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Gift Ideas for Cupcake Lovers

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Wondering what to get the cupcake lover on your holiday list?  I’ve got you covered. 

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Quality Chocolate

Quality chocolate makes a huge difference in chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting, but it comes with a hefty price tag.  Because it is not something that the baker on your list might always splurge on, it makes for the perfect gift.

When a recipe calls for baking chocolate, I use my big block of bittersweet chocolate from Callebout.  A lump of chocolate is a much better present for someone who has been naughty than a lump of coal.  Be sure to throw a chocolate chopper in with the gift to make it easy for them to cut off the amount that they need (and make sure that the recipient has a kitchen scale as well).

Patric chocolate bars are my favorite bars to eat.  But, you can also melt them and use them in frosting.  If you have never tried single-origin chocolate, trust me and buy some for yourself, too. (If you want to gift another chocolate just for snacking, TCHO-A-DAY makes an incredible gift.  They’ll have superior quality mini chocolate bars every day for thirty days for just $19.99).

Askinosie cocoa powder is the cocoa powder that I use when I want a more complex chocolate flavor in my cupcakes.  Your cupcake baking friend probably has never heard of it and they will be very impressed with your gift giving prowess.

Why use a chocolate chip when you can use a chunk of high quality chocolate instead?  Scharffen Berger Chocolate Chunks are the ones to try.

Finally, it’s not chocolate, but don’t forget about the gift of vanilla.  A big jar of vanilla bean paste (see my post about vanilla bean paste if you have no idea what it is) makes a sweet gift!

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