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Halloween Cupcakes – Ghosts Made Without Fondant

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Halloween cupcakes in previous years have included witch Halloween cupcakes and scary Halloween cupcakes with googly eyes.  I’ve even made Halloween cupcakes with garlic to scare off vampires!  This year, I opted to make ghost Halloween cupcakes!

I’ve seen many ghost cupcakes made with fondant (and they are totally impressive), but I wanted to make ghost cupcakes with something that I love to eat – crepes!  Take any cupcakes (I used my apple cobbler cupcakes with pumpkin pie frosting), drape them in mini crepes, use chocolate chips for eyes, and you’ve got ghost Halloween cupcakes ideal for a Halloween breakfast or a late night snack.

I love how the ghost in the front of this shot looks like he/she is about go haunting.

Here’s the whole ghost family photo.

I used the crepe recipe from my pumpkin pie crepe post and I made the crepe in a 6 1/2″ skillet.

Happy Haunting!

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11 comments on “Halloween Cupcakes – Ghosts Made Without Fondant”

  1. Kaysays:

    Those are too cute! What a creative idea!


  2. Ivysays:

    HOW UNIQUE! I love them!

  3. Joysays:

    Very cute and I totally agree about the fondant.

  4. this is so creative! absolutely adorable!

  5. Adjsays:

    These are ADORABLE! And they actually look like ghosts! All the other ghost cupcakes I’ve seen look like little klansmen.

  6. Jeannesays:

    Crepes are my weakness so I was sooo excited to see the familiar browning. What a fabulous idea!

  7. Hannahsays:

    Nothing short of brilliance- I hate the taste of fondant and I really don’t enjoy working with it, so this is a truly inspired alternative.

  8. Great idea! Can’t wait to try it next year.

  9. Typically I wouldn’t find out post upon websites, but I wish to express that this write-up pretty compelled me to try and do and so! Your current writing taste may be surprised my family. Thank you, fairly excellent post.

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