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Edible Purim Groggers (They Actually Make Noise!)

Edible Grogger

I’ve been planning to make an edible Purim grogger (noisemaker) for over a year.  Last Purim, I experimented with making a grogger out of hamantashen dough, but the grogger didn’t make noise and it fell apart way too easily.  This year, I decided to use chocolate.  I got advice from my friend Jenny at Kakao Chocolate who suggested that I use silicone molds to make the grogger pieces and then glue them together with more chocolate.

CK Products 7-Mm Candy Beads, Powder Blue

I filled the grogger with candy beads after shaking everything in my pantry to see what would make the most noise.

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Want to hear the grogger?  OK!

Edible Purim groggers are a sure-fire win for any Purim party.  However, before I go on to tell you how to make them, I have to give you a warning.  No matter how much you and your kids might hate Haman (the villain of the Purim story), you can’t shake these groggers too vigorously.  Here’s what happens:

Now that I’ve given you fair warning, we can proceed with our instructions.

What You’ll Need to Make an Edible Grogger

Edible Grogger

Of course you need chocolate.  The chocolate must be tempered (if you don’t know what that means, check out my post on tempering chocolate).  This eight ounce bag of chocolate was enough for four groggers.

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Freshware CB-307SC 12-Pack Silicone Mini Triangle Reusable Cupcake and Muffin Baking Cup, Six Vibrant Colors

I love the look of the triangle groggers, but if you have silicone molds in other shapes at home, you can use those as well.

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Wilton 7-Piece Decorating Brush Set

You’ll need paintbrushes.  You can buy ones that are designed specifically for use with food or you could save some money and get some cheap ones made for kids.  It doesn’t really matter as long as the brushes are really clean.

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CK Products 7-Mm Candy Beads, Powder Blue

Candy beads or other types of candy are required to fill the groggers.

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Perfect Stix 114ST Wooden Craft Sticks

Sticks keep the chocolate from melting in your hands when you shake the groggers.

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Decorate the groggers with white chocolate.

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How to Make an Edible Grogger

Step 1:  Use your paintbrush to paint a thick layer of melted tempered chocolate onto the insides of two silicone molds.

Edible Grogger Step 1

Step 2:  Place molds in the freezer until solid (just a couple of minutes).  Remove from the freezer and paint a second coat.  You want the chocolate to be thick so that it will withstand something banging into it.

Step 3:  Place the chocolate-filled silicone molds back in the freezer until solid.  Then, carefully remove and peel off the silicone molds.  They should come off easily.

Peeling Grogger

Step 4:  Paint chocolate along the edges of both triangles.  This chocolate will serve as glue.  At this point, it doesn’t matter if the chocolate is smooth and runny; I learned from Jenny that “glue” chocolate works better if it is thick and sludgy.  I just used the same chocolate that I melted for step one.  It had cooled a little by this step, which worked perfectly.

Painting Edges of Edible Grogger

Step 5:  Paint a quarter of a popsicle stick with chocolate – front, back, and sides.

Painting Popsicle Stick

Step 6:  Add a few of the candy pearls to one of the triangles.  You don’t want to put too many in because they need room to move around when you shake the grogger.  Then, place the popsicle stick on one of the triangles.

Filling Grogger

Step 7:   Stick the other triangle on top.  The fit might not be perfect.  If necessary, turn the triangle to find the best fit.  Paint chocolate liberally around all of the edges to seal any gaps.

Painting the Edges

Step 8:  Freeze until the grogger hardens.  Remove from the freezer.  Pipe a Jewish star or other decoration onto the grogger using melted white chocolate.

Piping Star

Step 9:  Freeze until ready to shake, boo, and eat!

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7 comments on “Edible Purim Groggers (They Actually Make Noise!)”

  1. Teseisays:

    Well done, great idea!!

  2. Stef this is brilliant. I love these groggers. They’re certainly a lot quieter than the ones I use to twirl around the house driving my parents crazy.

    I think you should market these to the Jewish Bookstore and try to sell them at the Purium carnival at the JCCA. They’d be a hit. Fun post. Your son is so grown up now and darling!

  3. That is so clever! What a great idea.

  4. So very creative Stefanie…thanks for sharing!

  5. This is so original, love it! And you son is adorable!

  6. Kathleen Fishersays:

    The purim groggers are really clever. I wonder if you made a hollow pretzel or cookie if that might not break as easily and you could cover it with chocolate and then the grogger would only break when you bit it.

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