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Cupcake Love Connection

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Welcome to the first episode of Cupcake Love Connection. You may remember Groom 2.5. He’s my single friend who tastes all of my cupcakes. Some of you astute comment readers may have also noticed the conversation between Groom 2.5 and Minko of Couture Cupcakes in the comments on my rhubarb cupcakes:

I decided that I would help facilitate this brewing romance and try to turn Groom 2.5 into an official Groom 3.0. I could be wrong, but I think this may be the first time someone has attempted to set two people up based solely on their love of cupcakes.

Here’s how it worked:

I sent Minko and Groom 2.5 ten questions about cupcakes. I then gave each response a compatibility grade on a scale of one to ten. At the end, I averaged the scores to determine just how compatible they are.

Question 1

Groom 2.5, how often do eat cupcakes?

Whenever Stef gives some to me (cough, cough, hint, hint) or when I stop by The Cupcakery, a local cupcake shop which I love. Let’s say 1 – 2 times a week.

Minko, how often do you bake cupcakes?

At least once a week or more, and that includes baking cakes as well. But, it depends on how much time I have and if I am in the mood to bake (yes I need to be in the mood).

Love Connection Score: 8. It seems that most of the time Groom 2.5 would be able to achieve his cupcake eating needs while in a relationship with Minko. However, I do have a bit of concern about Minko needing to be in the mood. I have yet to witness Groom 2.5 not being in the mood for a cupcake.

Question 2

Groom 2.5, Some people like cupcakes dense, others like them light and fluffy, whatʼs your perfect consistency?

Like my mind, the denser the better!

Minko, some people like cupcakes dense, others like them light and fluffy, whatʼs your perfect consistency?

It all depends on the flavours of the cupcakes and the mood I am in. Sometimes I want something really light so I will go for light and fluffy, and other times a nice dense mud cupcake or a hummingbird is what I want.

Love Connection Score: 5.
Groom 2.5 commits wholeheartedly to the dense cupcake, while Minko again brings up her moodiness and displays a lack of ability to commit. However, it is clear that she is willing to make dense cupcakes and (who am I kidding) Groom 2.5 will eat any cupcake any time.

Question 3

Groom 2.5, what is your favorite cupcake flavor?

There is no one answer, but chocolate and cinnamon are always popular, as is a hint of orange.

Minko, what is your favorite cupcake flavor?

I love anything smothered with dulce de leche. I love my citrus (I am a tart at heart) and I also love flavours that also smell great like coconut, mango and lychee.

Love Connection Score: 6. Here, Groom 2.5 reveals that he also doesn’t commit right away. I am beginning to see that they have more in common than I initially thought. Also, he mentions that he likes a hint of orange and she mentions that she loves citrus. This could initially seem like match. However, I fear that her love of citrus could cause a relationship problem if he only likes a little tart.

Question 4

Groom 2.5, what do you like best about eating cupcakes?

No meta answer here, I just love the cupcake. I’ve always loved baked goods. Sometimes it’s the cake, sometimes it’s the frosting, but that depends on the individual cupcake.

Minko, what do you like best about baking cupcakes?

Other people eating them and enjoying them (some of the moans and groans can be embarrassing though).

Love Connection Score: 9.5. Minko loves watching people eat cupcakes. Groom 2.5 loves eating cupcakes. It’s perfect! Why not a perfect 10? I suspect Groom 2.5 might like the moans and groans.

Question 5

Groom 2.5, if your ideal woman were a cupcake, what kind of cupcake would she be and why?

Nutty vanilla, as I’m drawn to very smart, neurotic, Caucasian women. But no strong preference, as long as she’s sweet, delicious and complex … with a hint of nuts.

Minko, if you were a cupcake, what kind would you be?

If I were a cupcake ….. I’d be a lemon cupcake with dulce de leche filling dressed with a dark chocolate raspberry ganache.

I think this cupcake represents me because at first I am a little sour (i.e. I can be very overwhelming at first) but I am sweet and gooey underneath it all. The chocolate and raspberry ganache – flavours that are complex and yet it works. Like me.

Love Connection Score: 9.5. He wants sweet and complex. She describes herself as sweet and complex. Check! I’m not sure that his neurotic and smart equals her overwhelming and sour at first. However, if Groom 2.5 can handle nutty, I think he can handle whatever Minko throws his way.

Question 6

Groom 2.5, if you were a cupcake, what kind would you be and why?

What’s the most bitter (yet tasty) chocolate you can find? Oh yes, you’ll need to add some nuts to the mix.

Minko, if your ideal man were a cupcake, what kind of cupcake would he be and why?

Hmmm, a coconut cupcake filled with lemon curd and frosted with white chocolate coconut ganache and I’d have to work a drizzle of dulce de leche on top. I think I’ve just come up with my next cupcake.

I think this cupcake sums up what I am attracted to in a guy – someone fun (light and fluffy with a bit of the old tart lemon curd for that extra bit of mischief), smells good (hello, intoxicating coconut), someone I can have a great conversation with (don’t ask me why I think white chocolate is the thinking person’s chocolate. I just do!) and oh so irresistible (dulce de leche).

Love Connection Score: 2. I don’t think Minko has bitter and nutty in mind for her ideal man. The only reason I didn’t give this a zero is that Groom 2.5 does smell good. He didn’t mention it in his description of himself but he happens to be a clean and non-stinky guy.

Question 7

Groom 2.5, whatʼs your favorite way to eat a cupcake?

Usually with a small glass of skim milk.

Minko, whatʼs your favorite way to eat a cupcake?

With a cup of tea.

Love Connection Score: 9.
Sure, they both picked different drinks, but I gave them such a high rating because they named drinks. They could have said anything here – like, “Frosting first,” or, “With a fork.” However, they both chose to eat their cupcakes with simple beverages.

Question 8

Groom 2.5, if Minko came to St. Louis to visit and brought cupcakes, where would you take her to eat the cupcakes together?

There is no wrong place to eat a cupcake, but my favorite places in St. Louis are the City Museum and Forest Park. The top spot would probably be outside at the world-famous Missouri Botanical Garden – the perfect location for a Cupcake Picnic.

If Groom 2.5 came to Australia to visit, where would you take him to eat cupcakes together?

Well it would all depend on the time of year it was and what kind of cupcake. Light and fluffy – beach. Dense and rich – nice candlelit room.

Love Connection Score: 5.
Clearly, both Minko and Groom 2.5 appreciate the outdoors. However, Minko looks like she’s ready to get a bit more romantic for their cupcake date than Groom 2.5 is. I’m sure Groom 2.5 wouldn’t mind her choices, but he might need to kick up the romance a notch with his own choices to win over our bachelorette.

Question 9

Groom 2.5, is there such a thing as too sweet?

Yes. Much like the Force, you need a light and dark side for balance.

Minko, is there such a thing as too sweet?

Yes. When your teeth start to hurt from all the sugar.

Love Connection Score: 9.8. They both agree that there is such a thing as too sweet. Also, take a look at those sentence structures. Both of them put the “Yes” and then a description. It’s almost perfect!

Question 10

Groom 2.5, you are watching Minko bake and discover that she has some extra frosting. What do you suggest that she do with it?

I’d offer to frost her cupcakes.

You are baking cupcakes and Groom 2.5 is watching. You find that you have some extra frosting. What do you do with it?

Put it on my ‘cupcakes’ and …….

Love Connection Score: 10. I need not defend my choice. This is clearly a 10.

Overall Cupcake Love Connection Compatibility
Minko and Groom 2.5 are 73.8% Compatible

Minko and Groom 2.5 are clearly well above average in cupcake compatibility. If she chooses to accept, Minko now has the option to select a cupcake recipe that she thinks that Groom 2.5 would enjoy. She’d send me the recipe and I’d make it for Groom 2.5.

Will she accept the challenge?
What will he think of her cupcakes?
Stay tuned!

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27 comments on “Cupcake Love Connection”

  1. Beckysays:

    Oh my goodness, that was adorable! lol. I just found your site through the Sauce link & just love it. :)

  2. You are freakin’ hilarious. Love it!

  3. Stefsays:

    Becky – Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

    Kamailes – Yay! So glad you liked it!

  4. Anonymoussays:

    An fascinating beginning to your next series…can’t wait to see these installments and thrilled you will continue posting. Do I hear Fiddler on the Roof Matchmaker playing in the background?

  5. Anonymoussays:

    LOL. I knew you were good at making cupcakes, I didn’t know you were so good at matchmaking! -JC

  6. If things don’t work out and Groom 2.5 is looking for someone a little closer to home, I may know someone (*cough* me *cough*).

  7. CBsays:

    Accept Minko! Accept! HAHA. Are you taking applications for the next “show”? ;) Oh wait… I am married. Drat.

  8. OMG Stef, you never cease to amaze me! That’s one of the most awesome uses of ‘cupcake love’ that I’ve ever seen! Minko don’t keep us hanging..accept!

  9. cherylsays:

    This is hilarious. Groom 1.0 is going to be so jealous (of Minko of course)!

  10. leysays:

    This is hilarious, and I love it. :D

    Minko seems super-cute, and Groom 2.5 seems like an typical guy. His description of an ideal cupcake-girl as “nuerotic and caucasion” gave way to concern, but he won me over with his incrediably geeky Star Wars reference. Could he handle her? She did say that she’d let him frost her cupcakes…! I’m very intrigued! lol. ;)

  11. Ginasays:

    OMG, hilarious! I can’t wait to see more!!!

  12. Minkosays:

    I accept the challenge!!!

  13. Alannasays:

    I vote we start a travel fund!

  14. Joelisays:

    Ha, this was funny enough for me to delurk and post a comment! I can’t wait to see how this pans out.

  15. Lisasays:

    How funny! Your idea of a Cupcake Yente is so clever. Cupcake drama. Cupcake romance. Very entertaining!

  16. patricesays:

    I love it! And Minko accepted! Can’t wait to see what recipe she chooses for Groom 2.5. This is so exciting!

  17. speaking as someone from st. louis, i am glad that Groom 2.5 chose The Cupcakery as his favorite shop. i’d go on a date with him anytime. :)

  18. Minko — thanks for accepting! In your original comment you said we could have gotten married in Vegas. Well … I was just in Las Vegas this past weekend. Shame we didn’t meet up!

    Didn’t realize that we would have a Phase II that involves even more cupcake consumption. But as Stef states, I never EVER turn down frosted goodness.

    Also tickled that I have so many local “backup” cupcake dating options if Minko doesn’t work out. (Yes, I’m looking at you starrypurplehaze and SusanIsk.)

    Now I need to quickly accumulate enough frequent flyer miles for Phase III.

  19. (lia)says:

    This was hilarious! I love your sense of humor. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if this actually worked? Oh- but… how would they choose the wedding cupcakes?

  20. Sylviasays:

    Can I have dibs on being Bride 3.5? I’ve got a sweet tooth and a sense of adventure…

  21. Stefsays:

    Anon 1 – I’m singing it now!

    JC – Hah! We’ll see how it goes!

    Susan – Can you bake cupcakes?

    CB – It’s a shame! You would have been a great candidate.

    Miss Patti – Thanks so much! That’s so sweet of you!

    Cheryl – Hah! So true.

    Ley – Yeah, we’ll see! I can’t wait to see her cupcake pick!

    Gina – I can’t wait either. But we must.

    Alanna – That would be a hoot!

    Joeli – Yay! I’m so glad you delurked. Say hi more often!

    Lisa – Thanks! We’ll see how it goes.

    Patrice – I can’t wait either!

    Starry – You may have your chance. We’ll see how it goes.

    Lia – Excellent question!! I wonder if Minko would want to bake her own wedding cupcakes?

    Sylvia – I’m not taking applications at this time, but we shall see.

  22. That is hilarious! Ah the possibilities of BlogLand!

  23. Stefsays:

    Tartlette – Glad you enjoyed!

  24. Ashleysays:

    ROFL!! Love brewing.. or wait, no,. should that be Stef is trying to bake up some love Connections?

  25. I will pay for Phase III. i’m serious. (no, Groom can’t get first class). One stipulation…Simon and I get to go to witness the meet.

    Stef…if this happens…I..well…I will be speechless with delight.

  26. Stefsays:

    Ashley – It totally should be!

    Cheesemonger’s – A. Be careful what you agree to. B. I’ve never seen you speechless!

  27. Kristensays:

    OMG – you are too funny! HAhahahaha! I love this post and your creativity. Staying tuned… can’t wait to see what happens next!

    I think you are o n to something here. Move over :)

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