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Fair Trade Mother’s Day Giveaway!

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fair trade giveaway

I’ve been writing about Fair Trade this week – how Fair Trade certification is an important mechanism for protecting and empowering women in agricultural communities around the world.  In addition to freedom from harassment and other social requirements, Fair Trade certification ensures that women have a voice, a vote, and a leadership role in their communities.

Fair Trade USA has created a Pinterest Board showcasing Fair Trade brunch ideas from a variety of fantastic bloggers.  You’ll find my cinnamon-dusted coffee lollipops on that board.  If you re-pin it, you are helping to spread the word about Fair Trade and helping me to win a prize (virtual thank you hugs to you for doing this!).  I’ve got a chance for you to win a prize, too!

To get you even more excited about Fair Trade products, Fair Trade USA is giving away all of the products shown above to one lucky Cupcake Project reader.  The prize package includes:

Pretty sweet, huh?!

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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131 comments on “Fair Trade Mother’s Day Giveaway!”

  1. MarthaRBsays:

    my great grandma made this awesome dessert called torte pudding (imagine whipped cream, raspberries, vanilla wafers and overall yumminess)…now my mom makes it and it’s so good!!

  2. Kayleysays:

    My aunt makes a delicious chocolate pudding pie for Thanksgiving; I prefer it over the traditional fruit pies.

  3. Alyce Poalillosays:

    My grandmother made the most amazing lemon meringue pie. I have never found another one anywhere close to hers and sadly she passed without sharing it.

  4. Denise Ssays:

    My aunt makes fudge every Christmas and we all love it!

  5. Amy Msays:

    My grandma made a cake for us every weekend when we went to visit. She had a wonderful list of old fashioned recipes, and everyone had their favorite. Mine was a yellow cake with carmel frosting. Wonderful, sweet memories!

  6. mandasays:

    I love my grandma’s pies… any of them. She made a delicious one this Easter with strawberries.

  7. Kittishsays:

    I’m the dessert maker of the family. Fudge, cookies, cakes, pastries… I think cream puffs are one of my favorites. Lovely to eat frozen or at room temp.

  8. Travissays:

    My mom taught us to make no-bake cookies from her aunt’s recipe. I still make them (with some vegan modifications) for holidays and special occasions.

  9. Jennifer Williamssays:

    My mother makes a pecan cookie that I’ve never found anywhere else. It always makes me smile!

  10. My mom 1st taught me to make almond crescents when I was 8. I won the Girl Scout Baking Contest!

  11. heather ssays:

    My mother makes a pie that is half chocolate half vanilla pudding. Everyone loves it

  12. Giulia Andersonsays:

    My mom and grandma make mango bread every summer, especially for birthday cakes. Now that I live part time in Fiji, I do the same. To the amazement of all my local friends, who ask the foreigner for her local recipe :)

  13. Jennifer H.says:

    I love my mom’s pretzel salad and my grandma makes the best peanut butter balls. Yum!

  14. Kelly Dsays:

    My mom makes a carrot cake that I love because the icing is delicious.

  15. Brittney Housesays:

    My mom likes making homemade cheesecake. Sometimes she makes the whole pie and sometimes she makes individual cups.

  16. Jannet Kwansays:

    My mom loves to make Strawberry Cream Pie because she knows my favorite fruit is Strawberry.

  17. My Mom makes a from scratch carrot cake with cream cheese icing that is so amazing. It has been my favorite dessert as far back as I can remember. In fact I loved it so much she made my wedding cake out of it.

  18. Alyssa Kunzisays:

    My grandma used to make the most delicious baked Alaska for dessert. My parents wouldn’t tell her we were coming to visit until an hour before we got there so she wouldn’t make a fuss over us. When we arrived at her apartment there would always be fresh homemade buns, some kind of roast and potatoes, and she would have baked Alaska for dessert. I don’t know how she always had the right ingredients on hand. She knew how to make anyone feel welcome.

  19. Liz S.says:

    A favorite dessert that your mom makes is my grandma’s secret recipe version of Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. It’s a wonderfully delicious treat for special occasions, for the entire family – especially in honor of my late grandmother.

  20. Karrie Millheimsays:

    Pineapple upside down cake. My mother figure only made it on special days to spoil us. From scratch and with lots of love

  21. Amy Prattsays:

    My mom made fruit turnovers, little apple pies fried in a skillet. There was no recipe that I recall.

  22. Cynthia Csays:

    My grandmother made fiadone (cheese filled pastries) and I don’t have her recipe. I tried to replicate it, but it fell short.

  23. Carlysays:

    My mom’s strawberry rhubarb crisp. Oh.. my.. gosh!!

  24. Alison Wsays:

    My Mom doesn’t make much for sweets, that was always my job growing up! My grandmother’s signature dessert is apple pie – she lives at an apple orchard, so you know it is super fresh!

  25. Sigisays:

    My mom always made an angel food cake that she would hollow out and fill with a strawberry, jello and whipped cream mixture. Then she would frost it with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Absolutely stunning presentation when served and tasted just as great!

  26. Rachelsays:

    Two come to mind for me. One is my gramma’s almond pound cake. It’s so delicious, plain or with strawberries and whipped cream. Yum. Also, I think of my mother’s Russian Tea Cakes. I make these all the time. They are also known as Mexican wedding cakes but my mother would coat them with glaze and then coconut. Love these.

  27. Michellesays:

    The special item my Mom makes that brings back the best memories is Cinnamon Buns. It’s a tradition I’m going to carry on with my own family.

  28. Cathysays:

    My mom’s always made the best cheesecakes. She’d make sure to choose the best kind of cream cheese and put so much care into making them. I plan on making one for her this Mother’s Day!

  29. Mishasays:

    My Mom-In-Law makes a Pineapple Orange Jello Pudding salad that I consider a dessert though it has “salad” in the title. It has the best flavors!

  30. Susanjsays:

    My daughter is the baker in our house and each year makes me the most extraordinary birthday cake, lemon-raspberry cake. It is a lemon pound cake brushed with lemon syrup, filled with lemon curd, crushed raspberries, and buttercream.

  31. Allison G.says:

    My grandma always made chocolate rum balls at Christmas time. She’s not with us anymore, so it’s a special time to remember her at Christmas, when my mom, sister, and I get together and make them every year.

  32. Ashley King Sayresays:

    My Nana made the best chocolate chip cookies and my Grannie made the best chocolate syrup for ice cream!!!

  33. Felicitysays:

    My mum used to always make baked custard and after a Sunday roast lunch. A simple delicious dessert I will always have a soft spot for :)

  34. Cynthia McNeilancesays:

    My grandmother made the best shortbread, tender and flakey, with just butter, sugar, flour and a pinch of salt. I could never duplicate it, I guess it was just her “touch of the old country”!

  35. Melissasays:

    That coconut flour….oooh the things I could do with that!! Have a fantastic Mother’s Day!!

  36. My mother and I have always made pumpkin rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Always a hit with everyone. They have a nice soft creamy frosting that mellows the spiciness of the cake.

  37. latanya tsays:

    I love my mom’s pound cake!

  38. Keshasays:

    My mom makes the most amazing Devil’s Food Chocolate cake! I love this cake. I grew up on it as a little girl and loved it best super cold! I would eat the cake first and save the yummy chocolate icing for last!

  39. Lyn Msays:

    My mum makes the best apple crumble

  40. lilly Escarramansays:

    My grand mother made a wonderful desert cream cheese flan it was so creamy not to sweet,then it had on top melted Carmel sugar. The best!! Now my mom makes it every Christmas .

  41. Rachelsays:

    My grandma makes the best creme brule. It has a layer of dark chocolate underneath all of that delicious custard and she has mastered the sugar crust.

  42. mechele Johnsonsays:

    My mom always made Meringue cookies whenever there was a special occasion. Sometimes Vanilla, and sometimes a different twist, like rasberry or chocolate. Yummy!

  43. Christy Spurlocksays:

    The very best Tea Cakes (recipe from my mother-in-love)


    3 eggs
    1 cup shortening
    2 cups sugar
    1 cup buttermilk
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp baking soda
    2 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp vanilla
    6 cups flour (enough to make stiff)


    1.Mix all ingredients together until dough is very stiff.
    2.Roll out on floured board and cut.
    3.Bake 350 for 12 minutes…..appx.

  44. Sonyasays:

    I ❤️ the fair trade concept!

  45. P. Atlassays:

    My mom makes amazing chocolate kahlua cake!

  46. Kortneysays:

    My aunt always made us the best cherry cheesecake pie! I’m normally not huge on cherries at all, but her dessert was to die for! Whenever my family visits, she always has a special homemade treat for us to take back. I love my aunt!

  47. Jeanniesays:

    My mother-in-law makes chocolate eclair cake and we all love it.

  48. Lynn Adamssays:

    My grandmother was an amazing cook and baker. We lived on a working farm/ranch/vineyard raising cattle, horses and chickens, and a huge garden. She did everything from scratch, and regularly fed the crew when we harvested corn, hay or grapes. I was lucky enough to help her in the kitchen and learn her “recipes”. I still make many of them and credit her for my love of cooking. I especially treasure the memories of our special times together.

  49. mia hesays:

    guten abend!
    leider gab es bei uns nie einen süßen nachtisch! und gebacken hat meine mutter auch nicht… :( bei meiner oma gab es zum geburtsag einen leckeren “lila” kuchen. nussboden mit preiselbeersahne :) lg mia

  50. Jan Rsays:

    My mother used to make an orange cake(I’m sure it was a box) with 7 minute frosting with coconut on top. Loved it!

  51. Debbi Wellensteinsays:

    My mom made an amazing chocolate cake that had potatoes as a main ingredient! Unfortunately, we’re still looking for the recipe.

  52. Tari Lawsonsays:

    My mom makes Penuche fudge. It is amazing. It has a maple flavor with walnuts in it. Yum!

  53. Stephen Noonansays:

    A white cake with whipped cream filling and whipped cream on the top and sides. Sometimes, she put strawberries in the cream on top.

  54. Cherylsays:

    I’m the baker in the family. My ma, who is no longer with us, used to tell me that I should never have learned to bake. She used to say that everything was too good (too fattening…LOL). Having said all that, she could doctor up a cake mix like no one could. I especially loved her rum cke. One thing she made well from scratch was her chocolate chip mandel bread…OMG heavenly!

  55. Nataly Carbonellsays:

    I love my mother’s pineapple turnover cake, it’s so special because it was the first cake I learned how to make. My mother so patiently taught me how to make.

  56. Jessica Zsays:

    I love my mom’s delicious pumpkin roll!

  57. Sylviasays:

    My mom passed away in 2012, but something that the whole family misses is her homemade Almond Roca. She would make batches and batches of it every Christmas.

  58. Amanda Ssays:

    I didn’t know Lake Champlain made fair trade! Yum!

  59. Jaimiesays:

    i’m the baker in the family, and i love cupcakes… i did made some delicious chocolate cupcakes with salted carmel frosting with my mom though. so good!! another favorite are car bomb cupcakes for st patty’s day – chocolate guinness cupcakes with jameson chocolate ganache and a bailey’s and cream cheese frosting. YUM!! :D

  60. Callisays:

    Lemon cake made by my grandma!

  61. Emilysays:

    My mom taught me how to make Crazy (or Wacky or Depression) cake, and she was taught by her mother (my grandma). My grandmother was taught by her mother! It is a family favorite, and the only recipe I know by memory.

  62. Kylie Csays:

    My mother makes a delicious cranberry chocolate fudge for the holidays each year. I don’t have the recipe since it’s her secret and ensures that us we visit!

  63. Peggy Johnsonsays:

    My mom’s New York style cheesecake is wonderful. Sweet & creamy and brings back memories of Christmas at home.

  64. Prasertsays:

    sweet coconut mango rice!

  65. Aileen Leesays:

    red bean sticky rice cake!

  66. AnneMariesays:

    Bread Pudding!!!!! :)

  67. Marilyn B.says:

    I make a dairy free cheesecake with silken soft tofu and a ground nut bottom crust. My entire family loves it – and it is gluten free!

  68. Margot Csays:

    My Mom used to make Angel Food Cake that was so lovely and so light. She would scrape out a vanilla bean so the cake had these tiny black flecks in it. We would have it with berries and ice cream.

  69. Lisa F.says:

    My grandmother who raised me used to make a dessert she would call “huevo a la niece” it was a a cinnamony type of custard made with eggs and milk. I never really got the exact measurents for it but in my effort to recreate it I have come to find a very similar recipe named “natilla”. Its similar but I rember my grandma beating the egg whites to a stiff consistency them folding into cooked custard. Oh one day I will get it right.

  70. Cindy A.says:

    My grandmother made the most amazing chocolate syrup and homemade biscuits. She made chocolate butter and chocolate dumplings, too! I loved everything she made, but the chocolate biscuits were my favorite. I found a recipe that is very close to hers (not my blog) if you would like to try it.


  71. Madelinesays:

    My aunt makes these grasshopper bar cookies that are so yummy! They’re mint and chocolate and totally decadent.

  72. deanasays:

    My favorite dessert my Mom makes is tiramisu. It has always been my favorite, I try to make it but it is never the same.

  73. nicholesays:

    Enjoyed helping my mom make fudge at Christmas time.

  74. Lindasays:

    i’m obsessed with my mother’s thai iced tea cake!

  75. Marty Csays:

    My mom made this fabulous gingerbread with lemon sauce. She was never really into cooking, but this was one thing she made that we all loved.

  76. Dandi Dsays:

    My mom’s homemade ice cream was always such a treat on birthdays and holidays!

  77. Conysays:

    My grandma made the best mexican wedding cookies

  78. Amy Lampertsays:

    I used to love my mom’s apple Betty. I miss that!

  79. Paula Michele Hafnersays:

    i love my Mom’s homemade chocolate pie. I love it because she only makes it on special occasions. I loved my Grandma’s Apple Stack Cake. I wish I had the links to share but the recipes aren’t online.

  80. My mom taught me how to make the best candied nuts ever! It’s easy and delicious.

  81. Davidsays:

    My mom used to make something called cherries in the snow, which was a graham cracker crust, a cream cheese/whipped cream mixture and cherries on top.

  82. Tina Reynoldssays:

    I loved my mom and grandmas famous apple stack cake so so so good

  83. Amanda Mooresays:

    I would love to win!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  84. Erica B.says:

    I like banana pudding.

  85. Anna Prysays:

    my grandma’s chocolate chip cookies are the best, she uses the recipe from the toll house bag but for some reason hers always are better!

  86. Kristin Gsays:

    My grandmother used to make Japanese fruitcake when we would visit and it’s probably one of my favorite cakes! My mom makes it every now and then and follow the recipe down to the exact words. It’s a hard cake to make because of all the layers, but the icing has melted marshmallows in it!

  87. Ashley Csays:

    My mom makes a delicious cream cheese pound cake. I love it and it makes me think of home!

  88. Carolyn Daleysays:

    My mom makes a delicious peanut butter pie with Oreo crust, Jif creamy peanut butter, cream cheese, sugar, Cool Whip, and chocolate sauce.

  89. shauniesays:

    I would have to say pumpkin pie by ma, she makes it so much more homey and delicious than others!

  90. Rachelsays:

    Every Christmas morning my mom makes chocolate bread and I love it. Warm, gooey, chocoaltey!

  91. McKenzi Davidsays:

    My mom makes thee best Shoo Fly Pie! I love the taste of them and I know people struggle with them, so it makes me appreciate her and those homemade pies that much more and they remind me of home.

  92. Jillsays:

    My grandma makes an amazing all-scratch nutroll. It is an old Slovak recipe.

  93. Allison M.says:

    My mom always makes strawberry shortcake for us. It’s not necessarily the most glamorous dessert, but it reminds me of home, family, and good times.

  94. Brittany Koelmelsays:

    I really love my moms meringues! I don’t know her recipe but they are super yummy:)

  95. Rachel Freersays:

    My grandma made lemon ice cream. It was so delicious. I have yet to find any that tastes close to hers.

  96. Stephanie Galbraithsays:

    I love cheesecake, so I love to share that with the family.

  97. Angela Ciscosays:

    In all honesty all of the women who have been in my life are horrible bakers. My MIL makes a fruit pizza that is hit or miss but other than that I can not think of one half way decent dessert.

  98. kyl neuschsays:

    apple crisp made by my grandma

  99. Stephanie Larisonsays:

    My mom always makes great banana bread with chocolate chips.

  100. sarasays:

    I unfortnately don’t have a link, but the best dessert my mom makes is her yogurt cake. I once ate half a pan in one sitting! So amazing. :)

  101. Lindasays:

    the chocolate cherry cake they make is amazing

  102. Jennifer Jsays:

    My mom does not bake. My aunt makes really good cookies. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!!

  103. Linda Bradshawsays:

    My mom makes the best German Chocolate Cakes for me for my birthday. They are so good.

  104. Samanthasays:

    My family makes these delicious banana crumb muffins I can never replicate! They are delicious!

  105. Kathy Hanleysays:

    My Mom always baked and and made cookies, pies and cakes several times a week. We had cherry trees and every summer she make cherry pies and her pie crust was to die for.

  106. Laura Emersonsays:

    My grandmother and mother always made a special spice cake with a butter cream frosting. It tastes so rich and creamy and the house smelled so good while it was baking.

  107. MaryBeth Isays:

    My favorite is my grandmother’s sugar cookies. I found the recipe in an old cookbook of hers and did not realize until I made the cookies that it was the same ones she used to make. I was beyond thrilled!

  108. Kalyani Nsays:

    I love my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. She makes very yummy cookies.

  109. Rosanne Morrisonsays:

    My mother made the most incredible pineapple upside down cake. I have never had any that can even compare. This is my first year without her. She died @ age 89 six months ago. I wish I could make it to taste like hers did

  110. Jen Rsays:

    My mom always made a hot fudge pudding cake for my January birthday. It was my favorite with vanilla ice cream.

  111. Amy Deetersays:

    my mom use to make peanut butter balls for us kids. she had a real good recipe for it .chocolate and peanut butter .i saved the recipe and share it with my kids now .

  112. Lisa Davissays:

    lemon meringue pie

  113. I love my Mom’s Cream Cheese Orange stuffed French Toasts. My favorite brunch item. :) Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway. I love all these Fair Trade products and totally support them.

    amy [at] utry [dot]it

  114. Anjanasays:

    My mom has a big sweet tooth and my favorite of her is an indian sweet called Carrot Halwa.

  115. Anjanasays:

    follow you on twitter

  116. joe gerschsays:

    i love making french vanilla cheesecake for my mom

  117. Eugenia Hallsays:

    My Mom makes an amazing German Sweet Chocolate Cake with Fluffy 7 Minute frosting. The cake recipe was from the back of the Baker’s Chocolate bars, and I’m not sure where she got the 7 Minute frosting from, its a boiled frosting recipe and its better the 2nd day when the frosting has dried out and gotten crunchy on the outside and soaked into the cake on the inside.

  118. Shannonsays:

    There are a whole lot of desserts that my family makes that I love. One favorite is chocolate chip cookies, they always remind me of my mom making them when I was a kid. They are a favorite because they taste great and have nice memories associated with them.

  119. Dawn Keenansays:

    My mom, daughters and I are the cupcake queens. We get together to make cupcakes for almost every occasion. It’s so much fun!

  120. jules m.says:

    my mom used to make apple dumplings they were so good and i dont know how to make them :(

  121. Sue J.says:

    I remember as a kid, one of my aunts used to make “individual mini strawberry shortcakes”. She’d bake tiny pound cakes, get fresh strawberries from the backyard and whip up fresh whipped cream!

  122. Penny Snydersays:

    Mom always made the best rhubarb pie!!

  123. Sharonsays:

    My Mom makes the best Italian Cream cake ever! It’s like a nut bread, but so moist and with a cream cheese icing! She knows it’s my favorite and it always makes me feel special when she makes it, because my Mom can bake any cake anytime and nail it!

  124. Betty Csays:

    My mom always made chocolate cake with a fudge frosting that was out of this world! She never did share the recipe.

  125. Lisasays:

    All the pie! My mother made pie all the time

  126. heather zsays:

    Pecan Pie…. worst thing for you but tastes real good and the only thing I remember my mom making.

  127. Trisha McKeesays:

    My gram would make these amazing cinnamon rolls. I just remember waking up in the mornings and smelling that heavenly smell…. unfortunately we have not been able to find the recipe since she passed many years ago.

  128. Sandsays:

    My mom makes these cookies that are incredibly time consuming and they are very fragile but always taste good.

  129. All the pie! My mother made pie all the time

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