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Free Delicious Doughnut Recipes eGuide

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Chocolate Doughnuts

People keep saying that doughnuts are the new cupcakes.  Nothing is the new cupcake – that’s all I have to say about that.  But, there is no denying that donuts are trendy right now.  On a Saturday night, the line at a local doughnut shop, Strange Donuts, wraps around the block.  People can’t seem to get enough of the fried goodness.

Donuts with Sprinkles

Unlike cupcakes, very few people make donuts at home.  With the exception of my mom’s sufganiyot (Chanukah donuts), I don’t think I’ve ever been served homemade donuts.  This, my friends, is a problem that needs fixin’!

Craftsy, as always, is here to help.  They have a FREE 33 page eGuide entitled “Delicious Doughnut Recipes” to get you started down the doughnut-making road.  The guide is written by four talented bloggers who you may very well already know: Ashley McLaughlin of Edible Perspective, Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt, Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land, and Jessie Oleson Moore of Cakespy.  I reviewed Jessie’s book back in 2001.  She has the cutest drawings of desserts ever!  Here’s an illustration of hers from the doughnut eGuide:

donut drawing

by Jessie Oleson Moore

The eGuide covers old fashioned homemade doughnuts, how to fill doughnuts, chocolate doughnuts, and decorating and glazing doughnuts.  Plus, there’s a bonus recipe for homemade sprinkles!


Go forth, learn, and make doughnuts!

Also, leave a comment here letting me know if you’ve ever made or been served homemade doughnuts at a party.  I’m curious!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Craftsy.

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10 comments on “Free Delicious Doughnut Recipes eGuide”

  1. helenesays:

    I too was never served home made doughnuts but have made baked doughnuts for my office and friends.

  2. Denise S.says:

    Can’t wait to try some of these.
    I think I have made doughnuts once in my very long lifetime.
    Thank you so much for sharing,
    To show my appreciation, I “Liked” all the ladies Facebook pages.

  3. iza iboksays:

    Yes, i have made doughnut once, and i have been served homemade doughnuts at a party. I really like doughnuts but always wished they were not fried, so i am particularly happy that the eguide provides a baked version. Thank you!

  4. Elizabethsays:

    My daughter got a ‘donut maker’ for Christmas a few years ago, and she LOVES to make cake-mix donuts for us. I think she mainly likes to eat the icing and sprinkles while she’s baking… lol!

  5. I made donuts frequently when I first purchased a donut pan. As a kid, my mom would make donuts out of canned biscuits by frying them and shaking them in cinnamon sugar.

  6. Vedasays:

    Yes, I made baked buttermilk pumpkin donuts for my office and also for a group of 100 people gathered to welcome my granddaughter who had just returned home after 18 months in Australia. They were a huge hit! I also used to make raised donuts often when my children were growing up.

  7. Donna Blouinsays:

    I have made the sufgayots for my family the last two years but no other homemade donuts

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