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The Cupcake Project Explorers Are…

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I was honored/humbled/awed/floored/thrilled that almost 700 of you volunteered to be Cupcake Project Explorers – a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered!  Narrowing it down to 50 was a nearly impossible task.  I’ve assembled a diverse team of cupcake enthusiasts with a wide range of skill levels.

Some have only baked cake mixes before, some are from-scratch bakers who are regularly called upon to bake cupcakes for family and friends, while still others are pastry school students, professional bakers, and cupcake shop owners who sell either out of their homes, farmers’ market stands, or brick and mortar shops.  Some have a favorite vanilla cupcake recipe already that they plan to compare this one against.  Others have tried a few and haven’t found a favorite.  A few of have tried hundreds of vanilla cupcake recipes!

What the Explorers all have in common is a passion for cupcakes and an excitement about working together to find a recipe that everyone can share!

Once the Cupcake Project Explorers decide on an Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake recipe, I will post it on Cupcake Project with confidence that you’ll love it!

Here are the names of the Explorers.

Round One

  1. Becky Beagle
  2. Andrea Bernott
  3. Michele Boyce
  4. April Bunting
  5. Betty Burlesque
  6. Kim Campbell
  7. Adam and Tara Carle
  8. Aditi Chang
  9. Mary Cornelius
  10. Sarah Dalske
  11. Patti DeYoe
  12. Dominique Dobson
  13. Kate Dorman
  14. Jamie Dumaine
  15. Jessika Emma
  16. Alexandra  Felton
  17. Rocio Flor-surovec
  18. Dolly Georgiopoulos
  19. Roxine Grant
  20. Debbie Graves
  21. Haley Green
  22. Janice Haugjord
  23. Denise Hinton
  24. Raelyn Houston
  25. Michelle Hrudowsky
  26. Wendi Jones
  27. Amanda Kan
  28. Sana Khan
  29. Kyle Lane
  30. Andrea Marshall
  31. Glenda Mitchell
  32. Dawn Morris
  33. Jennifer Moulder
  34. Christa Mu
  35. Connie Munoz
  36. Thelma Pascoal
  37. Danay Powers
  38. Pamela Raymond
  39. Paige Reagan
  40. Vicki Rullman
  41. Laura Spindler
  42. Julie Streeter
  43. Rachel Taylor
  44. Stephanie Thompson
  45. Alicia Tucker
  46. Jennifer Vaniel
  47. Erin Walker
  48. Kate Wilentz
  49. Kim Wolterman
  50. Lauren Wright

Round 2

  1. Becky Beagle
  2. Andrea Bernott
  3. Michele Boyce
  4. April Bunting
  5. Kim Campbell
  6. Adam and Tara Carle
  7. Aditi Chang
  8. Patti DeYoe
  9. Rachael Dickson
  10. Dominique Dobson
  11. Kate Dorman
  12. Jamie Dumaine
  13. Jessika Emma
  14. Rocio Flor-surovec
  15. Dolly Georgiopoulos
  16. Roxine Grant
  17. Debbie Graves
  18. Jennifer  Greatsinger
  19. Haley Green
  20. Denise Hinton
  21. Sandia Hoormann
  22. Raelyn Houston
  23. Michelle Hrudowsky
  24. Wendi Jones
  25. Kristi Kan
  26. Kyle Lane
  27. Carolyn Lowry
  28. Andrea Marshall
  29. Glenda Mitchell
  30. Dawn Morris
  31. Jennifer Moulder
  32. Christa Mu
  33. Connie Munoz
  34. Susan Palmer
  35. Thelma Pascoal
  36. Danay Powers
  37. Tara Powers
  38. Pamela Raymond
  39. Paige Reagan
  40. Rebecca Richmond
  41. Heidi Riddell
  42. Vicki Rullman
  43. Laura Spindler
  44. Rachel Taylor
  45. Stephanie Thompson
  46. Casey Van den berg
  47. Jennifer Vaniel
  48. Erin Walker
  49. Kim Wolterman
  50. Lauren Wright
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10 comments on “The Cupcake Project Explorers Are…”

  1. Heathersays:

    Not on the list this time, hopefully next time!

  2. Lucysays:

    Daw…not this time? If this receipe works out, wil this be something you will post on your blog?

    Also, and kind explorers in CA fancy sending me one? *smiles lovely at the 50 of you*

  3. isnt the blogging world the coolest, how fun is this going to be, i have my ingrediants getting to room temp now…so excited to do a taste test this morning..

  4. Thank you Stef- I’m so excited to be a part of this!!

    Lucy, I’m in CA – if you email me your address, I’ll send you one- why not?

    I’m shopping today and will bake my first batch tonight. YIPPEE!!

  5. Made my first batch today, I’m anxious to see what everyone thinks!

    By the way any other Ohioans on the list??

  6. I am so happy that I get to be a part of this! Thanks so much Stef :)

    Lucy & Denise — What part of Cali? I’m in SoCal!

  7. Kate, I’m in Sonoma Co, an hour north of SF – :)

  8. Brynasays:

    Darn! I wanted to be an explorer… Oh well, I will just have to try the recipes when they are posted. :)

  9. Kylesays:

    I too am from (Northern) California and am thrilled to be chosen as an explorer! I baked the first recipe last night and I hope we’ll be moving to round 2 next week ;)

  10. katiesays:

    I can’t wait to see how it comes out! And to try this ultimate cupcake recipe… :)

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