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Cupcake T-Shirt Giveaway and Coupon Code

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Update: The contest is now closed.  The winner is Rather Crafty Mary. Congrats!  Thanks to everyone who entered.  I loved reading through all of your fun stories!

The other day, I found my journal from age eight hidden in a pile of boxes that had recently been moved from my dad’s basement to my basement.  Have you had the conversation with your parent when they point out that you now have your own basement and should be storing your own crap?  Reading the journal was a peek into my childhood self.  It’s unnerving how much I didn’t remember.

I hated to write.  I documented it over and over again in printed pencil in my little brown notepad that I must have been forced to write in each day at school.  I can’t wrap my brain around it.  My journal reveals that I was shy, but I recall that – I worked hard to reach the point where people look at me all cross-eyed when I tell them I never opened my mouth.  However, I can’t remember a time when I hated to write.

As long as I can remember, I have found writing to be cathartic.  When I’m stressed and done venting to everyone I know, I work it out with a pen (a keyboard will also do) and – just having written it down – I feel better.  Who was this girl who didn’t like to write?  Could she have imagined that she would bake and write for a living and that the writing would be her favorite part?

We do still have a few things in common (me and the little redheaded girl – see the middle of my Shirley Temple cupcake post for a visual):

“I love to sing, tap dance, and kiss.”

Check, check, and check.

I also loved getting presents.  One night for Chanukah, I got five presents! One was silly putty, one was a 1983 calendar, and one was a T-shirt that had hearts on one side and my name on the other (I did not record the other two).

To this day, I have a silly putty egg on my desk (it’s not the same one, but clearly it’s a shared joy with eight year old me), I still use calendars, and I still enjoy a cool T-shirt; which brings me to the T-shirt giveaway and coupon code that I alluded to in the title of the post.

When I first saw the Red Velvet Love T-shirt from Dressing on the Side on Pinterest, I knew I had to have one and I had to share it with you!  The folks from Dressing on the Side thought so too, sent me one to review (thanks!), and are offering one up as a giveaway to a Cupcake Project reader.

Coupon Code

The shirt that I’m wearing in the photos is not the only adorable food-themed shirt that Dressing on the Side sells.  Head over to their Etsy page to check out all of their offerings like the “Cupcakes Make Everything Better” shirt and the “Have Your Cake and Wear it Too” shirt.  I adore them all.

From now until Feb. 14, you’ll get 30% off of any item from Dressing on The Side using the code “cupcakeproject”.  Happy shopping and Happy Valentine’s Day!

T-Shirt Giveaway

I realize that you can’t see the text of the shirt in this photo,
but it is the only photo that gives you a good idea of the fit of the shirt.
I’m wearing the red tank under it (it’s not part of the shirt).

To win the T-shirt from Dressing on the Side that I’m wearing in all of these photos:

  • Leave a comment on this post with either a quote from your childhood journal that you find perplexing or amusing.  Or, if you don’t have a journal, just think of something that you might have said as a kid and share it.  I think these will be fun for us all to read.
  • Be sure your comment includes a way to contact you if you win.

All entries must be in by 11:59 PM CST Thursday, Feb. 2.  I will randomly draw the winner on Feb. 3 and add the winner’s name to this post. I will also contact the winner directly. If I don’t hear from the winner within one week of contacting them, I reserve the right to draw a new winner.

Good luck!!

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115 comments on “Cupcake T-Shirt Giveaway and Coupon Code”

  1. Nikkisays:

    ” I wonder what my mom would say if she found out I really wanted jarith from labyrinth to be my real life boyfriend some day” I was 10 years old when I wrote that!!!!!!!!!! =) my mom and I laugh at that all the time.
    My email is

  2. “Today tastes like ice cream, sweet” haha.

  3. When I was little, my Uncle was trying to teach me the song “One two buckle my shoe, three four shut the door, five six pick up sticks”. When I got to Seven Eight, instead of ‘Lay them Straight, I said “Lay your date”. It tried in vane to get me to say the correct verse before I proudly sang the song to my mother!!

    Both he and I still remember that – it’s our bond!

    My email address is

  4. Lindsaysays:

    I was a dramatic child and when upset or needed to sound emotional I would write in third person. I also spent a lot of time writing out song lyrics that I felt fit my life. I had everything in there from Garbage to Bush to Edwin McCain or some horribly written pop song.
    Email is linmjenk at yahoo dot com

  5. Kristen Gainessays:

    When I was younger I was VERY particular about what I wore and how I wore it. Sooo with that said I remember me telling my mom that I couldn’t wear pants because they were for boys. It drove her crazy then but we laugh about it now.

  6. A Yo Moniesays:

    I remember when I was little my older cousin asked me if I can speak Spanish since I was learning it in school. She asked me to say a line and I rolled my eyes and said “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”

  7. Anonymoussays:

    While in a state & capital challenge in 3rd grade…i prided myself knowing them all….i eagerly waited for the boy before me to miss the the capital of Alabama ….and he did… I proudly stood up hand in the air and loudly said…..Montgomery Wards!!!….which was 1/2 right ..had i not named the local dept. Store……..Montgomery wards..was where everyone went shopping……..
    Brenda P

  8. nbortzsays:

    I took 8 years of ballet, so it was no surprise that my journals frequently said, “When I grow up I want to be a prima ballerina.” I had every intention of being a ballerina too, and then I shot up to nearly 5’10”

  9. When I was 8, I probably would have drawn something in a journal. I’m not much of a writer. Drawings would have included soccer, swimming, riding my bike. Kid stuff. My email is

  10. When I was five I was very enthusiastic about the prospect of spending my future working at Dairy Queen. My mom still tells EVERYONE that story. P.S. Never worked there. Still a big fan of frozen treats.


  11. My diary was full of MASHO games? Remember that from when you were in middle school? You know, the one where you would find out your future husband, house, car, kids, pets, job, etc? I tended to end up married to the school nerd, living in an apartment, with 40 kids and a pet snake. ha!

    I can be contacted at

  12. When I was little I used to think when I’d get into “big” trouble that my mom was going to throw me into a trash can. Where I got that idea baffels me to this day. But I was most certainly convinced when I was little that I was going to be thrown away if I was bad enough.
    Addy Davis

  13. My mother told me one of my favorite things to say as a young child was “Heather do it!” to everything. I guess that independent streak started young and has been past on to my daughter. ;)

  14. Arisays:

    The only journal I have is from right after I graduated from high school–and then I stopped writing shortly after documenting a family trip to Ireland! I guess I’m pretty bad at this whole journal thing.

    Most of the entries are about making food, playing videogames, and sewing projects. Hmm, not too different from what I do now…

  15. When I was younger I used to say I wanted to bake like my mom and aunt (who started my love of baking and gave me fantastic recipes) and be a vet. I never became a vet but my love of baking stuck with me. Also when I was super young I used to think the letters l m n & o were one letter.. “J k lmno p!” every got a big kick out of that. :)

  16. Oh my journal as a young girl was a tumultuous ramble of boys, fights with friends, mathmatical frustrations and a short lived obsession with Rap music. By High School the tune was more refined. Unfortunately, I parted ways with this journal when I moved across the country 3 years ago — to pursue pastry & baking… but even today I find the only way to work through “boy troubles” is writing in my journal. Some things never change.

  17. Sarasays:

    I wasn’t much into writing a journal as a kid but my cousin and I would write eachother letters all the time on all sorts of cute papers. She only lived 20 minutes away. One of my favorite memories and I still have the letters.

  18. riag12says:

    I use to have a notebook with my very best friend at the time and we would write back and forth in it about boys, school and whatever life had brought us, there was pictures too :)

  19. in my journal from elementary school, on the first day of second grade I wrote “I hope I make lots of new friends and get a window seat on the bus.” I succeeded in the first part of making a new best friend, Emily, and we have been friends ever since. however, the second part didn’t hold true at all, considering I am still scarred from running around the bus lane crying and looking for my bus. at least I laugh about it now though! hahaha

  20. I once told my mom “Mom, I think it is much more important for me to learn how to read and not as important for me to learn how to clean the bathrooms.” I wanted to finish my book! Then I had to clean all three bathrooms.

  21. I have been told many times that when I was little, 7 or 8 I repeatedly said, ” I’m never leaving Mommy & Daddy, but if I do I will live right next door.” 28 years later, I live the furthest from my dear parents…. But we talk everyday w/o fail!

  22. I used to always write in my journal about things that happened at school and trying out for cheerleading. I ended up being a cheerleader from 7th grade until I graduated high school.

  23. I kept a journal in middle school and looking back on it, it just makes me laugh. Almost every other day I had a new boyfriend that “I loooooooooved” Haha! Then of course the next day I was “sooooooo sad” because it turned out that he was a jerk and liked some other girl. Oh the drama!
    Email Address:

  24. “probabadly” like probably. all. the time. i thought i was a genius, clearly.

  25. Kerrysays:

    “Maybe I don’t want to grow up/grow old. I think my personality will never grow up — I just don’t see it. I think I’ll always have my spunk and oddities.” Thoughts from a high school version of me.

  26. Trishsays:

    I was the type of kid that always wanted to keep a diary and usually did for about a week. The beginning of the week would be full of page long entries, but by the end of the week my entries were more like…”I’m too tired to write tonight…good night diary.” LOL…I still have a problem keeping a journal to this day :P

    trisha dot davis at gmail dot com

  27. Beckysays:

    I did not keep a journal but may have written “At Skateland again tonight!”

  28. I think the best quote from my childhood journals isn’t a quote…it’s the fact that after Titanic came out, I would draw pictures of the “I’m flying” Leo/Kate -on-the-bow-of-the-ship scene at the end of every entry. I was convinced Leonardo DiCaprio was coming to sweep me off my feet…

    My email is

  29. Kimsays:

    As much as I have always loved to read (and I certainly don’t mind writing) I have never been able to keep a journal. I start and I stop, I start and I stop. It’s a vicious cycle! So, I have no childhood journal to look back on but I do distinctly remember telling my mom (repeatedly) that I was going to live at home with her until I was 30 (I’m sure a tiny part of her was relieved when I moved out for college…). I had to smile and share a secret inside joke with myself when my own son recently told me that he planned on living with me for a long, long time. :)
    Thanks for the opportunity, I do so love eating my cupcakes and wearing them too!

  30. I wish I had my childhood journals with me right now but sadly, they are somewhere in my parent’s basement with all of the other things I just can’t give away but don’t have room to store myself. On that note… there is probably a lot of comments written about my undying love for Joey G., my frustration with my mom, my obsession with NKOTB or a confession of something I did – i was naughty a number of times.

  31. Pat Rsays:

    I’m sure there would be an entry in my journal to the effect that I would wish mt sister would love me more.

  32. Wendysays:

    My journal contains fond memories of the club my sister and I started with our friends in the neighborhood – “The Candy Club.” We picked up trash in the parks, decorated our bikes for parades, held lemonade stands and, best of all, had candy at every meeting! To this day, we never run into a member without reminiscing about the club. (and I still adore candy…)


  33. “When I grow up I want to be the driver for the carnival”….what? I had some seriously high aspirations huh? There’s a picture of me driving the bus too..oh boy

  34. Jillsays:

    “Grandma and Grandpa Hancock came to visit and they brought their dog. Ruth crawled to the dog bowl and was eating the dog food. Grandpa called her a fly in the soup! We all had a good laugh” Written when I was 5 yrs old.
    My email

  35. Antheasays:

    “I really like S. I’m going to call him S in here and call his friend TJ in here also.”

    asmb2011 (at) gmail

  36. Nataliesays:

    you two are so cute! :)

    i only sporadically kept a journal and I don’t know where it is now, but I remember doing a lot of daydreaming about the future and wondering what my life would be like!

  37. Ashleysays:

    I remember when I was 8 I was listening to a song on the radio and it had the word concubine in it. I asked my mom if that was a special kind of porcupine.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  38. I wrote lots of poems from a young age, and one of my silliest starts “Everybody’s stinkin’ shrinkin’!” It was about people shrinking, maybe due to getting shorter in old age… I have no idea! But everyone eventually disappeared if I remember correctly.


  39. Shawnasays:

    I wrote everything when I was a kid. I was adopted and when I was about 9 I was convinced that my adoptive parents were robots and my “real” parents were going to come get me. My mother was less than impressed but my birthmom thought it was funny when I met her 20-some years later!

  40. Catasays:

    “This is silly! Why should I have a Boyfriend when all I want is to be free”

  41. Anonymoussays:

    I saw my journal from 7 years ago, and I was thinking God for my new baby boy and how much I loved him and was praying for a better life for him. He is now 7 and it made me tear up.


  42. I’ll never forget watching this Oprah episode when I was like 8. My mom came home and I said ” Mom, Mom, I know what to do if a bad guy tries to hurt me, kick him in the utensils!” My mom still tells all of her friends and my friends that story :)


  43. Unknownsays:

    I remember thinking I was never going to be like my mom when I was older. But, as my sister likes to remind me, I am very much like my mom as I get older and not near the tragedy I thought it would be.

  44. When I was little, I used to think a song that actually goes like this, “A sunbeam, A sunbeam,”, went like this, “a zombie, a zombie.” :)

    My email is

  45. Cat M.says:

    I was/am a doodler. I wrote a lot of stupid notes to my friend though before text messaging of course. Stupid things that just sound dumb now. :)

  46. Palomasays:

    I started talking at a very early age, my mom kept record of my funny sayings in my scrap book. One day I had a stomach ache and told her grabbing my tummy “Mom, my belly button hurts. I think I’m pregnant.” hahaha, she loves to tell that story!

  47. Karensays:

    I was shopping with my mom as a young child and saw gift boxes of sets of clothing with accessories for babies. Several of them had stickers with “Irregular” on them. I said to my mom: “What makes this clothing so different that it is only for irregular babies?”

  48. Kristinsays:

    When I was young, my friend and I made up code names for all the boys we liked. That way we could talk about them in notes and no one would know who we were talking about. I still remember Baxter and Viper…the others have long since been lost.

  49. Reneesays:

    I don’t know that I had any funny sayings as a kid, but I would constantly get the lyrics to songs wrong and sing them with such conviction.

  50. I started writing before I could actually write. I remember I got this cute little journal from a museum in Chicago when I was five or six. My mom didn’t understand why I wanted it but got it anyway. I week later the book was full of little scribbles that were illegible to anyone, but to me I was already writing down my story. I had forgotten about that.

  51. I wanted to be a power ranger when I grew up. Or a velociraptor.

  52. I wanted to be a power ranger when I grew up. Or a velociraptor.

  53. I wanted to be a power ranger when I grew up. Or a velociraptor.

  54. I don’t have a journal, but when I was a kid my goal in life was to either be a lawyer or a waitress at Steak ‘N Shake. Sadly, neither of those goals actually happened.

    My e-mail is

  55. This is embarrassing, but I was a fan of Hey Dude as a kid and somehow thought it was of the utmost importance to write down the storyline of each episode into my journal. Yes, this is strange. I know this now!

  56. When I was little I used to tell my mom that I wanted to be a vet, but only for kitties and puppies because other animals were weird. I also used to insist that I knew when she used homemade crust and store-bought, and that I wouldn’t eat it unless she made it. My email is

  57. Lisa Psays:

    I had many diaries growing up but unfortunately they all got thrown away over the years after my brother would find them and embarrass me :( Wish I still had them so that I could laugh at myself now.

  58. Susansays:

    I never kept a journal as a kid, but this one quote will always stick with me, because my mom always repeated it. My friend was commenting on how she was going to visit her grandmother (who lived nearby – we grew up on Long Island). My response “She doesn’t live in Florida?” As far as I knew, all grandparents lived in Florida!

  59. Breezersays:

    Oh, if you looked back at my sixth grade diary, you’d see how obsessed I was with Titanic and Leonardo DiCaprio that year! Thanks for the giveaway!


  60. I have so many pages of love confessions for my elementary school crush, Jason. I must have been about 6 years old and I was certain I was going to marry this boy! Wish I could share verbatim quotes, but there were things like “I lov him so much, I wonder if he lovs me too” (spelled like that)
    doggylove86 at

  61. I’m sure MANY times, I wanted to be a doctor.

    Truth be told I pass out when I see blood! I dont think that would have been a good job for me!

  62. Anonymoussays:

    I once spelled my own name wrong when writing on our brick walkway. Instead of spelling “Marie,” I spelled “Merie.” My mom mocked me to no end for that one.

  63. Rachaelsays:

    Pretty sure I used to tell other kids that I was allergic to alligators when I was little – just because I thought it would be awesome. There’s also an entry from the journal I had in 2nd grade that said I was going to play harp some day – it ended up being true!

  64. Mihaelasays:

    Thank you for the coupon, I ordered the t-shirt :)

  65. pilarsays:

    I recently read a journal entry from a trip to Washington DC that I took with my mom and sister when we were 12 & 10. My little sister was devastated because she lost her stuffed animal muskrat that she had picked out at the museum, which got wrapped up in the hotel sheets but they couldn’t find it in the laundry room. To this day we still look for muskrat stuffed animals.

  66. Alisasays:

    One of the funniest entries in my childhood journal was a schedule I made (I think there were actually two or three of these) for a sleepover with a friend when I was maybe 9 years old. It had silly little things like “do hair”, “talk”, “snack”, and my favorite — at midnight: “party!”
    a . part 170 at yahoo

  67. kimsays:

    Most of my journal entries had to do with my obsession with Tom Cruise and Top Gun

  68. Once when I was a kid, my Dad asked me to watch him as he backed up the car. So I did. I watched him back up over the lawnmower. What? He didn’t tell me to say anything!

  69. Yanerisays:

    I remember writing in journals about love! I was memorized by the word love. Wrote about my crushes i had in Jr. High and High school! I was a shy girl at the time. And I would just write and dream and hope that “he would notice me”…lol! Today just thinking about it, it sounds so silly. But I’m sure every girl wrote in her journal about that 1 secret crush boy!

  70. andreasays:

    I used to write a lot as a kid, still do. This is a favorite excerpt of mine (from my teens!) that I’m using in the book I’m working on:

    “I don’t like the term “looking for love” because it sounds like love can actually be found. As if it is wedged between sofa cushions and with a little digging: poof! There’s love. Or that you could follow a map and as long as you take all the right turns and follow the directions, you can find love whenever you want. People don’t find love. Love finds people. Love finds people in every place, time, and situation. Love finds people when they expect it least, but need it most. Love finds people whether they want it or not. I stopped looking for love, but sometimes I wonder: has love stopped looking for me?”

  71. I remember when I was about three years old my mom came home from the hospital with my newborn baby sister and she told me that she was new to the family, I got angry and told my mom to take my sister back and that she didn’t love me anymore. I feel really bad about saying that today but it is funny looking back on it haha.
    contact me at

  72. Lorenesays:

    “One moment please. Let me get my mom.” I said that a *lot* as kid. My mom’s friends all spoke Chinese, and I only the bare minimum. (To this day, I dislike answering my house phone…the result of never knowing what language was at the other end.)

  73. Peterssays:

    When I was younger I didn’t “journal” as much as I wrote poetry. It cracks me up now because it was all so “final.” I really thought my life was over because “blank” didn’t like me. So funny to read now. Thanks for the giveaway. I love all the shirts. I think I need all of them that are cupcake related, especially the “…Eat your cake too…”
    I can be reached at

  74. I didn’t really keep diaries as a kid, but two things I wrote stick out in my memory:

    1) “When I grow up, I want to be a teacher so I can tell the children off” (written in my First Grade yearbook)

    2) I recently found a story I wrote about the man I would marry. To be more specific, it involved sending two handsome princes off on a quest to compete for my love. I seemed very demanding for a seven-year-old! Mind you, I still won’t settle for second best ;)

  75. Great post,I really like your article

  76. Awesome, I love the teeshirt!

  77. AliceFsays:

    He who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord…it was my mantra growing up because I wanted to go to Law School. Someday, I may get there

  78. Oh my gosh, what a cute story. I am sad to say I think all of my childhood journals (I had a lot) were thrown away over the years. I think I wouldn’t recognize/ remember a lot of the things I would have written. I do remember, though, that I hated the smell of meat when I was little. So strong was my sense of smell that just walking in a grocery store I could smell the meat from the deli section.

    sarahepardee at gmail dot com

  79. Calliesays:

    I don’t remember keeping a journal when I was a kid but my mom did and apparently I told her that cows lay milk!

  80. Megansays:

    When I was a child, my Mom actually forced me to write in a journal, daily. It was a CHORE. So, journaling was something I hated to do. To her, “journaling” meant you write down “I did this, I did that” type stuff.

    So my journal would probably have said something like “I got up at 7 am. I went to school. It was fun. I did my homework, ate dinner, and went to bed at 9 pm.” Exciting stuff to read, huh? :-(

    Now that I’m an adult, and I blog I write about what I want to write about :-) Much better that way !

    My email address is Cute shirt!

  81. I no longer have any of the diaries I kept as a child. I do remember collecting quotes, which I still do as an adult with 8 grandchildren! “You are my sunshine” was always a favorite and I say it often to my grandkids.

  82. Not sure where my diary is now but I remember reading it a few years ago. One entry was all about how I wanted to trick a kid in my class. My plan was to appear like I wasn’t wearing green on St. Patrick’s (but secretly have a green hair tie hidden under a hat). I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea or why I wanted to trick the boy…kids do such funny, random stuff!

  83. Natashasays:

    I filled out a book about myself when I was eight and wrote “I want to be a scientist when I grow up.” Funny, as now I do not like science at all. I also wrote that if I could meet anyone in the world, it would be Maggie Thatcher and Esther Williams. I don’t think I even knew who they were!
    My email: tashi4 (at) mac (dot) com

  84. DeDesays:

    All the kids in our neighborhood decided to dig a swimming pool in the center of a nearby wheatfield. We dug all spring and when harvesttime came, someone drove a tractor in our hole. It took lots of equipment and workers to get the tractor out. Needless to say, we stayed away from the field after that and never got our pool.

  85. I’m sure it would have read something like, “Today Steve and I threw stuff down from the top bunk to wake up Nick. He was angry and yelled at us” (I used to have sleepovers with my cousins all the time. The younger one hated to be woken up by the “early risers”..)

    leraustin at gmail dot com

  86. I’m sure it would have read something like, “Today Steve and I threw stuff down from the top bunk to wake up Nick. He was angry and yelled at us” (I used to have sleepovers with my cousins all the time. The younger one hated to be woken up by the “early risers”..)

    leraustin at gmail dot com

  87. I’m sure it would have read something like, “Today Steve and I threw stuff down from the top bunk to wake up Nick. He was angry and yelled at us” (I used to have sleepovers with my cousins all the time. The younger one hated to be woken up by the “early risers”..)

    leraustin at gmail dot com

  88. Sydneysays:

    I have a journal from Kindergarden and there’s an entry about our favorite things to do (we had to write everyday in school). I wrote about how “I would like to be a Dolfon”

    My five-year-old self trying to tell just how much I liked to swim…

    I still like to swim, but I love baking too!
    My blog:

  89. Cherisays:

    My journal entries used to consist of “I soooooo like so-and-so,” and “ohmygosh, hesatnexttomeatlunchwhatdoido?!?”
    oh, to be 13 again!

  90. Anonymoussays:

    Although I was born in the 80’s I always used the word “groovy,” and no, I wasn’t a hippie. I just thought it fit! FLOWER POWER MAN!

  91. Gwynsays:

    I don’t think I kept a journal back then, but I certainly wrote my mom a lot of letters about running away – I think at times she probably didn’t feel much like stopping me :) We laugh about it now anytime she unearths one of those because I am an adult and moved back in with my mom to go to grad school (after college and a career switch). So much for running away!

  92. Mallorysays:

    My 12 year old self wrote on January 1, 1996, “This year is a major drag.”

  93. Kerrysays:

    When my younger sister was born, I was almost 3. My mom was breast-feeding and I, being a wonderful sister, lifted my shirt and said “Here! Try mine!”. Everyone in the room just about died laughing.

  94. Kerrysays:

    When my younger sister was born, I was almost 3. My mom was breast-feeding and I, being a wonderful sister, lifted my shirt and said “Here! Try mine!”. Everyone in the room just about died laughing.

  95. Alright, not a quote but when I was little and met the woman who would eventually become my aunt I liked her so much that I had her autograph my journal. She must have thought I was nuts but she went along with it!

  96. Amandasays:

    “I got a new puppy today! Her name is Molly. We almost didnt get her because she peed on the floor, but I cried and cried and said I would be so sad if i couldnt have her and wouldnt do my chores or go to school ever again! Mom and dad said yes i could have her! She slept on my lap the whole way home and I get to take her to school on monday to meet *my third grade teacher*” Molly lived to be 14 and was the sweetest dog, if only I would have remember what crying got me, maybe i should have cried more often ;) Amanda at

  97. Anonymoussays:

    I didn’t really keep a journal but my Mom always kept artwork or things we made in school. One thing in particular that we still laugh about every single Fathers Day – I made a homemade card for my Daddy in school. On the front in big letter I wrote “HAPPY FARTERS DAY!!!!” My Mom definitely kept that one and we still joke about it to this day. My email is

  98. Rachelsays:

    When I was about 8, I thought I was being stealthy about sneaking a toy out of the house that had been taken away from me as a punishment. My mom, from another room with her back to me, busted me. I asked her how she knew and she said she “had eyes in the back of her head.” That night, I stayed awake until she fell asleep. Then I snuck into her room with a flashlight and examined the back of her head to see if there really were eyes back there. I never found out because she had a lot of hair and I didn’t want to move it out of the way for fear of waking her up. I don’t think I’ve ever told her this story! Gonna call her now…

  99. Anonymoussays:

    In my journal was my dreams about buying an old abandoned mansion nearby and filling it with foster kids I would adopt. The mansion was torn down, much to my dismay. BUT..I did adopt 6 children as a single parent. The best part of my dream came true. My email is

  100. ~Kimsays:

    Wow what a challenge. I went into my clost, that of a 29year old mom, shoes all over from my two year old, bags of landry mostly done and in the corner shelf of the closet a stack of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, wow 6 journals. As I grabbed the stack of journals I felt the sort of age that had collected upon them. You know, that sort of soggy, weathered, read me sort of feeling when you know something is filled with treasures and has some value beyond their appearance and feel. I looked for the oldest one and unfortunately its when I was in High School (I know I had older one’s at some point)

    Nevertheless, High school is a kid, we forget that and I think its good that I picked it up. This is literally the first page, 12/20/99:

    “Real fun is with the people whom you love and trust. Fun is being with friends who God has graced my life with.The best gift to give to lonliness is the gift of fun, kindness and love. Don’t be afriad to invite someone to yourself who you believe might be the least likely to follow…sometimes it’s those whom seem unlikely who are those who need and crave friendship and love in the likeliest places.”

    The next paragraph goes onto explain that I am saddend by the people around me who are alcoholics (my parents) who believed that drunkiness held them high, “that thier problems might disappear for one day longer, but they were lost to an aluminum can”.

    This first page said alot about me, I was indeed shy, I had a lot of depth for my age, more than I should have because I had to be the adult, but in me was a deep craving for solitude, I wanted the lost hurting world to feel loved and a portion of potential because I too was in a dark place where I sought to stand out about and beyond my circumstances.

    I used writing as my secret, it was the only place I could protect the secret of not only who I truly was, but the hope I had, the dreams I wanted and the pains I held. I saw much maturity but a deep love and yet just the lost identity of being a teenager.

    Now Im not shy, socially speaking, I have risen out of my generational addictions and have created with my husband a wonderful healthy family. Wow, how cool is that?! Plus eating and making food and eating food is our hobby, did I mention I love eating food ;)?

  101. JennyLeighsays:

    no cussing was allowed in our house~ not then when I was a kid or now that I have 3 of my own sweet, precocious kiddos. Not an easy thing considering one of them is a 16yr. old boy… My favorite curse words, then AND now~ “CRUMBS!!!” and “PICKLES”. My parents would be horrified ;) My email is

    Good luck everyone!

  102. ~Kimsays:

    I wrote earlier about my entry on 12/20/99 ;)

    Gosh Im on a roll, all these journals, how am I going to tend to anything today? My goodness, I was so deep so young. Literal journal entry when I was 16:

    “Sometimes we must lose a little to gain a little. Sometimes we lose a lot to gain a little, what we do with the little we gain can ultimately do a lot more than we lost.Today I learned that to overcome–first I must overcome myself”. I was in hospitalized when I wrote this, wow.

    Now here I am 13yrs later reading this and I want to harness that depth again, don’t get me wrong, I am a goof ball, nutty one in the bunch, make more sound effects when I tell a story than I care to admit. But something not only nastagic about reading an old journal, touching its pages, seeing how I wrote, the bulky penmenship…everything about it, seeing my personailty, much too deep for a 16yr old or was it? It was just what I needed then to make me who I am today, rad!

  103. Beckysays:

    I was born before kids were writing in journals. Some girls had diaries, but I was never a diary type girl. I can remember my Mom telling me, this when I would be teased or maybe even bullied, “Sticks and stones will hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me.
    sayings from the 5o’s.

  104. KatiMsays:

    My classic childhood quote was always when I was about to get punished for something “well you know mama…I think I’ve already learned enough today” :)

  105. When I grow up I want to be the pink power ranger- she is way better that the yellow one. – me at 6 years old in my journal

  106. The funniest time in my childhood is when i found out about boy! 5th grade… I think i’m going to marry him when I’m 18!

    my email is (2 underscores)

  107. Katiesays:

    My favorite journal entry from when I was little was “my brothers and Poopy heads.” I still stand my this statement.

    My email is

  108. I was learning about the names of body parts and one day at a resturant very loudy I said…”look mommy, I just bumped my penis right here on the table.” I don’t know which was more embarrassing for my parents- that I was a girl who thought I had a boy parts or the fact that I yelled it so loudly.

  109. Oh dear, childhood journal embarrassment! Great stories, everyone!

    I threw away my old journals in a fit years ago. But I do remember some entries! I was 11 or 12 when I was fantasizing about how great it would be to be older.

    I remember planning to be 16. I would go to a dance with my friends and I would be so sophisticated, I remember writing I would be “dressed for the evening” whatever that means. We would probably have our hair curled and be wearing lipstick, and cocktail dresses. We’d be allowed to wear pumps with high heels. I imagined at 16 I’d be so mature I wouldn’t feel awkward anymore! How silly is that?!

    My email is rathercraftymary at gmail dot com.

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. judyfsays:

    what do i remember saying the most as a kid??? “I’M TELLING MOM!!” LOL. my older brother loved picking on me 24\7.

  112. When I was a kid, a waitress at a restaurant asked me if I wanted an ice cream sunday for dessert. I started crying and replied, “no. I want it today.”
    Smart kid I was, huh? :)

  113. Christasays:

    When I was about 8 years old our teachers made us write a letter to “santa” asking him what we wanted for Christmas but it couldn’t be a physical object, like a toy. I wrote “all I want for Christmas is not to have to pick up dog presents in the backyard anymore” – My mom still hangs this on the wall at Christmas time and laughs!
    My email is

  114. Some days I adored my sister, some days I would write about how she annoyed me. When bad words were still very taboo for me I would scramble the letters…as if nobody would be able to figure out what tihs or siht was code for.

  115. Gladyssays:

    I didn’t keep a journal…but I am sure if I did, it will be fill with little hearts with my name on it and my first boyfriend. I still do the little hearts every time I have a blank piece of paper in front of me!

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