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Happy National Cupcake Day from Cupcake Project and Chicago Metallic

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Two of my favorite holidays fall right near each this year – World Hoop Day (a celebration of the importance of play – specifically with a hula hoop) and National Cupcake Day!  Since I don’t have a hoop blog, let’s focus on the cupcake part!

Happy National Cupcake Day! Are you baking or eating cupcakes today?  First of all, let everyone know that you are celebrating by joining my National Cupcake Day event on Facebook and inviting your friends.  Then, read on to find out about the fun prize pack of cupcake tools that I’m giving away today thanks to Chicago Metallic!

Let’s have a look at the prizes:

A cupcake plunger for cupcakes with fillings

A surprise pan for when you want to bake filling into a cupcake

Chicago Metallic sent me an Uptake Bake and Take Cupcake Set to try out and I am loving it!  Check it out in action so that you can see just how neat it is:

To enter to win all of the prizes above, use the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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70 comments on “Happy National Cupcake Day from Cupcake Project and Chicago Metallic”

  1. Sarasays:

    I am celebrating by making a cupcake liner craft for Christmas gifts!

  2. i’m finally going to check out this cupcake place in town

  3. What a TERRIFIC idea!! I’ll have to make some cupcakes with my Christmas liners for my DD and hubby to enjoy!

  4. Melissasays:

    I’m just finishing finals. I work full time, and am going to school full time. Plus, my husband returns from a 3 week trip back to the mainland. I will celebrate my first break in a LONG time by making cupcakes for my neighbors and coworkers! Happy Holidays!

  5. How I wish I was celebrating! We recently moved to Paris and don’t have an oven in our new apartment! Here’s hoping I get a countertop one for Christmas so I can celebrate late!

  6. Chrissysays:

    I’m eating sweets! :)

  7. I was thinking about making cookies today… might just change that to cupcakes now:@)

  8. Beccasays:

    Eating the ton of cookies we have left from the recent holiday cookie exchange and dreaming of all the cupcake possibilities!!!!

  9. mariasays:

    i love cupcakes!

  10. I baked red velvets, double chocolates & eggnog cupcakes yesterday. Some were for an order & some were for a holiday party tonight. You can bet I’ll be eating at least my fair share today! ;)

  11. Jewelzzsays:

    Happy National Cupcake Day! Good luck to everyone who has entered.

    ps: Your ultimate vanilla cupcakes are to die for and the most request when I’m making cupcakes, thank you!

  12. National Cupcake Day!! Makes me smile just to type it. Have to make cupcakes and make my youngest and her friends decorate them.

  13. My son & I have this day on our calendar! He has been looking forward to baking cupcakes ALL week! Good thing it is a snowy day in Minnesota!

  14. Dawn Dowsays:

    I will be baking my favorite cupcakes today, Lemon with Coconut Fluff frosting! I would also love to try your Ultimate Vanilla Cupcakes!

  15. Anonymoussays:

    Looking at your blog to decide what cupcakes I will be making for a Christmas Eve open house. Yum!!!

  16. Dani Hsays:

    I’m baking mini Nutella cupcakes with chocolate ganache. What could be better than cupcakes and chocolate?

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  17. Nancy A.says:

    Didn’t know it waas and I’m going to be making Red Velvet cupcakes for a get-together!!

  18. Lynnsays:

    Great reason to eat a cupcake.

  19. I can’t wait to bake some cupcakes today. I think I will make peppermint bark with white chocolate ganache!

  20. Tizasays:

    Happy National Cupcake Day!! Baking cupcakes sounds nice on a rainy day like this :)

  21. Lisa Ssays:

    Eating a cupcake of course!!! :)

    lisaandandre at yahoo dot com

  22. I’ll be celebrating by baking and eating cupcakes!

  23. Julie Esays:

    I’m taking my kids to Mind Over Batter, our favorite local cupcake shop! Oh I hope they have rainbow sherbet today.

  24. Heathersays:

    I’m going to browse cupcake recipes for just the right one. I think I have one somewhere for cupcakes for two so hey won’t be so tempting.

  25. Might get some delicious mini cupcakes today at Baked By Melissa here in NYC!

  26. UTCarlysays:

    First, I am going to grade some final exams. Then I am definitely going to grab a cupcake!

  27. Jessicasays:

    I would love to win any of the items and I’m waiting (impatiently) to see the Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake recipe!

  28. Catsays:

    I am celebrating National Cupcake Day by baking some eggnog cupcakes :)

  29. i love baking cupcakes. these seem like awesome additions to my baking collection!

  30. Laura Csays:

    I’m celebrating by eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new mini cupcake pan I ordered from Crate & Barrel.

  31. Well I’m working half a day and then going home to make pie! I think I’ll make my grandmother’s butterscotch pie with whipped cream mascarpone topping.

  32. Yesterday I baked my Toffee Crunch Cupcakes for a client today! I don’t have any orders to bake today but tomorrow it’s back to cupcakes all day!!

  33. I’m celebrating by baking yummy vanilla buttermilk cupcakes! Might even make them peppermint!

  34. Melissa Rsays:

    I will be making my own cupcakes. We have 1 cupcake store in town and its not good!

  35. I did not even know it was National Cupcake Day, but I’ll be celebrating by going to a cake supply store to get some goodies for the upcoming week.

  36. Anonymoussays:

    To celebrate National Cupcake Day, I will make and eat lots of cupcakes!!!


  37. Jillsays:

    Since not at home, buying from Mrs. Claus’ Bakery

  38. Gail Watsonsays:

    Didn’t know it was National Cupcake Day, I just finished making mocha balls for my fellowship at church tomorrow :)

  39. Caitlynsays:

    I’ve been eating way too many sweets lately so maybe I’ll celebrate by finding a healthyish cupcake recipe!

  40. Despinasays:

    To celebrate National Cupcake Day I will bake some chocolate cupcakes:)

  41. Beckysays:

    I am eating Gingerbread Cupcakes today, which I made earlier in the week!

  42. Kimsays:

    Happy National Cupcake Day! Also one of my favorite holidays. :) Thanks for the prize opportunity!

  43. Brittanysays:

    I’m making some cupcakes for the family!! I haven’t decided which one’s yet!

  44. Made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes this morning :)Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. Liannasays:

    Happy Cupcake Day! I’m making gingerbread cupcakes with Egg Nog frosting for this evening.

  46. I will go to the new cupcake shop that opened by my house!!

  47. Crystalsays:

    Happy National Cupcake Day!
    Thanks for the chance to win so many fun prizes!

  48. Looks like pretty awesome stuff!

  49. I don’t have time to bake today, so I will be searching for a cupcake when I’m out and I will eat the first one I find!

  50. Unfortunately, I am spending today taking my statistics final! :( Although, I have been making macarons all morning. So much for cramming. Happy holidays!

  51. Patsays:

    I have been baking since 9AM!

  52. Unfortunately, I am in shift today and baking cupcakes is a bit of a task when you are at the fire station! (Can you say half-baked cupcakes?). So instead, I will peruse this yummy blog and Pinterest to find some recipes to make for Christmas dinner at my brother’s house, Christmas dinner at my in-laws and some sweet treats for me and the hubs to enjoy when we open our gifts Christmas morning. :-)

  53. Sadly, I won’t have time to use my new early Xmas present mixer to make cupcakes from scratch but I did bake a little for this Xmas party I’m going to tonight. I can’t wait till I can bake some really good cupcakes from this site. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. katysays:

    i will be baking come to go with the christmas cookies but none today :(

  55. I’m not eating cupcakes today… :( But I am planning my Christmas cupcake creations! :)

  56. I split a Rockin’ Hot Chocolate cupcake from Jilly’s Cupcake Bar with my husband tonight. It was great!

  57. Kristinsays:

    I love cupcakes. Might have to go see if my favorite place is still open today.

  58. Jan Rsays:

    Eating Cupcakes!

  59. I made mini orange cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and shared with friends! YUMMY!

  60. I am not celebrating National Cupcake Day, mainly because my oven is being a little iffy. All of those prizes (especially the pan) look amazing!

  61. Karasays:

    I had no idea it was National Cupcake Day! I took cupcakes to my work holiday party earlier tonight & am taking more cupcakes to a different holiday party tomorrow. I am apparently celebrating National Cupcake Weekend. :)

  62. I’m baking apple crisp cupcakes for work!

  63. I love the fact that cupcakes get a day to celebrate them.
    I am making cupcakes for my father in-laws 70th birthday.

  64. MaryBsays:

    I’m making mini cupcakes!

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