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Cupcake Hero Contest: Cloves

Laurie of Quirky Cupcake has been kind enough to make me the co-host of this month’s Cupcake Hero contest. The theme of this month’s contest is cloves.

I remember working with cloves in kindergarten when I made a primitive room freshener (an orange with cloves stuck in it). Do other people remember doing this?
More recently, I used cloves in my very first blogged cupcake. I ground them in my coffee grinder and permanently discolored the grinder, much to my husband’s chagrin. Bakers beware.

That will all change this month as I get to check out all of your great ideas and bake some of my favorites to help Laurie pick the winner. I think the hardest part will be baking the recipe as it is written. I have become accustomed to modifying recipes to my own tastes. In fact, even if there is no reason at all to change a recipe I tend to do it just because it’s rebellious. Aren’t I wild and crazy?

I can’t think of a time when I have been an official judge. However, my friend, The Groom, seems to think that there is nothing that I don’t judge. You might say I’m opinionated. I’m excited for this opportunity to put my opinions to good work!

Speaking of The Groom, several of you have asked for an update on what flavors have been chosen for the wedding. Others of you have been more bold and have asked things like, “Have you forgotten about your goal? Why have you not mentioned the bride and groom in a while?” Well, my dear readers, I have not forgotten about the wedding and the huge cupcake baking extravaganza that awaits me in December. The bride and groom, however, have been busy recently and haven’t had time for cupcakes. Whaaaa?!? I know. The Groom has been out of town for work and The Bride, well, I hear there are just a few more she wants to sample and they are on my to bake list for November. As soon as I know which ones they choose, I will definitely let everyone know. Who knows, maybe one of your clove cupcakes will end up at their wedding!

Here are the contest details direct from Quirky Cupcake:

If you want to participate, send your deets to superslush AT AND stef AT by October 31. That’s right, due date is Halloween!
Your blog name and URL
Link to your Cupcake Hero entry
Picture of your cupcakery (250 width is preferred)
We will work as fast as we can to come up with a winner. A rad Cupcake Hero t-shirt will be the prize. So, I say to you, Are you the Next Cupcake Hero?

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