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Ghost Cupcakes

Halloween cupcakes in previous years have included witch cupcakes   I’ve even made cupcakes with garlic to scare off vampires!  This year, I opted to make ghost cupcakes!

I’ve seen many ghost cupcakes made with fondant (and they are totally impressive), but I wanted to make ghost cupcakes with something that I love to eat – crepes!  Take any cupcakes (I used my pumpkin cupcakes), drape them in mini crepes, use chocolate chips for eyes, and you’ve got ghost Halloween cupcakes ideal for a Halloween breakfast or a late night snack.

I love how the ghost in the front of this shot looks like he/she is about go haunting.

Here’s the whole ghost family photo.

I used the crepe recipe from my pumpkin pie crepe post and I made the crepe in a 6 1/2″ skillet.

Happy Haunting!

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