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Cupcake Layer Cake

Cupcake Layer Cake

The idea of a cupcake layer cake came to me while I was reading Jessie Oleson Moore’s (a.k.a. Cakespy’s) new book, The Secret Life of Baked Goods.  In the book, she reveals the history of many of the baked goods that we know and love (it’s reminiscent of A World of Cakes by Krysina Castella – another baking history book that I’m enamored with).  I was on page 45, the section about Smith Island Cake, and studying the text with keen interest.  I had never heard of Smith Island Cake and I love encountering new-to-me desserts.  Smith Island Cake is an 8-15 layer cake that is the state dessert of Maryland.  Per usual, my brain immediately turned to cupcakes.  Could I stack cupcakes, creating a cupcake layer cake?  I then ran to my kitchen, and the rest is history (maybe Jessie will write about it her next book :)).

Cupcake Layer Cake

You can create a cupcake layer cake using any cupcake and frosting recipe that you like.  You could even create a rainbow cupcake layer cake by using different colors of cake and frosting on each layer.  I kept true to the Smith Island Cake by using the simple vanilla cake from Jessie’s book.  I used a thin fudgey frosting and let it rain down the sides of the cupcakes.

The challenge of a cupcake layer cake lies in balancing the cupcakes.  Assembling the cake was like playing a game of Topple.  I’d suggest running a long wooden skewer through the cupcakes to help support them.  The frosting will also help to serve as glue.  I stopped at five layers, but I’d love to see one of you make a taller layer cake.  How high do you think you can go?

How to Eat a Cupcake Layer Cake

To eat a cupcake layer cake, you can pick each cupcake off, one at a time, or cut tiny tall slices through all of the layers.  (Warning: the second method will likely cause the cupcake layer cake to topple, so you might want to tilt it on its side prior to cutting.)  Then again, you could just see how many layers of cupcake you can shove in your mouth at once – that might be the most fun!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of the moms who read this blog.  Although a candle on a cupcake is typically reserved for birthdays, I say celebrate your day with a wish and may it come true!

A special Mother’s Day message of thanks goes out to my mom, who has been updating all of my old posts to the new format with printable recipes.  If you come across an old post of mine with a print button and a save button next to the recipe, you have my mom to thank.  I wish I could be there with her this weekend to celebrate Mom’s Day, but instead I’ll see her in a couple of weeks when she comes to St. Louis.  I’m sure that we’ll have some fun in the kitchen together!

Let the fun begin by making this cupcake layer cake! Assembling the cake was like playing a game of Topple which your kids will surely love! The best bond that you can give to them while giving too much excitement to everyone. Save this pin for later!
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13 comments on “Cupcake Layer Cake”

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to give it a go! But I’m thinking two babycakes and then frosting it like a traditional layer cake for a dainty tea party with my 7yr old and her ‘loveys’ :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. sarasays:

    Haha, fun! Love this idea! :)

  3. I love the stacked cupcake idea. What fun to eat in a group! Of course, you would need several stacks to have enough.

    Beautiful tribute to your mom. And what a thoughtful (and huge) job she is doing for you. Here’s to anticipating the upcoming visit. Start planning your kitchen adventures now! :)

  4. Amysays:

    Even my regular cakes seem to inherit my lack of balance — I can’t even get them to stand up straight! I’m so impressed you were able to stack 5 cupcakes. That takes a lot of skill and patience!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to both you and your wonderful mother!

  5. nessasays:

    Really cute idea!

  6. Beckysays:

    Love it! Can you include the recipes you used? Love the look of the thin fudgy icing soaking into the cakes with an almost marbelized effect! Very smart choice!

    • Stefsays:

      Thanks! The cake recipe I used was from Jessie’s book (I’d suggest using my Ultimate Vanilla – if you don’t want to get the book). I regret to say that I didn’t even keep the recipe for the thin fudgey icing. Although it worked will aesthetically, I wouldn’t use that particular recipe again. I’d suggest a ganache (chocolate and cream), but just use more cream than the recipe calls for.

  7. Jackiesays:

    This is such a unique idea, but I’d be really worried that if I tried this, my cupcakes would fall as soon as I tried to move the plate.

    Did you have any difficulty with that?

    xoxo Jackie

    • Stefsays:

      Yes. It’s a bit tricky to get it to be stable. I’d suggest assembling it very close to where you want to serve it. :)

  8. This is adorable! Perfect for a “toddler” birthday cake!

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