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Cupcake Lover Charm Necklace Giveaway

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Update 2/18:  The winner is Erica Sharp!  Congrats! If you didn’t win the necklace and would like to purchase it, Sarita is now offering 15% off to Cupcake Project readers – just enter the code “Cupcake Project” when you check out.  

This cupcake lover charm necklace from SaritasJewelryBox is my new favorite Etsy find.  The free one Sarita sent me is now my go-to necklace (if you’ve run into me recently, I’ve probably been wearing it).  It’s hard to not be charmed by the mini versions of my baking supplies.

I wish I could give one of these necklaces to each of you – Oprah style.  While that’s not possible, thanks to Sarita, I am able to give one lucky winner a necklace they will treasure.

How to Win a Cupcake Lover Charm Necklace

  1. Leave a comment on this post.  In the comment, let me know how you express your love for cupcakes (aside from eating them).  Do you own a cupcake T-shirt, necklace, scarf, or hat? Maybe you have cupcake stationary that you adore. Feel free to share links to products that you love.  I may feature them in future Cupcake Project giveaways.  If you don’t have any cupcake stuff, that’s OK.  If you win, this necklace will start your collection.
  2. Be sure your comment includes a way to contact you.

Entries must be received by 11:59 PM CST on Friday, Feb. 17.  I will randomly draw the winner on Saturday, Feb. 18.  I will update this post with the winner’s name and also contact the winner directly.  If I don’t hear back from the winner within one week of contacting him/her, I reserve the right to draw a new winner.

Note: If the winner has an address outside of the U.S., he/she will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Matching Earrings (Not For the Giveaway, but Awesome)

Photo from Sarita’s Etsy shop

Random fact about me: I don’t have pierced ears.  But if I did, I’d be completely sold on Sarita’s cute matching earrings.  She’s got a ton of adorable stuff in her shop.  You really should check the whole place out.

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495 comments on “Cupcake Lover Charm Necklace Giveaway”

  1. Lisasays:

    My sister got me a cupcake-shaped rug for Christmas, I have no idea where she got it, but it’s now in my kitchen.

  2. Tarasays:

    Absolute cuteness! Thank you for this opportunity – and congrats to whomever wins!

    Instead of a traditional wedding cake, I had cupcakes! It was a great thing to do & all the guests loved it.

    I also have needlepoint designs that I’ve stitched that have cupcakes on them.

  3. That necklace is adorable! My love for cupcakes is in collecting recipes for them, and usually having one in my freezer in case I need a quick fix!

  4. Aliciasays:

    i express my love by sharing my love in recipes!

  5. My favorite cupcake item is a cupcake-covered oven mitt that a friend gave me. How cure is this baking jewelry, though!?!<3

  6. Lorenesays:

    I have an over-sized cupcake piggy bank. I enjoy every split-second that’s spent putting money in it.

  7. That necklace is awesome! I have a friend who would love that (if I could manage to give it up to her). I have a hand-painted ceramic cupcake container on my desk at work that I keep my paperclips in. Everyone asks me how I can keep it there without getting hungry – I guess it looks good enough to eat!


  8. I have a cupcake soap dish and a cupcake cookie jar that I love (and miss!) back at my parents’ house.

  9. I’ve got three different (toy) cupcake sets for my son because it’s so much more fun than playing cars or trains! :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I express my love for cupcakes by making them for friends all the time. I also drink out of a cupcake mug. (I don’t have a pic though)

  12. That necklace is so cute!!! <3 I show my love for cupcakes by blogging about the ones I make and share! :)

    If I get picked you can contact me at my email

  13. Anonymoussays:

    aw, so cute!

    I wear a headband with cupcakes on it when I run.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Tizasays:

    I have some really cute cupcake return address labels that were a gift from a friend. I also have a cupcake stress ball at my office. I would love that necklace! And I’m heading over to her Etsy shop to find more cupcake goodies :)

  16. I have cupcake cards – in a rainbow of cupcakey colors. I also have the ingredients to make handmade cupcake cards – stamps and ink and so forth…I LOVE cupcakes!! (And I LOVE this necklace!!)

  17. This necklace is adorable! I LOVE cupcakes. For Christmas, I have a small white tree in my kitchen that is loaded with cupcake ornaments that I collect. My youngest granddaughter is our little “cupcake” and we have purchased all kinds of cupcake related items for on the walls of her playroom as well as clothing embellished with cupcakes!

  18. i am the cupcake queen at work, i use most your recipes and bring them into coworkers, they loved all the tasting during the ultimate vanilla cupcake baking i was doing…I of course have the cupcake for my pandora charm bracelet….i would love this necklace isnt it the cutest….sooo me…can contact me at

  19. Susansays:

    My daughter got me a t-shirt with a panda holding a cupcake and it says I Love Cupcakes on it. She loves panda’s and I love making cupcakes. The necklace would look fantastic with that shirt! lol
    My co-workers love being my test subjects!

  20. Evasays:

    My favorite cupcake apparel item to date is a t-shirt of a cupcake with his wrapper off and it says NUUUUUUUDE! I love it!!! I bought it for my sis and I when I wanted her to start a cupcake business on the side :)

  21. Unknownsays:

    we celebrate report cards with cupcakes!

  22. This is too cute. Cupcakes are always my go-to contribution to a party. My friends cannot get enough of the Irish Carbomb cupcakes. Whenever I bring them, I have to hide a few for myself :D

  23. Ohmygosh! Cuteness!!!

    *I* don’t have my own cupcake “stuff” but I buy cupcake-related items for my sister! Candles and calendars have been popular in the past. She’s an awesome baker (and sis!)!! <3


  24. Susansays:

    Oh…almost forgot!! you can contact me at

  25. Candacesays:

    I saw this necklace somewhere else and loved it!! I actually put it on my Christmas wish list but I never got it! I don’t have much cupcake gear… a few ornaments for my tree but that is all! I definitely need to build up my stash!

  26. I am a cupcake lover. what is better than a whole cake in just a few bites.

  27. trangsays:

    I have cupcake pjs and LOVE them!! Really loving that sweet cupcake necklace. swoon.

  28. My love for cupcake has been expressed through my love for baking them and I have a cupcake tattoo on my leg, it’s my favorite and I will never regret it. I really mean it when I say I LOVE cupcakes! I have a shirt that says “Save The Earth! It’s the only planet with cupcakes!” I got a cupcake calender for Christmas and a candle in a cupcake shaped jar! :D

  29. StacyACsays:

    Baking and eating them, of course!

  30. I have cupcake mugs, sugar bowls, if I see it and it has a cupcake or any baking related object i’ll BUY it!! if i had this necklace it would NEVER come off!!!!

  31. Hi Stef – I love your blog and cannot wait to try those Passion Fruit cupcakes!! Ever since I started baking cupcakes, my friends all give me cupcake-related gifts at the holidays! My favorites thus far are my cupcake coffee mug and a cupcake notepad that I use at work. And this wonderful cupcake apron:


  32. Grace M. Plazasays:

    I have cupcake earrings, with white frosting, sprinkles, and a cute heart with a little stone.

  33. I don’t have anything with cupcakes on it :( I did give my SIL for Christmas cupcake stationary, hot pad and recipe cards though!
    This necklace is adorable!

  34. Lindsaysays:

    I recieved a whole collection of Keep Calm and Have a CupCake stationary set. I also have some cupcake art prints that I have up at work.

    And….wait for it…cupcake bed sheets! And my husband let me get them :D

  35. I love the necklace! and I Loves cupcakes!! I am a pastry chef, so I make cupcakes every week. I also have a Johnny Cupcake shirt… because every pastry chef needs one!!
    I also just got engaged and I want to have a small wedding cake and cupcakes!!

  36. I bring cupcakes to as many functions as possible! The best way to show people how yummy they are is to give them a yummy one, then share the recipe. People are always surprised by how easy they are to make compared to boxed mixes! I also have a summer t-shirt my Mom got me while she was in Afghanistan that says “Camp Cupcake”, features a hot pink cupcake, and is a nickname for an Air Force Base there. People always ask if I make cupcakes when I wear it!

  37. Amandasays:

    I love cupcakes, but generally buy cupcake stuff for others instead of myself…cupcake piggy bank…necklaces…etc.

    You can reach me

  38. morgan pantanasays:

    This neclace! I about died when I saw it. So cute. I have a really cheapy neclace with a cuppycake on it, and a pair of cuppycake earrings. But this neclace; I need! But the real way I express my adoration is by baking and sharing with family and friends, and the occasional stranger.

    Morgan pantana

  39. Bethsays:

    I love this necklace and I LOVE cupcakes!! They are my “go to” dessert…I love how versitile they can be and I especially love kickin’ them up a notch with a bit of rum or tequila, hey who doesn’t love a great margarita cupcake from time to time. I have touches of cupcakes around my house whether it’s the welcome plague on my door, a cupcake recipe holder, cupcake plate, so on and so on.

  40. JennyLeighsays:

    This is so cute! I have a “cupcake” kitchen decorated in greens and pinks :)

  41. Cristysays:

    Cupcakes are my go to treat for anyone that is down, sad, sick or celebrating! Who doesn’t love a cupcake?! I have clothe cutest cupcake cards with matching envelopes. I include them with all the cupcakes that I give to people. They were a gift to me and the perfect attachment to a box of goodies. BTW….love the necklace!

  42. Anonymoussays:

    I love cupcakes so much my friends have nicknamed me “Alicakes” I use the nickname on most of my online handles :)


  43. Awww, this necklace is fabulous! I bake cupcakes all the time for my cross country team and the girls in my dorm. I also have a giant plush cupcake pillow!

  44. My daughter loves cupcake’s and cupcake things. She has a cupcake necklace and others things. She will be 21 in early March.

  45. I totally adore this necklace. It would match my cupcake charm bracelet perfectly! I wear as much cupcake stuff that I possibly can! And if I’m in my work clothes a.k.a. scrubs, I always have my cupcake bracelet on!! Here’s a link to the charm!

    Kim Campbell

  46. Ashsays:

    That necklace is just too adorable! LOVE it! I have a cupcake air freshener in my car, but that’s about it for my collection right now. Aside from the fact that I bake cupcakes for my home business. :)

    FROSTEDChic at Yahoo dot Com

  47. Aimeesays:

    This is so adorable! I have cupcake shaped measuring spoons, and a huge cupcake pan (to make a cake that looks like a cupcake).

  48. BeVibesays:

    I have a cupcake pot holder, which I use to take my cupcakes out of the oven!

  49. Traciesays:

    Love this! Cupcakes Rule!

  50. I absolutely love the necklace and earring!!
    I am currently a culinary student in central Oregon and I have a strong love of baking! I have a super cute cupcake cookbook called “Hello, Cupcake” that I got from a cousin a few christmas’s ago. I love eating and making cupcakes and this books helps you step outside the box. :)

  51. Samsays:

    I have cupcake shirts, socks, and a pretty nifty belt. One of my favorite websites, ShanaLogic, has super-cute cupcake stuff for sale (! And like others have stated in their comments, I share spiffy recipes with family and friends :D

  52. I don’t have anything cupcake, but I do have a cake necklace. I love the necklace you are giving away!!

  53. I love cupcakes so much I named my kitty Cupcake!!!! I call her cuppie cuppie cake!!!!

  54. Cindisays:

    I would LOVE this necklace! Right now I have everything from PJ’s, to unmentionables, to Pandora Charms, to trays and platters…plates and my favorite little cupcake holder. I have a great scented necklace from . They sell here on If you love vanilla, this is the place for you!!!!

  55. Keishasays:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Bethsays:

    I am swooning over the cuteness! :D
    I adore baking cupcakes (more than eating them, oddly enough), and I share my cupcake love with a few friends. I’ve made cupcake earrings and a cupcake apron for a friend, and have about 2 yards left of cupcake-print fabric….whatever shall I do with it? Hrmm…. :)

  57. emily wsays:

    I tend to eat the bottom first so the last thing I taste is the delicious frosting, of which there can never be too much.

  58. Lisa dsays:

    I bake them frequently!! What a cute necklace! Thanks for s great giveaway!

  59. hannahsays:

    I live to love these cute little cakies!
    Hopefully this will start my collection :D

  60. I don’t have anything cupcake related yet, but they are my go-to baking choice. I have made so many different kinds and shapes. Today I made hot pink owl cupcakes, and they were adorable =)

  61. I’ve always loved & baked cupcakes. I have a cupcake rug, cupcake dish towels, cupcake shaped measuring spoons & a totally adorable cupcake apron! I try to make cupcakes at least once a week in the hopes of having a thriving cupcake business one day! :)

  62. Nicolesays:

    In the year of my dirty 30 I’ve decided to make 52 cupcakes. 1 for each day of this awesome year :-)

  63. Keishasays:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Nettiesays:

    I have a cupcake candle holder, that is the beginning of my collection and tons of recipes for my business. Love the necklace!

  65. Emily92says:

    I eat live and breath cupcakes!!! I make them every chance I get! I have cupcake Christmas ornaments, bracelets and even socks! I have too many cupcake cook books to count! I ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Cupcakes!!!

  66. I have a ton of cupcake pans, does that count? Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  67. I express my love for others by giving them cupcakes….that’s kind of the same thing isn’t it? LOL. Love your blog!

  68. I have no way to express my love of cupcakes, other than sharing them with friends. I’d love to have a new way to do it!

  69. Cupcakes are my life! I’ve been making cupcakes professionally for three years in Seattle, Wa. I currently work at Cupcake Royale, and I love my job!

  70. OMG!! This necklace is SO STINKIN’ CUTE! I have a T-shirt that has 2 cupcakes on it that says “Nice Cupcakes” I have several pictures and decorations around my house too with cupcake themes. Thanks so much for the opportunity!! :D

  71. Mihaelasays:

    This necklace is so cute! It will go great with my cupcake earings, which I got from Romania. I also purchased the Cupcake Love t-shirt from Dressing on the side, thanks for the cupon :)

  72. Anonymoussays:

    I love to dress my baby in cupcake outfits.

  73. That is absolutely adorable!! I need this to start my collection :)

  74. Moniquesays:

    I love collecting quriky measuring utenintels it makes baking even more fun! I don’t have much cupcake items but I do own a cupcake calender which I love and is hanging in near my bed in my dorm!

    Another fun way I share my love for baking is letting my younger nieces help me in the kitchen while baking and decorating so they to can become obsessed with BAKING! :D

  75. Shirisays:

    My two-year old son LOVES cupcakes of every kind but he has a hard time waiting for them :-) he runs around and eats chocolate chips while I throw everything together and then we turn on the oven light and sit next to one another, watching the cupcakes “get ready.” Watching him lean forward with his chin in his hands, wiggling in anticipation is crazy fun. Once they come out of the oven, he climbs up on the handle to the under-over drawer and dances until they cool off enough to eat.

  76. I express my love for cupcakes by sharing what I baked to my loved ones. They’re my #1 fans when it comes to my baking addiction, which started out late last year thanks to the recipes you placed on your blog! :-) Because of your good influence to me since I started reading your blog, I ordered a similar necklace you gave away last time from Dazzle & Chunk. Love those necklaces! Hope I can get this, for free!!! :-)

    You can contact me at

  77. Jessicasays:

    The only way I share my love for cupcakes currently is to make them. I got started with the book “Hello Cupcake” which I totally love and it kind of went from there. I’d love to win this necklace to start my collection!

  78. I express my love for cupcakes by scrapbooking about them. Actually, I did a layout called “My Cupcake Project”, about how I’ve been inspired by your website. Seriously — I have never been into cooking or baking, and your unique style totally captured my imagination and got me interested in making cupcakes. I have since bought/borrowed cupcake recipe books…. I am definitely more into the cupcakes themselves than into the decorating of them — there seems to be two different “strands” of cupcake books, one for the bakers and one for the decorators. I can e-mail you the layout, if you would like to see it.

  79. Katiesays:

    I also am not watching the grammys! I have a cupcake calendar, cupcake ornaments. I got 3 cupcake cookbooks for Christmas along with a cupcake mini maker.I have a cupcake spatula. I am having cupcakes for my wedding in June. I sign up to be a cupcake tester on your site (never gotten picked though :( )
    Love that necklace!

  80. I have my Kitchen decorated with cupcakes! Kitchen rugs, potholders, towels, salt & pepper shakers, table cloth, pictures, cookie jars, Valance etc. I am cupcake crazy! (However, I am lacking cupcake jewelry!)

  81. When I worked in Emergency Management, I shared my love up cupcakes by taking fresh baked cupcakes to my meetings with City and County officials after a few disasters we had here in Florida. I’d also take them to regional meetings as a way to relax the crowd. Since being laid off from that position, I’ve started a small cupcake business that is slowly gaining traction in our city. My love of cupcakes is becoming my dream and a way to sustain my new family. <3

  82. Maureensays:

    I received some very adorable cupcake ornaments and am going to use them year round! Too cute to wait til Christmas!

  83. Amy G.says:

    I am addicted to cupcake anything!!! They are so tiny, cute, and adorable! I mainly use stationary and socks and smile each time I use a sheet of paper! :) The necklace and earrings are absolutely adorable!!!

  84. Kaseysays:

    I have a 1upcake tshirt from It not only shows my love for cupcakes (which people at work call me that cupcake girl haha) but it also shows my love for video games!!!

  85. Erin Bsays:

    I have a cupcake charm for my pandora bracelet!

  86. kerysays:

    Have become obsessed with cupcakes…. This would be the first of my collection and a fun thing to pass down to one of my little ones in memory of making cupcakes together.
    I have the greatest tuberware type cupcake carrier it is 3 tiered and shaped like a cupcake….

  87. I have a pair of cupcake pajama shorts. For as much as I love cupcakes, I really should have more gear! Maybe this will kickstart my addiction :)

  88. Precious necklace. I have several cupcake items, most of them I have made myself…pillows, tea towels that kind of thing. Love your blog!

  89. Hello!
    I’ve been following your blog and also Facebook page for quite some time. I just launched my very own cupcake catering business out of my home called Cake In A Cup Catering (I attached the link to my page). My goal this year was to so things for me, things that make me happy. I am a working mother of an 18 month old little girl named Natalie (I call her my little mascot, she has a bunch of cupcake attire!) and I am expecting a boy in June. I’ve been so blessed to have 2 orders in my first week of business!

    I absolutely ADORE this necklace! If I’m not chosen, I may have to get the full set. (Keeping with my goal here!) Once I saw it I immediately showed my husband. I personally don’t have any cupcake belongings, other than a notebook I happened to pick up, which quickly turned into my daughters notebook. She is the one who gets all the cute stuff :) It is absolutely fitting for me and my lifestyle ;)

    Hope I’m the lucky one!!

  90. My favorite cupcake item at the moment is this shirt I got from shirt.woot: I can be contacted at kellyscupcakery(at)gmail(dot)com.

  91. Gabysays:

    Oh My Gosh! This is perfect for me. My teacher just told me about this because she knows how much I love cupcakes! This is perfect for me, since 8th grade Ive had an obsession for cupcakes.
    My life consists of showing my love for cupcakes. I have a ring, a bracelet, one necklace, t shirts, a calendar, a purse, a stuffed cupcake. I can go on for days. I’m having a birthday party in a month and I ordered 100 cupcakes! That is the most Ive ever seen in my life. I love to bake cupcakes because they are just so adorable to me. Whenever they’re in the oven and I see that they start to get all puffy and cute, its the most exciting thing EVER!
    Anyway I should stop typing (Sorry I got a little too excited) If I win I will cry of joy my email is and if I don’t win then congrats to whoever did!!

  92. This necklace is ADORABLE!!!! I own a scarf that is pink and brown with cupcakes on it, I have recipe cards with cupcakes, a cookbook with a cupcake on the cover, and a rubber spatula with cupcakes on the rubber part. I love all things cupcakes. I love to bake them, decorate them, and eat them.

  93. IngstI always ponder what I would do if I won the lottery….. I would open up a cupcake shop and be totally happy doing what I love: baking. Had a bad day? Nothing a cupcake can’t fix! Also, one thing that truly does make me complete and happy is my soooooon-to-be daughter who I refer to as “my little cupcake.” She will soon be adorned in her newborn cupcake inspired wardrobe which I so impulsively purchase.

  94. tier917says:

    I am in love w making cupcakes!! My best one to date us my chocolate chili!! Love experimenting w different flavors also!!! Tomorrow I’m making doughnut muffins for my sins class for valentines day!! Can’t wait to see how they come out! I don’t have any cupcake stuff to date and would love love love this necklace!!! It is so adorable!! Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes!!!

  95. ashleysays:

    i don’t really have a ton of cupcake related stuff but i would love this to start my collection!!

  96. I express my love for cupcakes by making the awesome recipes that I find on here and other sites for my family and friends. They enjoy eating them and I enjoy all the compliments I get on my baking prowess. It’s win-win!

  97. Anonymoussays:

    cute! i show my luv by passing on yummy recipes,or even supporting my moms new business venture of cupcakes! they r just a fun thing to work with and eat!!!!!

  98. Kerrysays:

    I have acquired three cupcake shirts now (one from a cupcake bakery in Charleston from vacation, one that says “I (heart) cupcakes!” and one that has a “nude” cupcake). We also picked up “Penguin and the Cupcake” for our son after reading about it on your blog! (

  99. Sarah B.says:

    I would love to win this for my 9 year old daughter. She wants to be a pastry chef when she grows up. She LOVES to make cupcakes. So much that it’s what she did her science project on. She won 1st place at her school and is going to District in April! (She wanted to know what happens to cake batter when you over-beat it. With all those cupcakes from her project, she was able to bring a smile to the faces of many homeless people as she served them her delicious pieces of art. I can be contacted at

  100. I luv cupcake everything, my fav is a cupcake blanket and cupcake Hello kitty mini plushie.I love to make cupcake shape soaps that have cupcake

  101. mpontessays:

    So incredibly cute!!!!

    I have several shirts and a pair of shorts from Johnny Cupcakes, cupcake earrings, a necklace that says cupcake, a cupcake nail kit, cupcake scented candles, cupcake lotion, cupcake car air freshener. I’m a little obsessed.

    I’ll definitely be checking out the etsy shop!!

    If I get picked my email address is

  102. I have a cupcake soap dispenser, cupcake kitchen timer, notepad.. and a blog dedicated to the sweet little cakes :)

  103. Julietsays:

    Sadly I don’t have any cupcake accessories as of yet, but I love making them and finding new recipes.
    Wanted to have cupcakes for wedding reception several years ago, but no one else agreed :( I make them for birthdays, work events, etc
    Thanks for sharing, awesome necklace!

  104. Litasays:

    I love cupcakes but only homemade, so my love for cupcakes goes into spending too much time looking for healthy and yummy recipes, lol.

  105. Marisasays:

    OMG – I’ve seen this necklace on etsy, and I love it! I think I need it to start my collection. marisaharder at gmail dot com

  106. jessicasays:

    I love making cupcakes! I bring cupcakes in to my co-workers on a regular basis and I’m known as “the baker” at work. I received my first piece of cupcake jewelry for Christmas…a Pandora charm which I love!

  107. Anonymoussays:

    I show my cupcake “love” by donating a dozen cupcakes a month to the highest bidder at the fundraiser for our school. The winner has already contacted me to do some extra (at a good price) for his son’s birthday.

  108. Michelle Dukesays:

    I have a HUGE cupcake cake pan that I adore and I also have many ceramic cupcakes and aprons that adorn my office at work where I am a production manager. I also bake a dozen cupcake birthday sugar cookies for each of my staff on their birthday. My name is Michelle Duke and my email is

  109. Jessicasays:

    Love the necklace. I have several cupcake items… most of them I made. Cupcake hats (as seen on “I {heart} Cuppycakes”), cupcake pincushions, and cupcake purses.
    You can see the hats here:
    In addition to that I have cupcake lipgloss, bags, and an entire section in my cookbook!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Jessica (

  110. Marlosays:

    I love the charm necklace! I don’t own any cupcake accessories, but I love baking cupcakes for family and friends. There is no better joy than watching my family and friends eat cupcakes I made with love!

  111. My love of cupcakes is expressed through starting a custom cupcake business up here in MN. I am in fact doing my first wedding expo at the end of this month. I’ve been testing out recipes for several months and have a HUGE list of flavors I want to try someday. Oh and my name is also Stephanie. :-)Thanks for your awesome recipes and inspiration. You can contact me @

  112. Brianna Mawrasays:

    I’m a teen who’s developing her own cupcake business! As long as I could remember I loved to bake! Baking is what keeps me sane, & love seeing people appreciate all your hard work! :)

  113. Kerrysays:

    I mostly show my love for cupcakes by baking them for my friends, family, and coworkers. I keep my change in a cupcake shaped bank, I have countless cupcake books, and half the gifts I receive are something cupcake related. One day, cupcakes will actually be my life!
    I can be contacted at

  114. Judysays:

    I bake cupcakes in my cupcake apron every month for school bake schools! We bake to raise money for Treats for Troops and to fund charity walks. Cupcakes are always a hit!

  115. so cute! i have a teeny cupcake necklace, a tee, dental floss, and if i’m not baking them i’m making them into martinis : )

  116. That is the cutest necklace and earrings ever….. I love cupcakes my New Years resolution this year was to try a new cupcake recipe twice a month…and so far I have done a great job thanks to YOU. My co-workers and family have really enjoyed my new hobby. Thanks for the great recipes and pictures…luv ur site…. so pick me, pick me. lol

  117. Beckysays:

    I have Johnny Cupcake’s “Support your local Bakery” T-shirt! I own a cupcake bakery. Love this necklace, thank you.

  118. Meagansays:

    I love your blog, and that necklace is absolutely ADORABLE! I get a lot of cupcake apparel from, but I’m especially proud of a rather sizable cupcake tattoo on my ankle. It’s got pink swirly frosting and a blue paper. My mom made me a cupcake apron that I’m pretty fond of too.

    I’m a pastry chef, and I very much respect all the risks you take with your flavors, as well as the time you clearly put into making your cupcakes look divine. Bravo :)

  119. JnRsmomsays:

    I love that necklace! It is so cute!!! I love baking. I am teaching my sons (Jonathan turns 14 tomorrow, and Ryan is 10) how to bake. They love making cupcakes with me…..they are enjoying mixing, measuring, baking & especially tasting, their creations (and yours!) Good luck to everyone entering and thank you for the opportunity to win this piece!…..Melissa
    You can reach me at if I’m picked.

  120. Mama Mosays:

    I freaking love cupcakes…they are so underrated, although cupcake wars has helped build their credibility. I buy cupcake packaging nearly every time I hit the bakery aisle…I also have a cupcake Christmas tree…I want to grow my skill in baking cupcakes, especially decorating. But cupcakes are definitely my passion!

  121. Kristinsays:

    This is super cute! I have a cupcake notepad at the office and I have a ceramic cupcake candle, a huge cupcake piggy bank, cupcake potholders, and of course an apron covered with colorful cupcakes.

  122. Elims23says:

    My obsession with cupcakes started a few years ago. I would try out new cupcake recipes and give them to my neighbors to try and critique. That in turn earned me the nickname of “Cupcake.” I have been slowly adding more and more cupcake things to my kitchen, even made my own window valance with cupcakes on it! This necklace would be great to add to my collection!
    You can reach me at

  123. Sarasays:

    I have many cupcake themed items, one of my favorites is my Johnny Cupcakes cupcake and cross bones coffee mug!

  124. lgrimshaw77@hotmail.comsays:

    I express my love of cupcakes by making them any occasion I can!

  125. I express my live by baking cupcakes and delivering them to neighbors. I own cupcake stationary but would love this necklace. Your is my favorite cupcake blog. Hope to win.

  126. CRCsays:

    So…I’m very involved in community theatre and there’s always a joke that follows me with every show I do. I’m the feeder. I bring the food. I always have food. Lately, cupcakes are the #1 food I bring since they’re easy to transport, can be made in hundreds of combinations decorative designs, etc. The way I show my cupcake love? SHARE THEM! Always. Recently I made the best cupcakes I’ve ever made for my son’s 5th birthday party at school. Normally, I’m not one to brag about my food but these were the most moist, flavorful, dreamy cupcakes EVER, from sprinkled top to delicious bottom! Another reason I love to share cupcakes? They provide perfect portion control! Yes, we always want to eat more than one, but it’s a lot easier (in theory anyway…) to stop at one cupcake than it is to cut a single serving piece of cake! :-)

  127. annc999says:

    I DO have cupcake stationery, but the best thing about them is making them for my friends and sharing with people at my office. annc999 at yahoo

  128. Virisays:

    This Is Sooooo Adorable!! When I First Saw It I Thought Of My Sister!! She Has A Huge Love For Cupcakes! Her Name On Facebook Is Gaby Cupcaakes! As You Can See She Really Really Loves Them! Her Birthday Is Coming Up And I Thought This Would Be Perfect For Her! If I Win This For Her I Will Love You Forever!!!!! And She Will Love Me Forever(; Thank You Very Very Much! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 My Email Is: :)

  129. Laura Rsays:

    I have cupcake soap, cupcake straws, cupcake books, cupcake art, cupcake cards, cupcake shot glasses, cupcake vodka, etc! I am addicted to cupcakes!

  130. That necklace is absolutely adorable! I have a cupcake Christmas ornament, but my favorite way of sharing the love is by sharing the cupcakes!

  131. I’m a dentist, but I LOVE cupcakes, so I have cupcake flavored toothpaste and floss!


  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. Gabysays:

    Wow! This is so adorable. If I win I will be the happiest person ALIVE. I love cupcakes so much they are the cutest thing ever, I have shirts, jewelry and anything you can think of.
    My email is

  134. Jesssays:

    I have cute cupcake ornaments for my Christmas tree. I LOVE that necklace!


  135. I just received the LOVE cupcake t-shirt I purchased from Etsy. I need this necklace to wear with it!
    My email is terrirosenstock @

  136. Sarasays:

    I love to collect different baking pans and measuring spoons. I do have a novelty cupcake shaped sugar bowl that makes me smile as well!

  137. Anonymoussays:

    I LOVE Cupcake stuff. I have lots of cute pictures and such. I would love to have this necklace!!! :)

  138. Gabriellasays:

    My children love cupcakes! So aside from having 4 doz. Each of mini and regular cupcake pans, I have the big cupcake cake. I don’t own any of my own trinkets, but gave my daughter a cupcake necklace she loves. This lovely necklace would encompass my love for baking plus my children’s love for cupcakes. I bake both chocolate n vanilla every time because they can’t decide which they love most, lol! The look in their eyes of joy n excitement is what makes baking both flavors priceless…it’s sooo worth it!! Thank you for this opportunity to share.

  139. I have a picture frame at work that is adorned with cupcakes and the phrase “Our little cupcake.” In it is a newborn photo of my sweet son Liam (now 3 months old). I tell everyone the reason he turned out so perfect is due to all the cupcakes I ate while he was in utero. ;)

  140. I don’t have enough cupcake-related stuff. I saw some cute cupcake fabric at the store the other day, and I want to get some to make an apron (first I have to learn how to sew…).

    I did have a cute cupcake ornament on my Christmas tree this year.

  141. Ambersays:

    I have cupcake wine glasses, cupcake t-shirts, stickers, notebooks, and an apron with cupcakes on it. I’m also starting my own cupcake business. I just sell from my home right now but I’m hoping to have my own bakery in a few years.
    My joy of baking started when I was ten years old. My mother left the house and told me not to play with the oven while she was gone. So what did I do? I pulled out a cookbook and started making a Blueberry Buckle. It’s like a blueberry cobbler. Thankfully, my dad saw me playing in the kitchen and helped me make it! Ever since then baking has been my passion, and cupcakes are the sweets I’m most passionate about.
    I would love to have this necklace- It would express my passion for baking and add to my collection of cupcake things!

  142. Sadly, I do not own any cute cupcake merch. But I do love to bake them!

  143. Katesays:

    I have a cupcake painting from my freshman year of college hanging in my room!

  144. Unknownsays:

    I love making cupcakes, especially making different flavors of frosting!!!

  145. Melissasays:

    This pendant would start my collection :)

  146. I don’t have anything-cupcake around my house! I do, however, draw cupcakes in my calendars to signify a birthday. I also compulsively buy cupcake-cup-papers. :) I have every holiday (I usually buy too many) and hang on to them and will sometimes use them out of season just to see if anyone will notice, or just to be silly. :) My favorite cupcake is a homemade, pumpkin-dark-chocolate with a baked-in-cream-cheese-filling. <3

  147. OMG this necklace is adorable! The recipe cards I use have cupcakes on them, but that’s the only cupcake stuff I have so far. :)

  148. Sydnisays:

    I don’t have a whole lot of cupcake stuff, but my boyfriend and I communicate through cupcakes. He lives about a thousand miles away, and whenever I see him (every couple of months), we bake cupcakes together (before he met me, he had never used a measuring cup in his life). A couple of months ago, when I was pretty stressed, he sent me freshly baked chocolate cupcakes (with the recipe from this site, of course), and for Chanukah, he gave me a cupcake calendar!

    Thanks for this wonderful site!

  149. I show my love of cupcakes by making them every chance I get and sharing them with all my family and friends!

  150. Juliennesays:

    My love for cupcakes is ridiculous. I live in va and ive been on the hunt for the best red velvet cupcake in my area. Ive tried more than 5 stores now (georgetown cupcakes – from the show dc cupcake, red velvet, sprinkles, sticky fingers, alexandri cupcakes to name a few).And im a pastry cook too so i always whip something up for myself or my friends with my own twists like a red velvet cake with bacon buttercream frosting. And two weeks from now im getting a tattoo of cupakes!! So excited! My email is

  151. Because I live overseas (Qatar) and can’t bake for my siblings’ birthdays I make cupcake birthday cards for them (usually a dozen, always a dozen different kinds!) and then write “Customs wouldn’t let my real cupcakes cross the border so these will have to do instead!”

    They always love it, my sister has even started her own “Cupcake Wall of Fame”!


  152. Barbsays:

    I *ADORE* this necklace and have had it on my wish list for months!

    How do I show my love for cupcakes? By baking, of course. I also have a cupcake in my logo for the watermark I use on my pictures. I have plans for a cupcake tattoo. And my friends keep telling me “everytime I see a cupcake I think of you.” :) I love cupcakes! Oh, and my cupcake carrier is a giant cupcake! :D

  153. “cupcake” is a go-to nickname for sweet little ones in my life. =)

  154. Anonymoussays:

    Baking is my passion and decorating cupcakes is the cherry on top!
    My friend bought me the cutest little baking tin for my birthday in December; it has animal molds! So adorable! I love it!

  155. Melaniesays:

    As soon as I saw this necklace, I knew it was meant for me. The only cupcake collectibles I have are soaps, that were given to me as gifts. I love them and wish i had more items for my collection, but i feel like my passion for baking cupcakes fill the spaces.

  156. I express my love for cupcakes by baking them for others and not disclosing how many sticks of butter I used.

    That necklace is sooo dang cute!

  157. Gabriellasays:

    My original comment was #143, but I neglected to leave an email…fingers crossed!

  158. Sarahsays:

    Seriously this is so adorable. I have a great love for cupcakes I especially love watching people eat and enjoy what I make. I also try making cupcakes for those with special diets so that everyone can enjoy them.

  159. This necklace is right up my alley. I never enter giveaways unless I absolutely love what it entails. I express my love for cupcakes by buying frosting scented candles,buying cute cupcake stands to decorate my house, aprons, shirts, etc. Cupcakes are dear to my heart. =)

  160. Hey Steph, I love to make cupcakes because they are cute and convenient to grab in comparison to cakes. You can express your creativity in many way making cupcakes and I love to sell them as well.

  161. Hey Steph, I love to make cupcakes because they are cute and convenient to grab in comparison to cakes. You can express your creativity in many way making cupcakes and I love to sell them as well.

  162. Hey Steph, I love to make cupcakes because they are cute and convenient to grab in comparison to cakes. You can express your creativity in many way making cupcakes and I love to sell them as well.

  163. I have a cupcake cookie jar, candy dish and other decorative things for my kitchen, but nothing adorable like that necklace that I could wear!

  164. Mrs Bsays:

    I got my niece a cupcake shapped piggy-bank for Christmas… I’m not sure what she likes more, the fact it’s shaped like a cupcake or that it’s got pink ‘frosting’!

  165. Unknownsays:

    redolikeI bake cupcakes weekly, I have a cupcake necklace, earrings, ring shirt hat. I plan on opening up a cupcake bakery when I grow up…

  166. I love baking. Cupcakes especially. But my very good friend loves it more than me so I always try to find her one gift a year that is cupcake themed. And that is how I found your site. So if I win, it will go to her :)


  168. I have cupcake earrings that I purchased off Etsy & my sister bought me a cute cupcake necklace.

  169. Miggeasays:

    I have a necklace charm I wear most of the time that is a mini cupcake made out of clay by an amazing local artist! Other then that I just show it by making people cupcakes XP! … I also have cupcake patterned underwear that I made for myself…. awkwaaaaaard

    You can contact me via the email attached to my username


  170. Breezersays:

    I have a couple of cupcake tees–would love this necklace to wear too!


  171. Carlasays:

    I don’t have anything cupcake but I make batches and batches of the real thing for my kiddos and I LOVE everything I can do with cupcakes.

  172. Kenkensays:

    I share my love for cupcakes, by having cupcake earrings and t shirt. I will some be able to show my love for cupcake hopefully very soon by teaching young girls how to bake in a after school program. I just hope I get the grant to start the program. Fingers Crossed.

  173. I made myself a t-shirt it says, “I <3 cupcakes and cookies" and it has a cookie monster cupcake that I made for my Godson. I would love to have one of these cuuute necklace!

  174. Zoharsays:

    I try to make a batch of cupcakes at least once every two weeks. A simple cupcake is much better than a slice of cake!

  175. Very cool. My love for cupcakes is in taking photos of them :) (Either ones I make myself or those at peoples weddings!)

  176. Anonymoussays:

    That necklace is adorable! I’d love to get it to kickstart my collection. Now I want a cupcake.

    Gondicasjunk at hotmail dot com

  177. My favorite cupcake things are really just the internet and a container to keep/transport my cupcakes in. Nothing too fancy, yet.


  178. Unknownsays:

    i have cupcake everything!! xmas tree ornaments, I also go to a local ceramic studio and have several cupcake pieces done so far :) cupcake canister and plates

  179. Monicasays:

    that is the darnedest thing! I love it! It shows my passion for baking and no one loves cupcakes more then my friends.Cupcakes are sure to bring a smile and brighten anyone’s day.

    If I am the lucky one my email is

  180. Yanasays:

    My gift to anyone on any occassion would be – cupcakes. And somehow thats what they expect from me :)

  181. Karensays:

    My daughter is my little cupcake. She has cupcake pjs and for her birthday shirt this year I appliqued a cupcake with tulle frilly icing, and a pink polka-dot yoyo with shiny button as the cherry on top. I would love for her to have this necklace! thanks for doing this cool giveaway. :)


  182. Kiasays:

    I love cupcakes! How do I express this love? Baking them! It’s relaxing, funny and it needs passion and creativity. I’have a necklace pendant shaped as a cupcake that I particularly love.

  183. AKLorisays:

    Greeting from Alaska!

    I love love love this jewelry!! It is going on my wish list for sure!!

    ~Lori Vickery

  184. Anonymoussays:

    I don’t yet own any cupcake paraphernalia beyond mOunds of bakin supplies and cookbooks, but I’m keen to start my collection with this adorable necklace.

    I’m actually entered in a “cupcake throwdown” next week to prove my true cupcake love.

  185. I express my love of cupcakes by baking them as often as possible for my loved ones! Nothing spells love like a cupcake!!!!!

  186. Cherolsays:

    Hi! what a wonderfull necklace!! I’ve got a cupcake t-shirt with the message: “make cupcakes, not war” ♥

  187. Annikasays:

    Those are so cute! My cupcake love is indeed restricted to baking and eating cupcakes, but maybe I should change that and invite more cupcakery into my life!

  188. I express my love of cupcakes by baking them as often as possible for my loved ones! Nothing spells love like a cupcake!!!!!

  189. Loreleisays:

    Adorable! I express my love mostly in baking and eating them, but I would love to express it sartorially!

  190. Anonymoussays:

    I bake cupcakes with my daughter who’s favorite part is the frosting, of course. My daughter wrote a cupcake story book all her own for her great aunt who is a teacher. I would want to win this for my fabulous aunt who is a teacher and has incorporated everything baking into her classroom, to teach. We are a cupcake loving family. ‘
    You can contact me at hlnicholls3 at aol dot com

  191. Erinsays:

    I love cupcakes and have a lot of cupcake “gear”. I have tee shirts, stationary, cosmetic bags and weekend bags. My favorite bag is a cupcake pattern (sadly no longer made) by LeSportsac. LOVE it. If I were to be lucky enough to win the necklace, I can be contacted at etunderhill(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks!

  192. I have a 3D cupcake necklace (my daughter got one too), a cupcake white board on my fridge, cupcake magnets, cupcake stationary, and a cupcake spoon rest on my stove. Love the giveaway necklace, it’s adorable!!!!

  193. HChrisDsays:

    I’ve had a love of cupcakes ever since I was a little girl, and my grandmother introduced me to a special treat, that now, I share with my girls. Frosting a cupcake upside down, basically creating a frosting delivery system, but still a favorite memory I am paying forward.

  194. i have cupcake everything basically. but i really love my cupcake kitchen decor.

  195. Omg….my laundry room smells like sweet candies and toppings from all of the baking goods I store there! I love reading your posts but this post of such a cute set tips the cake! Lol

  196. I don’t have any cupcake stuff :(
    Help me start my collection!

  197. Donna Borstsays:

    This necklace is adorable! I have a cupcake apron and my husband just bought my adorable pink cupcake earrings on his latest business trip. I LOVE your blog – thank you!


  198. Annasays:

    My best friend always gets me a ton of cupcake-themed trinkets as gifts, but I think my favorite cupcake-themed find so far has been the cupcake apron that I found at IKEA.

  199. jenniesays:

    I absolutely love this charming little piece of jewelry for enthisiastic bakers! I would so very much enjoy having it!!

    (, just in case)

  200. Christysays:

    My cousin bakes and she loves this necklace. It would be perfect for her.

  201. Jennysays:

    LOVE IT!!!! I have a cupcake shirt, cupcake socks, cupcake note paper, cupcake address labels, a giant cupcake cake pan, and a five year old cupcake named Matt!
    Thank for the great giveaway… Jen.

  202. Staciesays:

    My daughter and I have matching cupcake aprons! I also have pjs with cupcakes and chocolate on them:) The necklace is very cute. Thanks for sharing and having this giveaway.

  203. Unknownsays:

    My friends call me betty! For two reasons… Because of my frequent late night baking habits and the “sweaty betty” workout pants i wear when im in the kitchen.
    I have a cupcake apron that I just love!!!! It’s covered in cute and colorful cupcakes, hangs on my pantry door and comes out whenever I am in the mood for a bake off (whatever time of day or night that may be)!
    Tomorrow my apron will be dusted off for red velvet cupcakes for valentines day!

  204. Sweet Jenniesays:

    My friend/business partner started a cupcake/baking business and to celebrate (on a tight budget) she bought me a cupcake thermol coffee cup. (coffee being my second love) In addition I adorne my children in all things cupcake (especially the baby, mainly clothing. The children have to be clothed, right? CUPCAKE LOVERS UNITE!!

  205. I collect bakery items and have lots of shirts with cupcakes on it :D

    This is soo lovely, funny thing I was about to purchase one on Etsy, hope I get to win this piece! xo

  206. Melaniesays:

    Hi !!
    Cupcakes, Oh how I love thee. I started baking a year ago..having never held a spatula in my hand, I was hooked. I have delt with depression and somewhat low self esteem…since i have been baking cupcakes, it allows me to relax, be creative, and let go. It’s MY drug of choice. I have never felt so good in my whole life. I am so thankful for this hidden talent, it has allowed me to find true happiness. I have customers & friends who send cupcake gifts, such as wine glasses, christmas decor, etc. My husband loves when I bake, because I’m in my element, and Nothing in this world can bring me down :) Thank you for your info, insight & creativity ! :)
    xo, Melanie D
    My email is

  207. Karensays:

    I don’t have ANYTHING cupcake, except a huge huge love for the show Cupcake Wars which is almost always on our DVR.

  208. shannonsays:

    So far, the only way I declare my love of cupcakes is to bake them and eat them (and share them, because I’d be a jerk if I didn’t). How awesome to be able to share the love through jewelry when I don’t have time to bake? :) Awesome giveaway!
    I’m here:

  209. Kimsays:

    I show my love for cupcakes (and baked goods in general!) by pinning them like crazy on Pinterest. I have even pinned this very necklace with something like “I must have this!” as the subject. Meant to be? I think so. ;) Thanks for the opportunity, Kim

  210. Michelesays:

    Cupcakes have always been a part of any celebration in our house. I love this necklace. It reminds me of all the great times.

  211. I share my love of cupcakes by baking them with love and sharing them with everyone I can. What an awesome necklace!

  212. I LOVE CUPCAKES. I have cupcake print aprons, cupcake stands (individual and for 20), more silicone cupcake liners than you can shake a stick at and my daughter & I perfected an icecream cupcake

  213. Amanda Thompsonsays:

    I have a bunch of cupcake cookbooks and my husband doesn’t understand why I need more than one!!


  214. Vanessasays:

    Ooohh! That necklace is just too precious!! For our wedding anniversary last year my husband got me the pink cupcake charm from Tiffanys. Not only do I loveeee cupcakes but I also loveeee pink, so it’s the perfect gift for me. I wear it practically everyday and always get compliments. It looks great with my cupcake apron :)

  215. I have quite a few cupcake-lover items, but this apron is hands-down my favorite:

  216. Beckysays:

    I don’t have a lot of cupcake type stuff, but I LOVE making cupcakes for every occasion!

  217. jansays:

    Nothing better than and evening with friends, cupcakes and tea. The necklace is adorable and would be great to wear to our next gathering.

  218. meghansays:

    LOVE this for my daughter, the Princess of Cuppiecakes! She wears a cupcake knit hat on her brainy, college-class-attending head.

  219. Sarahsays:

    This necklace is totally cute! I would love to wear it! I just started my own little cupcake business, so this would be great advertisement! I bake cupcakes for my kids teachers at school, to show them how much I appreciate them! My website is; Thank you so much!!

  220. This comment has been removed by the author.

  221. I have art with cupcakes hidden in them hanging in both my girls rooms! Lovely! And we bake cupcakes together weekly!

  222. I always post my latest cupcake creations on Facebook. I outfit my daughters in everything “cupcake.” Have a couple of cupcake tees myself. Cupcakes really do make everything better! :)

  223. So adorable, I’ve seen this on pinterest and LOVE it! As for how I express my love for cupcakes, I am due to have a baby girl in June and got her a cute little onesie with a cupcake on it.

  224. Annasays:

    I love cupcakes .. and that necklace! Alas, I only have a Jessie Steele Cherry Cupcake apron that I harranged my daughter’s into buying me for Mother’s Day last year.

  225. Marasays:

    I’m known as the baker in my circle of friends and cupcakes are at the top of my list of things to bake. Oh, how I would love to wear that necklace! It’s adorable.

  226. Love my cupcake apron! I would LOVE to add this little piece to my tiny collection.

  227. I love cupcakes, always have. I’ve pretty much got a cupcake everything, from a purse, my weddig cake was cupcakes from sprinkles to socks to sunglasses. But I would say that my aboslute favorite is..MY TATTOO!! Yes, I have a cup cake tatoo.

  228. By showing my cupcakes love with the best shirts:

  229. Shainasays:

    These are so cute! I have a Johnny Cupcakes shirt or two. If you haven’t seen his stuff, I’m thinking you would love it!

  230. I have a ton of cupcake stuff. A lot of it was bought from target a few Valentines ago. I have t-shirts, hair clips, and tons of cupcake accessories for my kitchen!

  231. Carolsays:

    I don’t have any cupcake items…just a lot of recipes and friends that love them so much they pay me to make them.

  232. ilyannasays:

    I love my cupcake socks given to me as a gift from my best friend!

  233. Now that I’m looking for them, I’m surprised how many cupcakey things are around! I’ve seen a darling cupcake apron that will soon be mine!

  234. JudyRsays:

    Love the necklace!!
    I have everything cupcakes – hats, scarfs, blanket, rug, candles, soap.

  235. I saw these charms the other day and fell in love! I don’t have too much cupcake paraphernalia I just spread the love by baking them for my husband’s office all the time. I continually get that whole “you should sell these things” but I just do it for the fun! I do love my majestic yellow KitchenAid though :)

  236. I’m in love with cupcakes. So much that I applied to be a Cupcake Supervisor on board the Royal Caribbean Cruise and got the position! Will be receiving the offer this week and then I’m off to Asia to frost cupcakes everyday for 6 months and conduct classes to cruise guests!

    This necklace would be a perfect accessory for me on board the ship!

  237. Joansays:

    I express my love for cupcakes by baking them and sharing with others!

  238. i express my love in a collection of cupcake wrappers. there are just too many cute designs!

  239. i express my love in my collection of cupcake wrappers. there are just too many cute designs!

  240. Kaysays:

    Michaels has their dollar bins usually filled with cupcake stuff that I love and I also have a ton of cupcake spatulas from Target. I hope to win, the necklace looks awesome!

  241. I dont’ have any grandbabies of my own so I borrow my sisters. My great neice Paige and I have a standing date once a week to bake cupcakes. My favorite hours of the whole week are spent in the kitchen with that 4 year old. Not only are we making some pretty great cupcakes, but some pretty great memories as well.

  242. Aimee Shawsays:

    I have cupcake measuring spoons from, and a frilly cupcake apron, both which i love to use while baking.. cupcakes of course!

  243. Deni Ksays:

    oh dear…I have lots of cupcake items, and I absolutely love this item. I found and pinned on pinterest…my last cupcake item was a cupcake sign, proudly hanging over my sink…

  244. I don’t have any cupcake “stuff” but I love making cupcakes and frequently local cupcake places to buy cupcakes for myself and my friends! Though Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World rocks my socks and is one of my favorite cookbooks I own!

  245. EmiRoosays:

    My love of cupcakes is so large that everyone knows it and I always get cupcake gifts. Whether its a cute new pan to the newest cupcake book on the shelves. You name it, I probably have it.


  246. Unknownsays:

    This can be the first item for my cupcake collection! I’m a huge cupcake lover and fan of your Facebook and blog. I and use Vera Cruz Vanilla in all my baking its make such a difference.

  247. Lori Hsays:

    This is what I do with my granddaughters ALOT!
    So they have clothes etx from gma with cupcakes on the shirts et.

  248. Katiesays:

    My love of cupcakes is mostly in trying all the different recipes and ideas I get from Blogs like this one. I’m new to the game of cupcakes and don’t have any fun cupcake related items but I love this necklace.

  249. Allisonsays:

    Such a cute necklace! I have a cute pink sign in my kitchen that says “keep calm and eat a cupcake”


  250. Aileensays:

    the only thing I have so far is a cupcake keychain. This necklace is SO COOL!


  251. It’s sad that I don’t have much Cupcake attire. I’m known as Kelly The Cupcake Lady. Recently I have been ogling this cupcake dress from Modcloth…

    The way I really celebrate cupcakes is to give them out to all my friends :)

  252. Rainiesays:

    love me some cupcakes. I have recently joined pinterest and have quite a collection of recipes and photo ideas for decorating them. You e-mail me if I win:

  253. wendysays:

    I have a whole cabinet full of sprinkles…does that count?? :)

  254. Alisonsays:

    I’ve had this item pinned on Pinterest forever because I’m obsessed with it! I don’t have much in the way of cupcake items but I really want this fabric from spoonflower to make an apron (

  255. I Love Johnny Cupcake tees. Own one and have a wish list a mile long of ones I want. I really enjoy their ebay store.

  256. Anonymoussays:

    My christmas tree had cupcakes on it, i have a cupcake lunch box, every food day at work i make and bring in cupcakes, i have a wax melting scent pot that is cupcake shapped and most of the time smells like cupcakes..and any occasion i make cupcakes


  257. Oliviasays:

    I am absolutely in love with everything cupcake. I have cupcake bling on my phone and laptop, my boyfriend got me a cupcake charm for christmas for a necklace, and of course, i bake cupcakes like once a week and share with everyone.

  258. I decorated my daughter’s nursery in cupcakes and I love it!

  259. Neil S.says:

    I’m a grad student; in class to keep my pen moving, I’m always drawing cupcakes. It makes me hungry!

  260. Noice! Eat your heart out Nigella!

  261. ChrissyJsays:

    I take photos of the cupcakes and all the cupcakeries that I visit… I use the cupcake pictures as the wallpapers and lock screens on my iPhone… People always crakc up when they see my phone light up but it’s so me! And it gives me reason to try a new cupcakery in the DC/VA area… “Time for a new wallpaper, I’m bored with this one.” I would also like to say I have found cupcakes to sample internationally… Cupcakes in Singapore AND Cambodia! They have become an international phenomenon. You can reach me at

  262. cfiggeesays:

    I am grateful for the chance to win, how cute. Thank you.

    I have a few cupcake knickknacks floating around. Mostly gifts from people who’ve sampled my baking.

    Please use my email to contact me.

  263. Hollysays:

    I bought cupcake earrings from Forever 21 and they are adorable! I want to buy a bunch of signs and decor too. I can’t get enough of cupcakes :)

  264. Anonymoussays:

    I have decorated my kitchen in cupcakes!! Love them!!!

  265. sdemurosays:

    I’m a baker and I love making cupcakes for my family and friends. I also like making jewelry, and when I make jewelry for my fiends I love to make little jewelry boxes that look like cupcakes. I wanna start a cupcake jewelry collection soon.

  266. tygrrsays:

    I don’t have any cupcake stuff for me, but I made my daughter a cupcake hair ribbon. It’s super adorable and I want to wear it :P

  267. Nikisays:

    I have this cupcake necklace from ElizabethKhoury at Etsy but I would love to be able to alternate it with the necklace you are offering as a prize – or maybe wear them both at once!

  268. Let’s see, I have several cupcake t-shirts, a knit cupcake hat that I just got for Christmas, and even a trash bag in my car made with a cupcake print. Not to mention the 5 extra pounds I’m carrying around thanks to all those cupcakes I eat!

  269. Barbarasays:

    I love cupcakes so much that I have a cupcake key chain, cupcake cookie jars, a cupcake piggy bank, cupcake knit hats, cupcake stickers for my stationary, and cupcake pictures on my walls. Thank you for this chance to win! Good luck everyone!

  270. Visneesays:

    I started by creating cake masterpieces, and received a request by a bride-to-be for a small cake and some cupcakes. Since then, it’s been such a trend and now i’m split between baking mini and regular sized cupcakes and regular cakes! Cupcakes are adorable, and mini ones even more so (and less guilt associated!). My latest obsession has been anything ninja + cupcake, such as this!


  271. Laura F.says:

    What a cute necklace! I don’t have any cupcake apparel or accessories, but I definitely share my love of them by baking them for other people.

    P.S. I don’t have my ears pierced, either! But I do have my nose pierced.

    angstyluv [at] hotmail [dot] com

  272. Carlitasays:

    I LOVE cupcakes and they feature on my kitchen apron (Anthropologie), cupcake t-shirt (Forever 21), cupcake grocery tote bag (Forever 21), cupcake post-it tower (B&N), and my favorite, cupcake earrings (Forever 21)! Still searching for cute cupcake underwear! :)

  273. Jillsays:

    My friend and I were cupcakes for Halloween- i still have the giant cupcake!

  274. I have neon green pajama pants with chocolates and cupcakes all over them, as well as a cupcake pajama shirt!


  275. Kristinsays:

    I hoard cupcake recipes. It’s ridiculous. I don’t make them very often because my boyfriend isn’t really into sweets and I don’t like seeing them go to waste. But…I LOVE cupcakes!


  276. Anonymoussays:

    this would start my collection! so cute!

  277. Abbysays:

    I have a cupcake hat! And cupcake cards that I use as thank you notes :)

  278. I have a ton of cupcake boxes and stationery. My email is Thank you!

  279. I wear a shirt that I bought from Forever 21 aaaages ago that says “There’s always room for cupcakes!” It’s my go-to baking pride shirt. :)

  280. Andressays:

    Gaby made me
    She making me enter because she wants the necklace

  281. Sandy Sotelosays:

    AWWWWWWW this is too cute ! jaw dropping <3 my friend loves cupcakes and it would be such a great gift to her for Valentines Day and her birthday is coming up. I am very sure this would complete her world x) Please choose me for a very kind petite sophmore that knows her fashion and can sure rock this... Please get back at me at -

  282. Candacesays:

    I have a friend who loves baking and is obsessed with cupcakes she would freak out if someone got this for her she would love me forever and ever!!!She would die XD

  283. I love cupcakes!! I am currently wearing my cupcake shirt! The necklace is adorable!

  284. Candysays:

    Everything in my room is cupcakes!!! I love them!!! I love baking and decorating them!!

  285. Vanessasays:

    My friend is absolutely in love with cupcakes and makes them whenever she can. And I must say that her cupcakes are absolutely delicious. It would mean then world to her if I won this necklace for her.

  286. Unknownsays:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  287. Melsays:

    It is a beautiful complement to my jewelry collection!

  288. Unknownsays:

    Those charms are adorable. I love to make cupcakes for events at my son’s school, as we have fun decorating them! That is how I express my cupcake love :)

    PS. For some reason, my gmail account name never shows when I post here, just says anonymous :( Let’s see if I fixed it.

  289. Chanasays:

    Tons of cupcake books, keep getting more :)
    Love making cupcakes for family and friends…

  290. Karen Smithsays:

    I love this necklace and I LOVE cupcakes!! They are my “go to” dessert!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  291. About to open a bakery if the funding comes through and will be focusing on cupcakes. I LOVE to bake and cupcakes are just amazing.

  292. I am a cupcake baker to-be:) cupcakes are my favorite food ever!! I have a cupcake apron, big top cupcake, and a whole lot of other cupcake merchanise but I dont have that necklace and it would be fabulous to have!!!

    Good luck to everyone else who wants that necklace!;))

  293. Actually, I want to win this for my cousin, Beth, who is a cupcake fanatic! In her world, cupcakes solve ANY problem! : ) She is an amazing woman who is the mother of a special needs child whom we all love, and consider ourselves very lucky to have him in our lives to keep us grounded!
    Now don’t get me wrong, I love them too, but she is the queen of cupcake-love!
    Delle Sherer

  294. I LOVE cupcakes. I have two rugs, a necklace with a little cupcake on it and earrings to match and almost everything i got for Christmas was for baking.I also LOVE making Cupcakes (I want to be a Baker and have my own shop). Thanks for having this Awesome giveaway!!!

  295. Anonymoussays:

    I have a tablecloth with cupcakes on it. It is so cute. Party themed. I love this charm necklace and earrings!! Thank-you for this opportunity

  296. Nicolesays:

    This necklace is amazing!

    While I don’t have too much cupcake themed things everyone knows how much I love them by me baking and sharing with them.


  297. Anonymoussays:

    I forgot to leave my e-mail

  298. Jessiesays:

    I love, love, love this charm necklace! I guess the way I collect cupcake things is by making cupcakes and eating them, lol. Recently I had to eliminate gluten from my diet, but that hasn’t stopped my love for cupcakes – there are just gluten-free cupcakes now. :) This necklace would be a great way to start my cupcake collection!


  299. Anonymoussays:

    this is so cute!!! while on a trip i found a cupcake shop called “kara’s cupcakes”…well, my name is kara, so i had to buy the t-shirt :)

    when i started my cupcake business (in another state) i would have loved to use just my first name, but i ended up instead using both my first and middle names. need a new shirt now :)

    thanks for doing the giveaway!

  300. Jennasays:

    Cupcakes are, in my opinion, THE most adorable bakery item to come into existence!! I swoon after them on birthdays and holidays, and tend to always give something cupcake-esque to girlfriends for Christmas. It’s a weakness. :)
    My twitter is @CesandJudys!

  301. Anonymoussays:

    My besties last name is really hard to pronounce kupczak…. Its pronounced cupcheck, but everyone just calls her cupcake. So I always buy cute cupcake things for myself and end up adding them to her collection. I would love to start my own collection with the cute necklace. But would prob end up giving it to her :)

  302. Laniesays:

    I simply must have this charm necklace. My daughter and I love, love, love cupcakes. When she was born, I started a charm bracelet for her. I add charms to it for special occasions. I don’t have a cupcake charm and it is definately a necessity for her bracelet. I havent’ given her the bracelet yet, waiting til she’s old enough to appreciate and care for it.

  303. ADORABLE!! I have cupcake PJ pants that I wear all the time to represent :)

  304. Miriam H.says:

    I am in love with this necklace! I show my love of cupcakes with a t-shirt that says “Cupcake Diva” from a local cupcake shop. I also teach middle school culinary and have my kids come up with ideas!

  305. Melissa Hanssonsays:

    I had a cupcake & pink candy cane journal for a long time, but then I filled it up. I need some new cupcake cuteness in my life, I guess.

    pdxthrifty at gmail dot com

  306. Shannon Willissays:

    I am a surgical nurse and every Friday I bake cupcakes using a lot of recipes from this blog. I show my passion for cupcakes by sharing them with my surgical team and wearing my cupcake scrub hat!

  307. The only cupcake-themed item that I currently possess is my sweet granddaughter– she’s my little cupcake!

  308. Anonymoussays:

    The “cupcake Lover Charm Necklace” will be my first cupcake collection if I am selected. Thank you for the opportunity to let someone win. Lei Amante

  309. Kittiesays:

    I have cupcake printed towels in my kitchen! They’re a subtle and cheerful way to pronounce my love of mini cakes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  310. Kittiesays:

    Whoops, forgot my email — chefkittie (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks!

  311. Anonymoussays:

    I don’t have any cupcake stuff, but I think that the necklace (and the earrings) are really adorable without being too cutesy.

  312. Kylie Davissays:

    I wish I could explain to you how much I adore baking cupcakes. That necklace is absolutely adorable!
    I’m cupcake obsessed, and my boyfriend knows it. He knows it so much that he got me a kitchen aid mixer for christmas to help with all of my baking needs. It’s a life saver. For Christmas, all the gifts I received from family and friends consisted of frosting tips, aprons, cupcake holders, etc. It was one of the BEST christmas’ ever! I hope I win that adorable necklace! :) I NEED IT!

  313. This necklace would be the start of my collection! :)

  314. Emeraldsays:

    My sister made me an adorable old school apron with cupcakes all over and I have a cute cupcake tshirt with. Monster on it licking its lips and the tshirt says I baked you a cupcake but my monster ate it. ADORABLE! please!

  315. Debisays:

    I have THE cutest Converse with cupcakes on them and even recipe text. Also have an adorable apron set with cupcakes, and several shirts. :) I <3 cupcakes!!!

    Debi –

  316. Cerasays:

    I’m working on a cupcake apron. It should be great once I finally finish it.

  317. Staceysays:

    Ohh I want this to be the beginning of a cupcake dynasty for me! LOL! I only have one cupcake shirt. I guess it is easier to eat them than wear them!

  318. Pat Rsays:

    My favorite coffee mug is cupcake shaped.

  319. Crojassays:

    When I saw the earrings I almost fell over! I am for sure going to have to buy some.

    I used to show my love for cupcakes with some cute cupcake earrings from forever 21 until I stepped on one and broke it (Learned my lesson on picking things up). Now I just bake my heart out!

  320. I recently expressed my love for cupcakes during my “about me” intro in a presentation on a job interview and it helped start off a great presentation!

  321. Andreasays:

    I love that necklace!! I pinned that months and months ago on my Pinterest page :) My love of cupcakes includes aprons, kitchen towels, flannel sheets, t-shirts, Christmas ornaments, cookie jars, candles and most notably my cupcake tattoo on my wrist..okay so now that I look at it, obsession comes to mind! Haha

  322. Palomasays:

    This is so cute!! My brother gave me a chocolate cake ring last summer. I like to wear it when I make cupcake deliveries and I always get a lot of compliments on it :) I’ve just started my cupcake business and am constantly on the look out for items that I can wear to compliment my new job!

  323. Anonymoussays:

    The charm reminds me of a Christmas ornament I saw during the holiday and was adorable. The way I show my love of cupcakes is through my homemade pink apron that has a cupcake on the chest. The cupcake is made out of sparkly silver fabric for the wrapper, chocolate felt for the cake, white wedding satin curled for frosting, and hand stitched, beaded sprinkles!

  324. I show my love through my kids. I dress them in cupcake outfits all the time. They each even have their own cupcake pajamas.

  325. I have a cupcake calendar from Martha Stewart that came with a bunch of sweet little recipe cards. When I get bored I pastel cupcakes for my friends and pine for anything that says “Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake”.

  326. Andisays:

    I like to crochet, and I have a crocheted cupcake in my kitchen!

    Happy Valentine’s Day all!

  327. Elliesays:

    Ooh I have a friend that just opened a Cupcake store and she would love this necklace!
    I have super sweet cupcake dessert plates that make any treat look sweet!

  328. Sweet Dsays:

    I LOVE to bake! I’ve wanted to start my own food blog so to get myself pumped up and motivated I ordered personalized shirts & stationary that have my name and cute treats like cupcakes all over them. I use them to jot down recipes and ideas! Lovee this necklace, congrats to whoever wins!

  329. My sister-in-law gave me a cupcake themed apron for Christmas, best gift I got!!! But I do also have a cupcake spoon rest, which is so cute. However, you can never have enough cupcakes stuff, it’s just so fun and cute.

  330. Texscatsays:

    My 15 year old daughter has been baking cupcakes for years! 2 years ago she asked my Mom for cupcake pans and cooling racks for Christmas and we gave her a stand mixer! She has been happily baking ever since!

  331. Kimsays:

    I just started getting into cupcakes.I need this to start my collection!

  332. MTKsays:

    a button that says “make cupcakes not war”
    and cupcake tea towels.

  333. angelasays:

    Aside from all things to make the perfect cupcake. I dont have anything else that screams cupcake.

    alclossey at

  334. on Sunday i found your website. Yesterday I baked your Vanilla Bean cupcakes and made the vanilla bean icing. I also baked the ‘better-than-sex’ chocolate cupcakes and iced them with a dark chocolate butter cream. i was up til midnight. today i took them to work and shared the love.
    cupcakes-both the baking and sharing-beat back depression. thanks for helping me beat back the darkness!

  335. Melissasays:

    I love to bake, and cupcakes are some of the things I do best!

    I need to start a collection!

  336. Donna M (

    I love cupcakes so much I had one tattooed on me. I also collect cupcake “things”, cupcake cookbooks, cupcake jewellry, cupcake dishes, even cupcake flavored toothpaste and floss. It’s an obsession with me! Plus, I bake the best cupcakes!

  337. Love, love, love everything a cupcake is…so pretty and simple, shows so much love. I love to collect recipes and cookbooks that feature cupcakes.

  338. Laurelsays:

    I love cupcakes!! Mostly just bake them for friends & family, I do have a cute hand towel with cupcakes.


  339. Taylersays:

    I have a cupcake timer, cupcake undies….cupcake drawings..I’ve also made a beautiful glittering cupcake stencil poster for our mini cupcake business….pretty super duper.

  340. that necklace is the world’s cutest thing ive ever seen…i love cupcakes…besides from expressing my love in watching cupcake wars and baking cupcakes almost every day…i also have a cupcake notebook and pencil…and cupcake pj bottoms and top..and a cupcake t-shirt…yeah im pretty much a hardcore cupcake freak :)

  341. OooOOOoo!! I think this necklace will replace my current one! I’m “that girl” amongst my friends, so I am gifted with cupcake decor often, which is rad. Did I mention I play roller derby and my skate name is actually Kupcake? Yep. Cupcake patches and iron transfers regale my hot pants and knee highs. Thanks for the great cupcake ideas! Keep ’em coming and I’ll keep checking ’em out!

  342. RachelEsays:

    I have two cupcake t-shirts and two pairs of cupcake PJs. Love ’em!

  343. Anonymoussays:

    I love to cook and bake, and just recently began to create cupcakes. I have found your site to be a great resource. I don’t have any cupcake items yet, maybe this will be my first!

  344. I show my love of cupcakes through working at a cupcake shop! I also have a cupcake-shaped air freshener in my car that smells like vanilla frosting. It’s how I tell my silver sedan apart from all of the other silver sedans out there.
    My boyfriend got it for me from this site:

  345. Cupcakesforever123says:

    I love this necklace!

    I BAKE BAKE BAKE all of the time, and i have a shirt that says flour power!

    I am totally obsessed with cupcakes… =) Aren’t we all?

    Congrats to whoever wins!

  346. Tashasays:

    So cute! I have an array of cupcake-themed things… Among them, a knitted hat and matching socks.

  347. I have cupcake address labels, cupcake coffee mugs (used one this morning!), cupcake kitchen decor, a collection of pictures of cupcakes I’ve made I’m in the process of printing and collaging for my apartment, and the list goes on and on!

  348. LLsays:

    I am cakeholic!
    The last project was “to master the art of cupcakes”.
    I had moveing in party and i made Vanilla cupcake and better than sex cupcake.
    I am adored, loved and preciated. Peopel invite me to visit them… if i bake.
    Cupcakes makes me loved by peopel.

    Necklase is going to fit me!
    All best, and thank you for makeing me loved among my friends.

  349. Love cupcakes :) I have a cupcake shaped lipgloss. And recently I sort of helped/inspired my sister to write this red velvet appreciation song :)

  350. Nickysays:

    I have a cupcake cookiejar in my pantry, I had cupcake candles that smelled like vanilla and I have the prettiest cupcakeearrings. I am also about to make cupcake printouts to hang in my kitchen. I love cupcakes!

    Thanks for the oppertunity to win the amazing necklace. Fingers crossed.

  351. I LOVE the necklace – so adorable. I have cupcake shaped lip gloss containers that are so cute! Plus, I have the best chocolate cake recipe that makes amazing cupcakes! (Here is the link if you want a peek –
    Thank you for hosting such a fun giveaway :)

  352. there are some adorable cupcake key covers at urban outfitters… i love them!

  353. Debsays:

    I have lovely letterpress cards with pink cupcakes and pink envelopes that I use for special occasions.

  354. Rachaelsays:

    I have cupcake earrings and a cupcake shaped notepad that’s sitting in my office right next to my computer. I also have a purple poster up in my house that says, “Stay calm and eat a cupcake.”
    I’m loving reading through these comments – I’m considering sending these to my friends for future gift ideas. :)

  355. ADORE that necklace!! I bake cupcakes for fun and love trying out new recipes I run across. My poor friends and family are getting nice and “fluffy” from my efforts ~

  356. Shawnasays:

    I love making cupcakes! I always make them for my family to take to work and give to coworkers. Share the wealth! :D I have a facebook page that I use to post the cupcakes I make. It’s I hope to one day open a cupcakery! How awesome would that be? Anywho, I’d love to win this charm necklace because I am, indeed, a cupcake lover! My email is

  357. Karensays:

    Cupcakes are a big part of how I was able to bond with my step-daughter when she was little. We bake all the time now and she picks out what she wants for a cake or cupcake every birthday and we make it. Thank you for posting such awesome recipes for us to try!

  358. Lizsays:

    I have no cupcake items, but my daughter has the CUTEST purse!

  359. That is so super cute! Love it!

  360. thanks for the opportunity to win!

    i love me some cupcakes like crazy, but i think my favorite cupcake item is a t-shirt i found at a local thrift store – it says “what kind of cupcake are you?” and has a chart with 9 different cupcakes, each with a different expression/mood. so cute!

  361. Patsays:

    My love of cupcakes comes out at holiday’s. The decorations match the holiday we are celebrating.
    I love the Fancy Flours website.

  362. Almasays:

    I love cupcakes..I have a cupcake decorations for my christmas tree and my dog has cupcake chew toys. :) I have always preferred cupcakes to cake.

  363. Carol Gallowaysays:

    I have a Cakespy cup I drink my coffee out of every morning :) Here’s the site with a picture of it:
    If you have never checked out their shop, you really should! Thank you for such a great giveaway!
    My email is

  364. Rachelsays:

    My Valentines bad yesterday was a cupcake! And my favorite going out shirt is a cupcake! Love love love the necklace!

  365. I definitely have a shirt that says “Save Earth, It’s the ONLY planet with Cupcakes!” and i wear that proudly. Although the biggest way i show my love for them is sharing all the cupcakes i make with my friends!

  366. Emily H.says:

    That necklace is fantastic! I don’t have any cupcake keepsakes…yet…(hint, hint, random picker thingy)… Like so many others, I love making cupcakes for family, friends, and work functions…delish!

  367. Tabathasays:

    OMG! I want that necklace so bad! I express my love for cupcakes by baking them almost on a daily basis, I have a small cupcake business at home and enjoy baking and decorating every single cupcake I make and creating new and fun recipes :) My baby has lot’s of onesies and PJs with cupcakes on them, I also own cupcake earrings and a cupcake TShirt! But this is THE ultimate cupcake lover necklace, I would loooove to have one. You can contact me via email:, check out my blog!, I’m loving yours!

  368. Hannahsays:

    Well, I’m not quite cupcake obsessed, but I did crochet cupcake pot holders and a cupcake pin cushion… That’s got to count for something!

  369. Becky8251@aol.comsays:

    I love my cupcake kitchen decor ! Because thats really all that ever comes out of my kitchen !

  370. Heidi Oquendosays:

    I have a wonderful cake pan shaped like a cupcake and several charms for my charm bracelet. I never want a slice of cake but never pass up a chance to eat a cupcake. Also, it is the only sweet my 22 month old son Max wants. No cookies or candy, just cupcakes!!

  371. Anonymoussays:

    I love the necklace! I have a cupcake apron, cupcake beanie, cupcake necklace that’s almost broken I wear it so much, and cupcake hot pads!

  372. Carlasays:

    I have a Coach cupcake keychain fob. I clip it to the outside of my persons. I get lots of comments on it.

  373. Barb B.says:

    Cupcake Wine does it for me! and, I love the necklace…

  374. Anonymoussays:

    I don’t have all the cupcake jewelry or pictures. But I do love them. Whenever I try any new recipes I pull out my cupcake pans. I show my love for cupcakes by sharing all I can with my friends and family! It’s what I do! What better way to spread cupacked love than to share?!!


  375. I started a cupcake party business with one goal. To donate 10% of whatever is ordered to pay for a party for a child struggling with disease. I work with local organization that pairs me up with families in need. I know its not much but if its one day of smiles & no stress for the family then it’s my pleasure. Of course the cupcakes are always the hit of the party. Hoping to do at least 8 free ones this year! :) Next years goal is 20. Would love to wear something all of the time that reminds me when i’m tired why I’m doing it. <3

  376. I love this necklace. So much.

    I bake and eat cupcakes!

  377. Monicasays:

    I don’t have a cupcake paraphernalia collection, but I’m sure my friend Olivia does, who I would give this to if selected. Love your recipes! ~Monica (contact me by commenting on

  378. Oh my Gosh – I love that necklace! One of the neatest ones I have seen. I just found your blog and I am also signing up to follow. I love cupcakes, my fav is making strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Of course I have to use pink sugar sprinkles on top!! I have the cupcake maker and it is WONDERFUL!!! I can make cupcakes in like 10 mins!! Clean-up is super easy too!

  379. Cynthia preecesays:

    Oh my word, I want to win this for my daughter! She has made cupcakes to donate proceeds to the Haiti recovery, and majestic cupcakes for both of her sons teachers at school. She is so creative and this would be so perfect for her, such a unique piece!

  380. Ashley Ksays:

    This necklace is adorable! ( I love the earrings too) I have a small painted glass cupcake stand my mom got me…it fits 1 cupcake :) pretty cute! I use it for cupcakes I leave for my husband and for decoration!

  381. Carlysays:

    I make candles too so I’m working on a cupcake candle – life sized. Saw some in a store a few weeks ago. Think I can duplicate them.

  382. I absolutely love my measuring cups and spoons that are in the shape of cupcakes! They are light pink and just too adorable!

  383. Love it! I love baking and decorating cupcakes!
    lesley dot sawyer @ comcast dot net

  384. Anonymoussays:

    i love cupcakes.. i dont have many stuff about it.. but i made cupcakes in every celebration because are tasty and everybody likes..

  385. Anonymoussays:

    I make cupcakes about once a month, and I play World of Warcraft (nerdy, I know) and my character’s name is CupKate.

  386. Laurasays:

    I love cupcakes and everyone knows it. Almost all my christmas gifts I received were cupcake themed. I have a cupcake diary, calendar, oven mitt, so many cupcake recipe books and cupcake stationary. I love it all!

    You can reach me at laura.sim AT hotmail DOT com

  387. Tracisays:

    I love making cupcakes with my daughter and especially enjoy making specialty cupcakes with “over the top” ingredients. Cupcakes, in general, remind me of my sister who is an Art Director in the TV world and who I don’t get to spend much time with because of her busy schedule. My favorite cupcake item would have to be a charm that she gave me to remember her by during the times when we couldn’t be together! Hope to add this incredibly cute baking charm to my collecting!

  388. Lbecksays:

    My cupcake obsession boils down to this motto: Keep Calm Eat cupcakes!

  389. Nikisays:

    I have tiny little cupcake decorations in my kitchen. Would really love this necklace!

  390. i loveeee loveee loveeeee cupcakes!!!! Im always baking cupcakes for everyone i know! I have earrings, socks, undies, a clock, posters, pajamas, shirts, a bra, shoes, my coffee mug is covered in cupcakes! In the last 2 weeks i’ve baked bout 15 dozeen. (Lots of family bdays in Feb.) I have the pan to make giant ones. And i always give them away as birthday presents! Im even in the works to get a cupcake tattoo! I will be a professional baker one day! Because baking cupcakes is my love! Its my favorite thing in all of the worrld to do! If i dont win can i still buy one cause i reallly reallly love this! <3

  391. Anonymoussays:

    I make cupcakes about once a month, and I play World of Warcraft (nerdy, I know) and my character’s name is CupKate.

    (Sorry about the re-post, I forgot my e-mail)

  392. Stefanisays:

    I don’t really own any cupcake/cooking shwag. However, I tend to buy cupcake swag for others. For example, I bought my best friend blown-glass cupcake earrings for her 30th birthday. The one bit of cupcake shwag I own is a travel mug from Cupcake Royale that says “legalize frostitution”, which confuses the heck out of so many people. It also starts lots of interesting conversations, like, do I believe in legalizing prostitution and how many cupcakes can I eat in one sitting? If I win I’ll tell you the answer to both questions. :)

  393. Kennasays:

    Who doesn’t love everything cupcake, I take cupcakes once a month to our school staff meetings, on the day of the meetings all I hear is “do we have cupcakes today?” I would love to wear the necklace on cupcake day!
    Hope to hear from you at

  394. Anonymoussays:

    votutyrThis necklace is so cute. I have a ceramic candy cupcake container which I have on my desk.I also have a book called the cupcake fairy which I read to my students.

  395. Shawnasays:

    I love to bake em, while wearing my “cupcake Bandit” shirt :D

  396. Kristal Deruisesays:

    This necklace is absolutely adorable! I express my love for cupcakes in a lot of ways, I bake cupcakes for my sorority sisters for every holiday, I have a cupcake planner that I carry around in my purse, I even made a cupcake shaped cookie jar in my ceramics class. All of my friends know how big of an addiction I have, they even add to my collection of fun cupcake liners!

  397. Cindyvsays:

    I love the necklace. I also love cupcakes. They are a perfect little dessert. So easy to pack into a lunch bag or freeze for frosting at a later date. Also eating 2 slices of cake might seem overindulgent, but a second cupcake never hurt anyone.

  398. Samsays:

    My friend would LOVE this!! She loves baking, i would definitely love to win this for her!

  399. NoraLeesays:

    My daughter is the person I want to win this for. She has no “cupcake apparel”, but she loves to bake. She is 13 and is always asking for more baking supplies for every birthday and holiday. She would love this.

  400. kimsays:

    cupcakes are my fav! i have a mini cupcake maker., and tools!– i have a set of earrings, that actually match the necklace that is up to win. i have stickers, air freshners, candy jars, cookie jars, keychains, dessert dishes, recipe books, apron. i love how cute they are, and easy serve & eat as well.. i love trying new ideas to decorating them.. if i can id prob live in a

  401. That necklace is so adorable,I must have it!!I love cupcakes and I have a little cupcake necklace and it’s so cute.I love baking cupckes especially mini ones.

  402. Bethsays:

    I love cupcakes so much I have a cupcake tattoo! :D

  403. Catherinesays:

    What a cute necklace! I have a set of cupcake serving dishes that I use for parties. However, my favorite thing about cupcakes is eating them. A little bite of yumminess in every bite.

  404. ljsays:

    I have seen this on etsy and saved it. I have a cupcake tattoo on my right wrist with the word yummy underneath it. I took the picture from a birthday card that was sent to me by my family. I have stickers, cards, figurines, and car decals that have cupcakes on them. I have cupcake t-shirts from the west coast, east coast, and everywhere between.

  405. Anonymoussays:

    This necklace is so amazing! You are so inspiring and I’ll be taking after you and making cupcakes for my friend’s wedding this August. I’m going to do a lot of blog reading to get lots of tips. Thanks for all you do :)

    yayitskristin at gmail dot com

  406. I don’t have any thing cupcake but I’m obsessed with this necklace! SO adorable!!!!! What an awesome giveaway!

  407. I love making cupcakes so i Show my love by buying all the fun tools i need to bake cupcakes. regular and mini pans. offset spatulas, bags and tips for icing. Spring loaded scoops for precise and even batter distribution. I <3 cupcakes!

  408. Christasays:

    I share my love of cupcakes by sharing them with all my lovlies. When people I love love my baking it warms my lil heart and puts a smile on my face. I also plan on expressing my joy of cupcakes by adding a tattoo of one to the sleeve I’m working on. Oh should I be so so lucky to win email me

  409. Ashleysays:

    I love watching Cupcake Wars and DC Cupcakes. I also like to consider myself a cupcake connoissuer as I like to jump around Missouri in search of the best cupcake. I also recently took a trip to DC and had a chance to visit Georgetown Cupcakes (or as I like to call it “The Mecca”). This has always been on my bucket list and after recovering from Cancer last year my husband took me there to enjoy it first hand. Cupcakes make life ‘Sweet’!


  410. sadly i don’t have any :( so i hope can get this :D

  411. ~Emily~says:

    I am a cupcake obsessed person. I bake them as often as I can, and scour the net to find great new recipes (that’s how I found this blog as well!). I own a boudoir photography business that I chose to name “Cupcake Couture Boudoir”, because of how beautiful, delicate, and decadent cupcakes are, so I equate them with the beauty of a woman. Also, my first tattoo was a replica of my Cupcake Couture Boudoir logo, which is a cupcake with a cherry on top, and the wrapper is a VS style-striped corset wrapper. LOVE CUPCAKES!!!

  412. I share my love of cupcakes by making them every week and sharing the leftovers with friends and family! I am a religious follower of Cupcake Wars, and the people at Sprinkles recognize me.

    I also painted a cupcake on my portion of the Senior Wall (a wall which every senior class paints over to leave “their mark” on the school) at my high school!

  413. My Maid of Honor is in love with cupcakes. I’ve been looking to find her a perfect gift and this is it! She has millions of cupcake books and whenever we get the time, we like to bake them together. Cupcakes hold special places in our hearts because of the great memories we share together because of them!

  414. Anonymoussays:

    I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE cupcakes, however my sister loves them more than I. I showed her this website and she asked if she was in heaven. :D My email is I do not own any cupcake collection stuff but I think they’re really cool! :D

  415. Anonymoussays:

    For Christmas my boyfriend got me a pair of cupcake earings that match the necklace perfectly along with slippers. I got a super colorful cupcake apron for my birthday and make a homemade cupcake apron with fabric bubble pens. I also made a little series of animated cupcake paintings for my friend who’s also a cupcake lover!

  416. Cupcakes are so much better than cake. I have extended that love by sharing it with my daughters, who have their own love for cupcakes. I don’t have a special piece of cupcake clothing or stationery. My love of cupcakes is exclusively through my tastebuds. However, that is not to say that I wouldn’t *start* a collection if I won this.
    kymberlie {at} stefanskis [dot] net

  417. Anonymoussays:

    I didn’t give much thought about cupcakes until I started letting my daughter bake. Now it has become a hobby of her’s that I love to support. When she bakes she involves her friends and family and has come up with some amazing cupcakes. I have noticed that everyone has been giving her gifts that are cupcake stuff. I think that she woulds enjoy a charm like that. She makes some awsome cupcakes but I think cupcakes make a great kid.

  418. sarangsays:

    As of right now I love eating them and have a cupcake keychain. But having two things would start a collection, no? :) But in all honesty, while I would love to keep this, I really want this because I want to give it to my friend who is going through some tough times right now. He loves cupcakes and penguins. (I can buy one when I can afford it:) )

  419. Austensays:

    I adore cupcakes! They’re just so whimsical, much like that great necklace! I jump at every oppertunity to try a new cupcake at little shops I come across — though I seem to be terrible at baking no matter how hard I try! Maybe this necklace would help me!!! Good luck everyone :)

    Check out my cupcake-deticated pin board on pinterest! :D

    My email:

  420. Austensays:

    I adore cupcakes! They’re just so whimsical, much like that great necklace! I jump at every oppertunity to try a new cupcake at little shops I come across — though I seem to be terrible at baking no matter how hard I try! Maybe this necklace would help me!!! Good luck everyone :)

    Check out my cupcake-deticated pin board on pinterest! :D

    My email:

  421. Ericasays:

    So far no cupcake collection (though I have been eying a cupcake charm!) besides a mass amount of cupcake decorations. I make cupcakes more than any other dessert. If I see awesome cupcake liners- I buy them; tiny ones- buy them; holiday ones- I buy them. I have enough decorations to last me forever.

  422. I show my love for cupcakes by commenting in hopes that I’ll win the necklace. :D

  423. Anonymoussays:

    I would LOVE to give this to my daughter Andriea who turned me on to the cupcake project. She is so excited to try new flavors & decoration ideas..Something she learned in cake decorating classes. A special cupcake can make a friends party into something memorable & special. She just joined the Army. I hope she gets a chance to decorate & brighten the world one little cake at a time. Have your cake & eat it too!

  424. Every year at our school auction I donate a gift certificate good for two dozen cupcakes and leave out a sampling of mini cupcakes to entice bidders. They sure disappear quickly!

  425. I show my love for cupcakes by eating them :)

  426. HeatherIsays:

    Cupcakes sent me to culinary school. I was making cupcakes of all sorts for local birthdays and business and heard over and over that I should go to culinary school and become a pastry chef. And that is exactly what I am doing, loving every moment!!

    The vast collection I have of cupcakes knows no end. It has everything from shirts, hats, aprons, jewelry boxes, stuff plushies and a painted canvas art work!

  427. Well, it started as just a love for baking. I loved working with recipes, making them better, and figuring out how to make my favorites. I started bringing them to work with me, and got so over run with positive feedback that I now have all my truck driver (yes, you read that right, big, burly truck drivers) craving cupcakes!! I have become “the cupcake lady.” One even got me a calendar for Christmas! I also have aprons, cookie jars, paintings/pictures, socks, shirts, and even a CUPCAKE TATTOO! (I also have a pin up girl tattoo, and she’s wearing a necklace with a cupcake charm) I LOVE Cupcakes! :)

  428. I make up and tell my daughter fantastic stories about cupcakes, how they were invented by a little old lady who was lonely and how the cupcakes brought people to her, crazy tales about cupcake accidents, funny stories about people mistaking cupcakes for healthy foods… on and on.

    My daughter wants me to make the stories into a book! Maybe someday….

  429. Stacysays:

    I mainly show my love of cupcakes through my blog, but I also have jewelry, clothes, note pads, lip gloss, etc. I even have a Cupcake Cottage for my Christmas village! People pretty much give me anything with cupcakes on them. :)

  430. Baking cupcakes is my form of therapy! I recently went to a cupcake decorating class and I am hooked. I love experimenting, which is why I love this blog!

  431. kimsays:

    I have socks with cupcakes on them, they always make me smile

  432. I express my love for cupcakes by cupbaking them for myself and so many others. I have SO much cupcake paraphanilia it’s surreal. My collect includes cupcake themed books, picture holders, erasers, salt & pepper shakers, dish towels, push pins, notebooks, notecards, post its, candy dish, containers, and the list goes on. I’m sure you get the point.

  433. Amiesays:

    I show my love for cupcakes by dressing my baby girl in all things cupcake! She is my favorite accessory!

  434. Well aside from loving cupcakes and the proof is in the scale :) I love supporting one of my friends with her business. She bakes the most delicious and creative cupcakes. I agree with other moms, I also love dressing my daughter up in cupcake earrings and other assessories. I belive a good day begins and ends with a cupcake :)

  435. I love cupcakes so much that i decided to make a home based buisness out of it, called CombiCakes. Everyone knows me as cupcake girl, if that shows you how much i love them!

    Also.. Did i mention the 17th is mah birthday? :D

  436. sherriesays:

    That is so adorable, I would love this on my charm bracelet.

  437. jessicasays:

    I am an aspiring cupcaker. I have very little cupcake gear other than my baking necessities b and my Scentsy cupcake warmer (adorable) but this necklace is adorable and I would love to have one like it. Good luck to everyone…
    Jessica Harless 9805212654 or email

  438. This comment has been removed by the author.

  439. bsays:

    I love cupcakes! I am a FACS teacher and I have all of my students make cupcakes in a bake-off contest! It’s always a fun day!

  440. I have several different cupcake notepads I use for grocery shopping and work. I have vanilla cupcake scented candles! My 5 year goal is to own the first Cupcakery in our town. I registered for cupcake stuff on my wedding registry 4 months ago, and so of course we had cupcakes at our wedding. Ha! PICK ME PLEASE!!!

  441. Staceysays:

    I received a jumbo sized cupcake mold for a gift once. I haven’t used it yet but if I could imagine my love for cupcakes filling it, it would still overflow :)

  442. Ellensays:

    I love this!

    My mom loves to give me anything and everything that is cupcake themed for gifts (aprons, notecards, magnets, egg timer, etc, etc!)

  443. Anonymoussays:

    I am a huge believer in cupcakes. I believe they are perfect for any occasion and love to create new ways of getting others to fall in love with cupcakes as well. I have a cake tattoo at the moment, with little cupcakes to follow in the near future. I have cupcake chapstick, cupcake toys, and will soon be making my new kitchen cupcake themed. I must also say that your blog was one of the first things that I came across when I decided to start baking cupcakes. So, thank you! :)

    You can contact me by email: Savannah.Quintero[at]

  444. Leahsays:

    unfortunately, I don’t own any cupcake stuff, but I would love to start my collection!


  445. Tarynsays:

    This is really so adorable, I think I might buy one outright! My boyfriends parents got me an adorable cupcake t-shirt which I wear often, and a friend also just got me a new cupcake t-shirt last week, which says “treat yo self”… both adorable. I love cupcake paraphernalia!

  446. My mom made a basket liner for my beach cruiser basket with a cupcake print on it, and a matching coin purse! I used to be the cookie queen but my roommate has gotten me to start being creative w/ cupcakes too!

  447. Darcysays:

    I have a “nude” cupcake picture on my cell phone that I just love! It’s a cupcake without it’s liner that’s saying “NUDE”!!!!

  448. :( My first comment didnt post :(

    I’m a big fan of Cupcake/Cake artwork, and my kitchen is filled with it. The abstract colors are great with a white kitchen and Cupcakes always make me smile.

    Although I do have a soft spot for baking/cake related jewelry! I received a cupcake necklace for my birthday, and have rarely taken it off since :D

  449. Cynsays:

    I have been lusting after that necklace for weeks! I NEED it! lol
    I’m starting a job as a cupcake baker next week, and that would be my good luck charm!

  450. I absolutely adore baking cupcakes, almost as much as I love eating them (almost!). I have a cute pair of cupcake earrings and this adorable necklace would match perfectly! This is such a great giveaway! :)

  451. TisaPsays:

    Love the pewter, love the teeny tin! I am a cupcake lover/baker from way back. I had a friend who is a glass blower in LA make me a custom pair of cupcake earrings: dark chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and chocolate sprinkles. They get comments every time I wear the,.

  452. Thelmasays:

    sI just love cupcakes… I love baking and giving to friends.. I love reading blogs every day.. I have t shirt.. stickers.. hehe.. =)

  453. Iris Zsays:

    I have a cupcake-shaped pillow from a pillow kit when I was learning how to sew in college.

  454. Heathersays:

    Cupcakes are awesome. Magnets. Sitting on shelves. Dog toys. Jewrly is the next place. Thanks for sharing..

  455. Your blog started me on cupcake enthusiasm! I even asked for a simple icing decorating kit for Christmas so I could make them look even better!

  456. Susannesays:

    I share my love for baking cup cakes with my almost six year old Rosie. We make cupcakes to share with friends, aquaintances and complete strangers. We bake them with love and decorate them with girly stuff and lots of glitter. This makes our hearts happy. We share them to make others hearts happy. That, is simply what cupcakes do, they fill a space in your heart as well as your tummy.

  457. Muzzsays:

    I have a passion for cupcakes, I have an ironic top that says “I love cupcakes” which I wear even though it is too small and a sweet little necklace with a colourful cupcake attached. Once I got asked, “why do you love cupcakes not bowl cakes”?

  458. This is so cute! I love cupcakes! I make all different kinds for birthdays, special events, and pretty much every Friday. I have an apron with a cupcake pattern, and a fun little cupcake beanie for when it gets cold out.

    you can contact me at:

  459. Anonymoussays:

    My daughter is a Senior in high school and is planning on going to culinary school when she graduates. In her culinary class she was in a cupcake challange and got 2nd place (first time baking cupcakes from scratch) and will be going to state copmetiton in April. I think the charms would be a great gift to give her before she goes.

  460. I have the cutest cupcake apron! A cupcake Scentsy warmer (so cute) and all the cupcake utensils a girl could want in her kitchen!

  461. Torisays:

    I have a cupcake queen scarf my sister gave me because I loooove to make cupcakes for people.

  462. My sister in law loves cupcakes, has a cupcake necklace and wants me to make her a cupcake hat. I’d love to win this for her birthday coming up in a few months :)

    HomeMomPr at hotmail dot com

  463. I have been making and decorating cupcakes for 55 years ….. first for my brothers and sisters, then for friends, my cupcakes were my husband’s favourite teatime treat, my 5 children loved the cupcake surprise they would find in their lunchboxes and now I make cupcakes for my grandchildren and the ladies in my senior housing! So may flavours, so many ways to decorate (my present favourite is apricot and and vanila cream) anise!)

  464. We have cupcake shaped bath bombs. They are vanilla flavored, YUM! Cupcakes and bubble baths!

  465. Jen Shirkhanisays:

    I show my love for cupcakes by….
    Sharing my baking! I love experimenting with fun flavors and decorations and giving them to friends, coworkers and family. I am hoping to open a store that focuses on vegan and gluten free baking.

  466. Mokoosh - Alberta, Canadasays:

    Cupcakes are so cute! I even make some for our dogs (pet-friendly ingredients only, of course).

    We were dog-sitting for a friend and found out that it was her dog’s birthday so we made “pup-cakes” for all the neighbourhood dogs. We live in the country and every household on our little road has at least one dog. The “birthday girl” and I were going to deliver the pup-cakes to each household but my husband misunderstood and thought we were going to host a doggie party for 17 dogs! The look on his face was priceless!

  467. Mokoosh - Alberta, Canadasays:

    Sorry. Spazzed out and forgot to include contact info!

  468. I do not have any cupcake “gear”, but I love to bake them! My favorite gift to help make unique cupcakes takes out the center of a cupcake so you can fill it with goodness. Then take the part you removed from the cupcake to make cake balls! So fun!

  469. Paulasays:

    My daughter is 10 yrs. old and she expresses her love for cupcakes by baking and decorating them for every class party throughout the school year. She constantly watches Cupcake Wars. She wants to become a pastry chef and own her own bakery someday. She bakes & boxes them as gifts for her closest friends. She says what she loves the most about her love for cupcakes is “making people happy!”
    She owns a cupcake notebook and folder, 1pair of cupcake earrings and soaps that look like real mini cupcakes!

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    of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly
    delighted I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking
    it and checking back regularly!

  475. anasays:

    Nice start guys…I went through the website and I found that you made decent point for Keep up the topic that everyone can choose one of the best. Thanksbest online online jewelry store

  476. Kyra Hsays:

    I love cupcakes! I want to open my own cupcake bakery! My whole bathroom has cupcakes all over it from a cupcake carpet to my shower certain having cupcakes on it! I have little cupcakes all over the house for a ceramics piece that I made to a candy dish in shape of a cupcakes

  477. Elise Dettwilersays:

    I love baking cupcakes. But I show my love of cupcakes with my favorite cupcake earrings! I wear them all the time!

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