win me over.

Buddy and his son

When Buddy addressed the group of 25 of so journalists and bloggers, he spoke from the heart about how he wants to see home bakers at all skill levels succeed and how he designed his new line of Cake Boss Baking products to not only be fun, but to make things easier.  Here’s a great example:

cake boss cookie sheet small Cake Boss Baking will have a cookie sheet that helps you space your cookies evenly – genius!

cake boss cupcake tin small

I’m also a sucker for cupcake tins with an easy place to grab when you remove them from the oven.  Although I haven’t tried the Cake Boss Baking cupcake tins yet, I held them and was impressed with the quality.

Buddy and son

With his flour-covered son on his lap, Buddy talked with pride about how his celebrity status helps make it cool for boys to become bakers.  I hadn’t thought about the importance of male role models in the baking world before, but I’m glad for my son’s sake that they exist.

Being a guy didn’t stop Buddy from creating cute girly prep bowls and mixing bowls (he said that his wife helped with the designs!).

Cake Boss Baking 05

Cake Boss Baking 04

Since Buddy is known for his elaborate fondant-covered cakes, I got a crash course in decorating cakes with fondant as part of my visit to the Cake Boss facility – something I’ve never done before.

Cake Boss Baking 11

Here I am working on my cake (to my right is Shannon McCook from Parade Magazine).  Shannon got the gig at Parade after she was discovered from the success of her cupcake Etsy shop.  Naturally, we bonded immediately over cupcake love!

Cake Boss Baking 13

This is the cake I made in the class.  It’s no Sweetapolita creation, but I was proud of it for a first attempt.  The most fun part was learning to make the bow.  I saw an immediate cupcake application.  Making the bow is shockingly easy – even for someone who has never used fondant before.  If you have ever played with play-doh before, this will be a breeze.

How to Make a Fondant Bow for a Cupcake

1.  Roll out your fondant nice and thin, dusting a little cornstarch on the counter to keep it from sticking. Cut a strip of fondant about the width of a stick of gum but a little longer.  Cut a “v” into one end of the strip and bend it slightly in the center to give it a little more dimension.  Repeat to make a second strip that looks the same.

Cake Boss Baking 14

2. Cut a third strip that is just a touch wider and just a touch longer than the first two strips.  Paint a line of water down the middle of the strip.

Cake Boss Baking 15

3. Fold the two ends of the strip into the water line.  Don’t try to make this nice and smooth (you aren’t folding sheets here).  You want to leave two open loops.

Cake Boss Baking 16

4. Pinch at the seam and it will start to look like a bow!

Cake Boss Baking 16-2
5.  Cut one more small strip of fondant and paint one whole side of it with water.

Cake Boss Baking 17

6.  Cover the whole seam with the strip you just painted with water, like a little fondant hairband.  Give one final poof to the sides and you are ready to place the bow on the cupcake!

Cake Boss Baking 18

7.  Place your two ribbons in n upside-down v formation on the cupcake and place the bow at the point.  Voila!  You’ve done it!

Cake Boss Baking 19 Square

I’ll be sure to tell you when the Cake Boss products come on the market, but be sure to follow Cake Boss Baking on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates.

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4 comments on “How to Make a Fondant Bow for a Cupcake (What I Learned When I Met Cake Boss)”

  1. Amysays:

    You’re a natural at fondant decorating! Your bow looks perfect. I’ve only worked with fondant once before, and it was, umm, kind of a disaster. I tried making my own fondant (problem #1!) for my birthday cake two years ago. The color turned out really pretty, but because the fondant was too stiff, it cracked all over the sides. Good thing the cake was small and only my parents saw it! ;)

    I hope you use some fondant decorations in the future; they’re so pretty!

  2. Wow! How cool that you had the opportunity to visit Buddy’s bakery. What a great experience it must have been- love the cookie sheets (something even my boyfriend can use to bake) and the bowls are too adorable for words, I can’t wait until they become available! I’ve never tried fondant before (and am CERTAINLY no baker) but love the idea of this bow atop one of my cakes. Thanks for the inspiration- maybe I’ll be brave enough to try it out. At worst, I at least have something yummy to eat ;)

  3. Nessasays:

    So, so cool! Love those bowls :)

  4. Love this post. Love the way you adapted it for cupcakes!

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