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This is the second of three posts highlighting the charities that we will vote on next week as part of Cupcake Project 4.0.  For all of the details of the project, see the original project post.

I wrote to each of the three selected charities and asked them what they would do with $4000. Here is the response from FilterPure:

With the $4000 we could do so much.  We are focused on our factory in Haiti right now, which is just starting up, and we would love to purchase filters from them, all proceeds stay in Haiti and go to the Haitian factory with Haitian staff.  The filters would then be distributed to displaced people from the earthquake.  The situation right now continues to be critical as diseases like Typhoid have become epidemic in Haiti.  People continue to live in tents in situations with no access to potable water and substandard hygienic systems in place.  The filters that the Cupcake Project would donate would go to provide 133 families with water filters for their homes, thereby meeting the water needs of more than 800 people for 5 years.  Now that is what I call frosting on the cake.

My previous cupcake projects have provided about 133 people with cupcakes for one night – to think we could provide 133 families with fresh water for five years is mind-boggling!

This feature video that CNN did on FilterPure gives you a great sense of the history of the organization and what they do.

While FilterPure sounds like an incredible charity, don’t forget that we have two others to choose from.  It’s going to be so hard to pick!

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