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First Video Cupcake Review and Your Chance to Win Cupcake Stackers

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When Bride and Groom 3.0 asked if I’d like it if they did video reviews of my cupcakes, I was not about to say no. Below you’ll find their first video review featuring the vanilla and chocolate sour cream cupcakes with sour cream frosting and the whole cupcake party setup. Bride and Groom 3.0 are joined in the video by their roommate, Davin (he’s the one on the separate couch).

The review is pretty long (16 minutes – 16 hilarious minutes!). I do realize that some of you may not like video, may not be able to watch video at work, or may not care to watch people ramble about cupcakes for 16 minutes.

So, I’m asking for your opinion. Leave a comment with your thoughts about the video. Do you love it (I hope so)? Are you excited for more? What changes would you like to see (shorter? longer? – probably not). Are there things that you would like Bride and Groom 3.o to talk about? Would you like to send them hats to wear (they plan on wearing hats for each review)?

If you leave a comment with your opinion on the video and your email address, you will be entered for a chance to win a set of 6 cupcake stackers. I will draw two winners on Friday, October 30th.

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48 comments on “First Video Cupcake Review and Your Chance to Win Cupcake Stackers”

  1. Thumbs up on video reviews, but it was kind of long. I vote for shorter ones. Maybe edit them? That would take a bit of time though.

  2. the video is adorable…I really enjoyed watching and listening to the comments…I am so going to try these cupcakes. The video is long, but fun. Love the hats…

  3. Danielle Johnsonsays:

    I like how each person pauses w/ the first few bites! And, of course, hearing their immediate reactions. I think it would help to give the tasting a bit more narrative. Davin did a good job of saying specific things about the flavor of the cupcakes, which helps the audience to imagine what the food would taste like (I think he should be the host of all future tasting videos!). It was a bit lengthy, but I don’t know how it would be any shorter if you wanted to get the full “cupcake-tasting experience.” Everyone should try and be really clear about what it is specifically that they’re eating. The second video was probably a bit longer than necessary–the testers seemed to be less focused. Watching this makes me want to eat cupcakes!!

  4. I loved the video-watching them try the cupcakes makes me want to bake. It is fun to see the reactions…and the opinions (and the hats…). Both look yummy to me! :-)

  5. Libbysays:

    I would rarely spend 15 minutes watching a video on a blog. If I had a few extra minutes, I would rather leave a comment. One blog I read, Young House Love, posts summaries of some of their videos for people who can’t/choose not to watch them.

  6. I love that they have a firework scale. Heck the 5 star scale is way to easy let’s stop and get a few fireworks out here. And not little fire crackers, huge fireworks!! :)

  7. Whilst i like the video, i got bored after the first one. I think shorter video’s are needed, and a proper rating scale. For example, taste, texture, shape, color. Same for the icing. I think that helps people in imagining how the cupcake is.

    Also what lydia said, make a written and a movie version. That way people can choose.

  8. Well, the vids were a bit long, but at least they were amusing. Like another commenter said, the hats and the fireworks-scale were cute. I did get rather bored though. :/


  9. Jayasays:

    It was a bit long but it was definitely entertaining this time and the cupcakes, naturally, looked fabulous. Also, watching other people eat apparently makes me ravenously hungry for cupcakes!

  10. Anonymoussays:

    Cute video. Thoughts are..needs to be shorter, the hats are a cute idea. Maybe they could dress up for the reviews too? LOL
    I liked their reviews and thoughts on the flavors and decorating the cupcakes.
    Do more videos!

    (couldn’t use gmail account…have temporarily forgotten

  11. Nbortzsays:

    I enjoyed the video review because you get to see an immediate reaction to how they feel instead of just reading about it. You could totally tell groom 3.0 was not feeling the chocolate. As many others have said, I do think they need to be much shorter. I was bored after the first video.

  12. Stephsays:

    The videos are definitely too long. I would start right off with tasting the cupcakes (it was already 2 mins in before anyone tasted) and edit them down to just tasting and comments on how they taste, cutting out the dead time in between and keeping it more concise.
    The videos are a great idea though, and I hope you find a way to make it work for you!

  13. Alyssasays:

    Very funny in parts! Although the videos were a bit too long, it was great that the reviewers remembered to talk about things like moistness and texture. A specific list of things rated would be great! As a home cook, I know that sound of silence and the facial expressions while tasting. Very nice to see that, rather than just read the results. Maybe a combo of both written and a short video.

  14. Nicole Msays:

    I’m gonna say, I dont think it was too long!! I loved it. It was great how thought out there ratings were, and what they rated. The fireworks were awesome. Haha who has huge fireworks just sitting around the house??? What if we were to post questions that we would have toward the cupcakes and they would answer them? Such as, was it a dense heavy cupcake? What was the consistency of the frosting? I def want to make these now!!!

  15. Catsays:

    That was really cool. A bit long, but it was intertaining. A delight to watch.

  16. Trishsays:

    Too long…sorry. And I hate to say the obvious but there was a lot of hand to nose action….egads! While working with food!

  17. dana cms_dana@yahoo.comsays:

    LOL…their review was great…a wee bit long but they made very detailed comments and included personal remarks about their likes and dislikes. You have such great recipes….it’s cool to receive such great feedback!

  18. Definitely shorter ones, but these were hysterical. I want to host a Cupcake party of my own. Thanks so much!

  19. carasays:

    I agree the video was a bit long. I won’t usually watch a video if it’s much more than 5 minutes (unless it’s something instructional). I had a hard time hearing the girl, too, and seeing her face (the hat shadowed her eyes a bit too much for me). I think the conversation was a bit on the dry side, too. Maybe if they spent a few minutes before the video started cracking jokes or getting really excited about something that would lift the mood a bit and maybe they’d come off sounding more interesting and engaging? I loved the hats, though. :)

  20. Anonymoussays:

    Too long to review what is essentially 2 flavors and a frosting. But, LOVE the idea and they all gave really descriptive reviews!

  21. Lisasays:

    While it definitely was on the longish side, it wasn’t long enough that I didn’t watch it all. When I read that they used a fireworks rating system, I was totally picturing them lighting sparklers or something and was a little bummed that they didn’t (even though I realize how impractical it would be).


  22. Rebeccasays:

    The videos were good, but pretty long. It definitely made me want to try to make them, though!


  23. I LOVE those stackers!! I liked the actual cupcake review, but I agree that the whole thing was too long.

  24. Michelle Fefersays:

    Awesome idea to have a cupcake review video. I enjoyed watching it,I drooled the entire time. Short video equals less drool!!!!LOL. Love those cupcake stackers.

  25. Anonymoussays:

    am biased. i liked the video. Great comments and just a greeat timne.
    The dad figure in Knoxville

  26. I like the hats, the fireworks, and the descriptions of what they liked/did not like (and why.) Way too long. I got a kick out of them watching the crumbs falling all over. I would like closeups of the cupcakes, frosting and toppings before they start tasting.

  27. Jensays:

    I thought the video was funny. That should be a requirement. The people on it must be humorous, or it would be a bit too boring to watch. The roommate’s commentary added to the review as well. At first I thought it would be weird that he was joining in, but it worked. I liked the “fireworks scale” as a way to rate the cupcakes. Overall, a little shorter would probably be good.

  28. Anonymoussays:

    I thought the video was great. I love how much fun they make trying the cupcakes. I wanted to be able to taste them along with them. I do think that it would be helpful for them to describe the favors more specifically. Love it!

  29. Cathrynsays:

    The video is so cute! It is a little long, though…you could probably edit it down to a few sections (have them introduce the cupcake types, see the initial bite, then give the review, or something like that) to help with the length. I vote goofy Halloween hats for the next review!

  30. Susansays:

    I enjoyed the video perhaps a little too long BUT I would have to agree- a little more narrative about each individual cupcake and icing would be good- I would also like to see what they are tasting. Taste, texture, shape, color should be covered.

  31. Amandasays:

    I agree with Danielle, Davin is spot on. I laughed out loud when he mentioned the vanilla cupcake’s “buttery finish.” I don’t know if he will be present for all tastings, but he’s definitely an asset to the video review process.

    And, yes, now I really want a cupcake.

  32. good idea, but it was a bit long. if they could keep it shorter it’d be better 5 mins tops.

  33. Davin was hilarious! But, yes, it was definitely too long. Maybe if they all sit at a table as well, and have the camera on the table so we can get a better close-up of the cupcakes, frosting, and toppings? Also, how about titles that pop up with the name of the cupcake they are trying at that moment. Oh, and I think YouTube has links that you can add to the top of the video that will pop up at a specified point in the video (I can’t remember what they’re called, sorry!). You can put these links up that will link directly to the recipe for whichever cupcake they’re talking about at the moment. Hope this helps!

  34. rachelsays:

    I think the idea of doing video reviews of your creations is great! My suggestions would be to have specific questions for the reviewers so they stay focused. Depending on what the review is for, you could customize the questions. For example, these guys are taste testing for their wedding cupcakes, do they ultimately want a cupcake that they love or that a large group of people will love… Since lots and lots of people love chocolate Future Bride and Groom might take that into consideration even if one of them does not care so much for chocolate.

    Having a script of questions and a sequence of events (use what these guys did as an example: one bite of each flavored cupcake, add frosting, etc) will keep the length of the videos down.

    Excellent idea!

  35. Patricesays:

    I think videos are a really cute idea. But I do have to agree with everyone that these videos were a little long. But they all did a great job of describing what they were tasting.

    exoduslaughin (at) yahoo (dot) com

  36. i love the idea of video reviews. i think this first one dragged a bit because they were eating and talking. for me, it’d be more enjoyable if they’d already tasted everything and were only discussing their reactions on camera

    although, im craving a cupcake now :) im excited to see what else you come up with for them

    (mcschoon at gmail dot com)

  37. The idea of a video review seemed like a good idea to me until I remembered my sound was out and I couldn’t hear anything. Even if the comments were just paraphrased, it would be nice if there were a commentary for those of us who cannot listen to it. While waiting for the chance to get my sound fixed, I have come to realize just how frustrating it must be to be deaf with so much on the internet now going to video with no way to know what is being said.

  38. Cute video…great idea! Maybe a little shorter in time?

  39. Anonymoussays:

    Love the video reviews! Love the blog! Love the cupcakes! Jere at

  40. Mr. Psays:

    It would be cool if they were slightly shorter, but love the idea. You should have ‘Come Dine With Me’ style score cards too – a touch of drama! :)

    Your blog’s amazing by the way. Read it all the time, and get crazy hungry doing so…

  41. Lizsays:

    Yes, agreed: fun but long. Great idea though, the videos.

  42. Mayrasays:

    I love watching the video cause i am always asking questions about how to make the cupcake recipe/combo better. It would be better if the video was shorter.

  43. I like the video review idea and I may have to do that on my blog. Now back to the point …

    I agree with most people, that the review was too long. I like the info that you get about the cupcakes from the “eaters” but rather than sit and watch a 15 min cupcake review … I would just make them and try them myself.

    BTW … I love you blog. I stumbled across it in a google search and really love your post.

  44. Jackiesays:

    At the rist of being boring, I too shall chime in and say: “fun but long!”

    But still, great idea!

  45. GiGisays:

    Am I too late???? How did I miss this post? Though the video is longish, it makes me feel like a real part of the process…not just an anonymous blog reader!

  46. Rachaelsays:

    I loved listening to the different comments. However, like everyone else, I think it’s a little long.

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