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Cupcake Boxes from Bake-A-Box – Review, Giveaway, and Coupon Code!

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A Tale of No Cupcake Boxes: Do Not Try This At Home (like a certain author of this blog)

It was a sunny day and Blogger X loaded her cupcakes into plain bakery boxes (not cupcake boxes with cupcake inserts).  She carefully held the bakery boxes on her lap while someone else drove (it may have been a photographer to whom she was married). One cupcake with a mind of its own toppled over to its demise. Of course, it didn’t die alone.  The cupcake managed to take down several of its neighbors in a grisly, messy murder.  Blogger X tried to blame the driver.  Perhaps he took a turn too fast.  But, Blogger X only had herself to blame; she needed cupcake boxes!

Where To Buy Cupcake Boxes
Although you can find cupcake boxes in stores (I’ve been able to pick some up at Michael’s), your best best may be to shop online if you want the most options in terms of size and quantity.  I was recently contacted by Bake-a-Box about reviewing their cupcake boxes.  Bake-a-Box sent me an assortment of cupcake boxes (they have a lot to choose from).  I was happy with the quality of the boxes and how easy they were to put together.  But, my favorite feature is the peek-through window that lets me check on my kids (err, cupcakes) to make sure that they are behaving in transit – not that I need to worry since the cupcake dividers really do hold them in place.

Coupon Code

Until the end of October, Bake-a-Box is offering 10% off any product listed under Cupcake Boxes & Inserts to Cupcake Project readers. Simply enter the code project930 (all lowercase) at check out.

Want to Win Cupcake Boxes?

Update: 10/4/2011 The giveaway is now complete.  
The winners chosen for their comments are Ansheehan and Libelula3049.
The randomly chosen winners are Egnefkow and Alexisrunningaway.

Bake-a-Box is giving away cupcake boxes to four lucky Cupcake Project readers.  Each winner will have the choice of six individual cupcake boxes with inserts or two 6-count cupcake boxes with inserts.  Here’s how to win:

  • Leave a comment telling me who you will give your boxes of cupcakes to and why.  Two of the four prizes will go to the stories that I find most compelling.  The other two winners will be randomly drawn.
  • Be sure to include a way to contact you in your comment.  There have been so many times that I have drawn contest winners and then had to re-draw because I had no way to tell them that they won.  No contact info = no prize = sad.

Fine Print

  • All entries must be in by 11:59 PM CDT, Monday October 3, 2011.
  • I will select the two story winners and randomly draw the other two winners on Tuesday, October 4.
  • If you are a relative, I’ve hung out with you in person in the last six months, or you are a personal Facebook friend, you are not eligible for the story-based prize.  I don’t want to worry about playing favorites.  However, you are still eligible to win the randomly drawn prize.
  • The winners will be notified by e-mail and this post will be updated with their names.
  • If I do not hear back from a winner within one week of contacting them, they forfeit their prize.
  • Prizes can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

Want a Second Chance to Win?

Make sure that you like Cupcake Project on Facebook.  I’ll be giving away one more set of boxes on the Facebook page in the near future.

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121 comments on “Cupcake Boxes from Bake-A-Box – Review, Giveaway, and Coupon Code!”

  1. Lauren Hsays:

    I would LOVE to win the cupcake boxes! I’m always baking for friends and family, and using long tupperwear containers to do so. It’s so messy, and all the fun things I pipe on top get ruined :(. *And I’m the first to comment, doesn’t that get me some points? :D (

  2. Anonymoussays:

    I would take my new boxes to our local volunteer fire station, my son is a volunteer there and I tend to drop cupcakes there when I have baked a little too much. I like to get their feedback on the different flavors, some of which I have gotten from this blog!
    Thank you!!!

  3. Sarasays:

    I REALLY, really need those!! I had the same thing happen to me when I first started baking and realized that there can be no successful cupcake transportation without inserts and a good, sturdy box. I would use them to give my husband cupcakes to take to work :)

  4. emerzimsays:

    I think I would use them for gifts for my awesome neighbors.

    emerzim at yahoo

  5. Laceysays:

    I would take them to the hospital for a congrats to my brother and sister in law for their new baby boy. (Not due for awhile) and also the nurses as a thank you.

  6. Shannonsays:

    You can “glue” them down with a dab of icing and be okay. I use mini cupcake inserts and they are just a bit off to both need icing and the inserts. Nothing is worse than not being able to transport your beauties!

  7. I would bake my favorite chocolate pumpkin autumn cupcakes and give them to the person in my life who has never failed to make me smile or feel loved since I met him around five years ago. When we started university, we decided on a long-distance relationship and have seen each other perhaps only five weeks out of the year for the past two years. I have never been happier in my life :)

    I am studying abroad this year, which causes me to miss him even more, and in a heartbeat I would bake up something sweet for my sweet love. :) Thanks for the opportunity!


  8. Lindseysays:

    I would probably take them to everyone because I would just be SO EXCITED to have cupcake boxes!

    But I would start with all my computer science friends at school. =)

  9. emily wsays:

    I’m definitely giving a box of homemade cupcakes to my dad. He’s helping me through a tough time right now, and has the biggest sweet tooth I know!

  10. I’m a mom of two darling young girls that keep me on my toes. I would have to give some cupcakes to their amazing pre-school teachers who provide structure, challenge, inspire and love my kiddos a few hours every week. (And give mommy a few hours of sanity! So what if I use that time to make messes in the kitchen?!?)Carrie (

  11. Ashleysays:

    This is by far one of the cutest contraptions I*ve ever seen!! I*m in charge of bringing in cupcakes to my daughters school for a Halloween party, these would be PERFECT for transporting them there!! -=D

  12. Mariannesays:

    I bake for my friends and family all the time and hate to give them my own tupperware that they have to return. I would use boxes to give them cupcakes!

  13. Barbsays:

    I so need these! But shipping to Alaska is ridiculous in most cases. Which makes me sad! I love to bake cupcakes and share them with my neighbors and the guys that serve with my husband in the US Coast Guard. barb @pogowave .com

  14. Katysays:

    If I had these cupcake boxes, I would use them to give a big batch of cupcakes to my friend who will be returning from a whole year studying abroad. Normally he’s not one for chocolate (which is my favorite) so I’ll try a new recipe that’s more to his taste to make his return extra special. He’ll probably be really tired and jet-lagged when he gets back so I’d like to give him some energy. :)

  15. Sarahsays:

    It’s been a rough couple months for some departments at work with relationships and work loads, and I have been playing around for awhile with bringing in cupcakes for different departments each week as a cheery “You’re appreciated!!” gesture. These would help keep them from getting ruined on my 30 minute commute!

  16. Cupcake boxes! How perfect. I would use them to transport some root beer cupcakes (the recipe that brought me to your wonderful blog) to my AMAZING dog groomer. Her husband is almost on the other side of a successful cancer treatment and she’s the absolute best at spiffing up my 175 lbs pup (Saint Bernard. Ha!). Thanks for the opportunity! hampton1202(at)gmail(dot)com

  17. Anonymoussays:

    I would give them to the kind soul who puts a WAY more than generous amount of time into organizing the best possible Iron Cupcake Madison competitions so that they are friendly, supportive and fun for all involved (

  18. mommysays:

    I would use the cupcake boxes to give away my cupcakes to family and friends. I onetime ordered cupcakes from a cupcake bakery, and loved the box with the insert so much, that I kept reusing the same box. My friends and family would be suspicious that the box had the store logo on it, and that I didn’t actually make the cupcakes that I said that I did. Also, I would ask for the box back when they were finished. Sadly, the box didn’t come back to me after giving some cupcakes to my family…..they didn’t realize the importance of that box! I tried ones from Michaels, but they are NOT the same at all! I will for sure be looking into Bake A Box. (

  19. I would love to win, I love to make cupcakes for my son’s school and always have a hard time transporting them.

    Thanks :)

  20. Like you on FB :)

    My email is connected or just in case :)


  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I would love to give some cupcake goodness to my a sister who recently graduated from college and another sister who just past the law bar test. Taking some goodies to our builder and subcontractors would be a great way to say **THANKS!!**


  23. I’ve Liked you on Facebook for awhile :)


  24. I have been contemplating the purchase of cardboard cupcake boxes for awhile now. They are so much nicer than transporting cupcakes in the plastic containers. I think these beauties could help me with a more professional look. I have also been contemplating shipping my cupcakes to friends & family around the US, to share in my love of cupcakes. The cardboard boxes & inserts would help me with this endeavour. Thanks for the contest, Stef!

  25. Cherylsays:

    I use their boxes! LOVE THEM! the quality is AMAZING! You will not be disappointed with these boxes!

  26. Jennifer Vegasays:

    I would use the box to send cupcakes to my husband that is in afghanistan. Dont know if they would make it….cookies have made, but I havnt tried cupcakes yet.

  27. Anonymoussays:

    Cupcake boxes are awesome! I’m always baking cupcakes and friends are always asking for them. I send cupcakes to the fire station with my hubby and I have friends that I’d love to be able to just drop one off and brighten their day at work – but always thought carrying one cupcake was awkward – glad to see they make boxes for just one!

  28. tootiesays:

    What a great idea! I’d love to take some cupcakes to my book group.

    tootiesplace (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. Awesome!! I’d love to try out some new cupcake boxes. Someone I know very well just recently ordered way too many of a cupcake box that will remain nameless and is about ready to turn them into scrap paper or fire starters! To say the least, unsatisfied!! I’d love to have a nice, stable box to drop off to the local firemen!!

    Email me at

  30. Anonymoussays:

    I would love to use these with all of the teachable moments my kindergartener and I have with baking! She reads to me, works on math, fine and gross motor skills, and best of all sees the end results of following directions. We would take our latest concoction into her class; I’m the room mom so I can take random treats for no reason whatsoever!

    amanda.townsend2 at gmail dot com

  31. Grantsays:

    I bake muffins and cupcakes all the time and have no way to carry them other than to use tupperware containers and whatever I try and put on top of them usually gets ruined. It’s a shame, since I try so hard to make them cute!

    I would love to win some of these so I could bring some to my medical school class to make their day better in between working on cadavers :)

  32. Shelbysays:

    I would love to win these cupcake boxes! I am always baking cupcakes and its hard to share them with friends and family without parting with you’re tupperware! P.S. your blog is my new cupcake bible! : )

  33. Mommy of 3 boyssays:

    I live in nashville, TN, and as you may know, in May of 2010 we were devastated by a horrendous flood. It destroyed many things, including our biggest mall, where I happened to work. In november of 2010, Old Navy (where I work) was elated to open a temporary store locally until the mall is rebuilt. After a year of us becoming a very close knit family, we received news that soon we will be split up to go to the rebuilt store, and other locations. I think of my co workers and management as a second family, and not having them in my daily life will be so sad. They all beg for my cupcakes daily, so I would love to leave them with my amazing banana caramel cheesecake cupcakes in these awesome boxes! I’d love if uou would consider me!
    My name is Megan Turner and my email is! :)

  34. These are lovely! I would love to win them so that I can mail some cupcakes to a friend who just moved away. I was recently in a contest in which I needed help so I offered cupcakes as a reward to everyone who helped me. I would love to be able to reward those who live out of town! :)

  35. Kerrysays:

    I would use the cupcake boxes to deliver my first batch of cupcakes that I actually can sell. I’m not a professional baker, but I’m an HR Director turned stay-at-home momma (Baby just turned 2 weeks today) who has ambitions of selling her bakery and canned good items to friends, friends of friends, etc. It’s a huge change for me to leave my role for the past six years, but I’m excited for this new adventure. (

  36. Veronicasays:

    I love sharing baked goods with friends and family and plates+tinfoil+travel=disater. If I had cupcake boxes some cupcakes would definately go to my grandmother who is such a sweet woman and does so much for others I love to treat her.

  37. i have had the same problem oh-so-many times! i love cupcake boxes but the only place that sells them in my area is 40 minutes from my home! i won’t pretend i’d use them for a baby’s birthday party or bridal shower of my long lost sister… my friends and i actually throw Dexter parties every single sunday night. this year, i promised to make Blood Orange cupcakes (do you have any recipes??!) to celebrate the return of our favorite show. i will totally transport my awesome serial killer-good cupcakes in these new boxes — wouldn’t want to see THEM die!

    i’d really love to win, i could seriously use the boxes! but i’ll have to check out bake-a-box either way! thanks for the tip

  38. Kittiesays:

    I am getting married this coming November 11 (11-11-11!) and I am making cupcakes for the wedding. Not enough to feed the crowd, but some, to share with loved ones. Baking and cooking are core parts of my social values, and these cupcake boxes would be so helpful in transporting my wedding cupcakes to my guests! Thank you for the giveaway!

  39. Kittiesays:

    oops, forgot my email: chefkittie (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. mewsays:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I would love to win! I donate a lot of cookies and cupcakes to Austin Pets Alive, a local animal rescue group, for their bake sales. I’m also a foster home for APA–I take on the severe medical cases. I’ve literally seen miracles!

    Loretta Holland

  42. Arisays:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Arisays:

    EDIT: Forgot to include an email in my first post!

    I would use them to give cupcakes to all my music department professors in honor of my graduation this December! They’ve helped me so much over the last four (and a half) years, that I would like to show them at least a little bit of appreciation as I move on from the university at the end of the quarter.

  44. i would bake cupcakes and bring it to work. i just recently been offered a different position at my job and everyone has been very supportive. They are covering the vacant position for a month while I can find someone to replace me.

  45. SABsays:

    I would bring some cupcakes to the men in uniform that serve our country! I am currently living overseas with my military husband and needless to say things like cupcakes boxes are hard to come by. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  46. Krissysays:

    I would give them to friends for their birthdays! They would look like they were coming from a bakery!

  47. pammsays:

    I already like you on FB

  48. pammsays:

    I would give them to all the little children in the neighborhood.

  49. Amy P amynbfe@yahoo.comsays:

    My husband is a firefighter that was recently deployed to assist with the massive central Texas wildfires. The devastation from the Bastrop Complex fire is unimaginable. It burned more than 1300 homes sand 33,000 acres! The efforts of the firefighters and volunteers is amazing! I’d like to show my gratitude to them with some delectable cupcakes. Thanks for the opportunity to try out these boxes and inserts!

  50. Christasays:

    I would make cupcakes for my 18 year old sister who will be going into the hospital for chemo treatment. I would hope that these would make her stay a little more enjoyable.

  51. UTCarlysays:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. UTCarlysays:

    I will use the cupcake boxes and make the ultimate vanilla cupcakes and bring them to my Dad whoe recently had surgery (he can eat now though)

  53. elisasays:

    i would make cupcakes with pumpkin and/or apple to celebrate the fall and share them with my neighbors!

  54. khallsays:

    I have been told that I need to provide some samples to people so that they can promote my cupcakes to friends and coworkers. I have devised a survey to get some feedback, but I am in desperate need of an easy way to deliver the cupcakes. This would be perfect.

  55. Cupcake boxes are great! My daughter in law is pregnant. She lost the first pregnancy and is so hopeful this time. Thankfully its all looking good so far. I have been wanting to take her some cupcakes but didn’t want to take them over bare then ice them there. I want to surprise her and can’t do that if I have to borrow her kitchen to ice them first…lol.
    Your blog is awesome!!!

  56. Mariesays:

    I would love to try the cupcake boxes! My best friend has suffered many hardships… his mother died of cancer when we were in college. A few short years later, his sister passed away from an unknown heart condition leaving a 2 year old. My friend adopted his nephew and is now a single father. To top off my friends “luck” he has a neurological disorder which has involved several surgeries to his feet. Recently he contracted MRSA (very bad bacteria) infection in his foot as well. Currently, along with reheatable meals, for him and his son, I make baked goods for them as well. Unfortunately, we now live about an hour apart. These cupcake boxes would be ideal for the cupcakes (I bake) that we all three decorate for his adopted son to take into school for his birthday. I would be willing to submit pictures of our annual cupcake decorating party if we win these boxes. :-)

  57. SFsays:

    Love, Love, Love the cupcake boxes! My niece is pregnant with her first baby and is due on the first anniversary of her younger sister’s death. Not as morbid as it may seem, but both the mommy and grandma-to-be have a HUGE sweet tooth (as did younger sis) and cupcakes at the hospital to honor the new baby, my niece and her younger sister would be PERFECT!

  58. Lucysays:

    Such cute cupcake boxes!! I always try and transport mine in a plastic cupcake holder, and it there is always one mischievous cupcake.

    I would love to use the boxes for an event being held in my local area, a Bake Sale raising money for a children’s charity! All the proceeds go to providing gifts for homeless children over the holiday season.

    Plus we LOVE the ultimate Vanilla Cupcake recipe!!


  59. Rachael Gsays:

    I would absolutely LOVE to have a device to transport cupcakes in! I too end up driving and paying more attention to the condition of the cupcakes rather than watching the road:) My mom has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and has started recieving chemo. I would take some delicious cupcakes to her team of chemo nurses who have helped her/her family through this journey! What better way to “sweeten” the deal for my mom than to sweeten up those nurses?? (

  60. I would keep the boxes for myself if I win :)

    I have cupcake carriers right now, and I don’t like them because they are too shallow to allow for the quantity of frosting that I use! These look like they might be a good depth.

    My contact info is on the blog (link on the right side).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. I would give these cupcakes to one of my best friend’s. I’m having to miss her baby shower at the end of October unfortunately. I know cupcakes for a pregnant lady will make it up to her. :)

  62. If I won the cupcake boxes I would use them for my best friend’s wedding! She’s getting married in 3 weeks and LOVES cupcakes. :) (

  63. Jessicasays:

    I would give the cupcakes to friends on campus for their birthdays. On a college campus with limited kitchens, who doesn’t want a “home-baked” treat?

  64. Faithsays:

    I would love to win these boxes, I am always buying the cute ones at Target when they come out. I will be giving my cupcakes to a friend and co-worker that recently lost her husband in Afghanistan. As you can imagine, it has been a difficult few months for her and her 3 year old daughter. My friend also dabbles in photography (she is awesome actually!) and has just started taking photographs again. She is doing a photo session of my kids soon to which I was going to make her some cupcakes to take home. She doesn’t have the greatest reputation in the kitchen so I figured if she was going to take fabulous pictures for me, I would bake her some fabulous cupcakes :). My name is Faith Dunn @ in case you pick me! I’ve read these stories and you have a hard decision ahead of you!

  65. Reneesays:

    If I won the cupcake boxes I would of course give them to Myself! I’m currently a student receiving my degree in pastry arts and I LOVE to bake cupcakes. I’m always making cupcakes for my grandmothers co workers, family and friends but I have to way to transport them. I often use plastic containers or zip-lock bags and they don’t look appealing but of course taste great.Im also a single parent and baking is how I make extra money on the side. The cupcake boxes would really help and I’ll be able to sell them to barbershop, and other local businesses to earn extra cash.

  66. After transplanting to Kansas from Oregon, and leaving everything I love, I have made some new friends here and I would bake some of my special Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes and give them to my new friends.

    Scrappinraiderfan at yahoo

  67. If I was to win, I would take the day off to bake my 4 year old nephew favorite cupcake. And I will deliver them just in time for their snack. There are so many blogs on how to decorate cupcake, I want to try it Sotheby’s kids are excited when I bring them in.

    Contact me:
    twitter: @miss_Pugh

  68. Anonymoussays:

    I am not constantly baking boy scouts, fire dept and ambulance squad. It would be really nice to make ut look more professional on the outside as well as the cuppies themselves. My husband works for the fire dept and I work for the squad and my son is with the boy scouts.
    Can’t wait to see who you pick.
    thanks for the chance. Mary
    Ladefly@aol dot com

  69. jeansays:

    Cupcakes boxes are ideal for gifting cupcakes. You don’t have to worry about all your hard work getting messy. Not that the messy ones taste different but I prefer that my hard work doesn’t end up looking like a toddler got loose in the kitchen.

  70. Lisa Psays:

    If I wont the cupcake boxes. I would let my daughter decorate some special cupcakes and bring them two her two preschool teachers that she absolutely adores. I feel that teachers dont get enough credit for the things they do for our children and just a simple homemade gift from a child showing their appreciation is special and heartfelt.
    Lisa (

  71. Anonymoussays:

    I have been interested in a long time starting an at home cupcake business. I have played with the idea for a while. The boxes are very interesting and would really impress my co-worker. I can just see my lasted cupcake in them: Carmel Apple Cupcakes with fresh Michigan Apples. Thanks for the opportunity Sue O

  72. mewsays:

    I teach preschool and we have a good behavior reward program. The kids get a pompom to put in the jar every time they do something kind and selfless for a friend or the teacher. When they fill up the jar they get a special treat. I’d love to be able to give them one of my homemade cupcakes in their own little box.

  73. I would use the boxes for the cupcakes I make for my husbands troops. I enjoy baking for them because they are away from family and I know how hard it is to be away from family. It gives me a good feeling when they tell me that my baked goodies remind them of home :)

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  74. I would use the boxes for the cupcakes I make for my husbands troops. I enjoy baking for them because they are away from family and I know how hard it is to be away from family. It gives me a good feeling when they tell me that my baked goodies remind them of home :)

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  75. I would greatly apprieate those boxes. I am just starting to fine tune my cupcakes and have been giving them to my co-workers who work with special needs children. I have also been working with children and trying new flavors, its a hard! Thanks!!

  76. Diana Libssays:

    I could right some cutesy comment as to why I deserve these boxes…I love to bake for friends, I am eco-friendly blah blah blah. Truth is I am lazy. If I win I will therefore be forced to actually bake!Much to the delight of my new neighbors! A bonus to this would be that I would have to drag out my kitchen aid mixer–forcing me to exercise…see? It is a win-win all around. Diana Libs

  77. Alyssasays:

    These look absolutely amazing! I recently started a charity cupcake group with some friends at college — the goal is to raise money and awareness for local charities — and we’ve been looking for a better way to transport our cupcakes. We’re still getting off the ground, and we’d use the boxes to transport our cupcakes to a sale for our current charity partner, New Haven Reads!

    info at

  78. Rachelsays:

    It’s almost Halloween so the kids at my daughter’s preschool would get a nice treat, Spider cupcakes! (

  79. Meemsays:

    At the end of the week, its my mom’s 53rd birthday. The family will be taking her out to dinner, but she has to work that day, so I would love to make cupcakes for her and deliver them to her work as a surprise. The cupcake boxes would come in great need as I drive the cupcakes to her bridal store and she can share them with her co-workers. PLEASE PICK ME :)


  80. SamRosesays:

    Wow. So many people have such great uses for these boxes! Myself, I just love Cupcakes for many of the same reasons as anyone else and would love to eventually make a living with them. So far I have only gone as far as trying some basic recipes to get the feel of baking since I am a novice. Its also fun to get my 8yr old son involved. If we won these boxes I’d use them to transport my practice cuppys to my various taste testers also to a few fundraisers coming up.

  81. eecdsays:

    It would be awesome to win some boxes. A few weeks ago I made some cupcakes for a wedding at the local food pantry. It was such a pain carrying 60 cupcakes down three flights of stairs (while 8 months pregnant) and into the car. It would be great to have some boxes to help with the process! (erindistefano@gmailcom)

  82. my sister just had her 3rd baby – she lives in ohio and i live in illinois. I would use the boxes to take the fam some cupcakes in ohio – i generally fly with them in tupperware and it never fails that one rebellious cupcake takes a couple flips mid-flight. it would be great to take them all unflipped! (

  83. my sister just had her 3rd baby – she lives in ohio and i live in illinois. I would use the boxes to take the fam some cupcakes in ohio – i generally fly with them in tupperware and it never fails that one rebellious cupcake takes a couple flips mid-flight. it would be great to take them all unflipped! (

  84. my sister just had her 3rd baby – she lives in ohio and i live in illinois. I would use the boxes to take the fam some cupcakes in ohio – i generally fly with them in tupperware and it never fails that one rebellious cupcake takes a couple flips mid-flight. it would be great to take them all unflipped! (

  85. Sophiasays:

    I would take the cupcakes to work and share them with my hard working co-workers. Everybody needs a sweet break sometimes! :)


  86. I would love to win these boxes, and I would give them to my family and friends who have been my faithful taste-testers for many failed attempts. I would love the 6-pack box, as many of the ones I have purchased from Michael’s too, is a four pack, I mean come on, 6 is a better gift! (

  87. Emilysays:

    I have been in need of cupcake boxes with inserts for so long! I love taking treats to friends, but I don’t have anything disposable or that keeps them separated, and my beautifully decorated cupcakes usually end up looking like such a mess! I have an old professor who goes cray over my cupcakes. He says he usually doesn’t even like cupcakes that much, but that mine are so good he could live off of them. I like to show up to his class with some every now & then, but it’s so difficult finding something that will carry them that I can leave behind. I also love taking my little treats to work and parties. I’m a broke college student and I have plenty of baking supplies on hand, but boxes for transportation not so much, and I don’t really have extra money to spend on stuff like that right now. Having some boxes for taking my cupcakes to friends would be so great, and hey maybe it will motivate me to save a little money to buy more!

  88. I would bake boston cream cupcakes for my friend, Drew Miller, who is in the end stages of ALS. He can only eat soft foods now (cupcakes with filling are soft, aren’t they?). Last week I took him banana cream pie without the crust. visit our FB page,

  89. I would use them to bring to my birthday party this month! Easy way to transport them to all my friends who are so sweet to come celebrate my 24th birthday!

  90. Alisasays:

    I would love to be able to share some delicious cupcakes with my friends at school! So far I’ve only been able to bring cookies and bars back from the house I bake at, but I would love to be able to bake and share some cupcakes to celebrate autumn! (Pumpkin spice latte cupcakes, perhaps?) I am sure they would be deeply appreciated and quickly consumed. =) Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. I would love to win some cupcake boxes. I am also baking for friends and would love to use these for a baby shower for one of my really good friends.


  92. SHELLYsays:

    I will be sending cupcakes to my daughter’s Pre-K class for her birthday. They will most certainly be pink and covered in sprinkles. I will also be testing your vanilla cupcake recipe. It will be a very exciting day.

  93. Rosiesays:

    Oh, my poor frosting would be saved if I has these! I always take my cupcakes to my local youth theatre meetings as the prospect of cake makes everyone work just that little bit harder…Cakes are like money in the theatre world! ( xx

  94. I plan on making cupcakes for my cousin’s bday on Halloween. She has had a really bad last couple of years, from losing her husband suddenly to almost losing their house after his death. She has had a long road, and is finally starting to live again. I would love for her to have a sweet treat for her bday so she can feel like its time to start living again!

  95. Nataliesays:

    I know a TON of people with October birthdays…would love to make them CUPCAKES for their special day and transport them in the boxes :)

  96. As cupcake enthusiast like me. I am eager to win that cupcake box for my new batch of cupcake recipe.

  97. In March 2009, I lost my job and decided that I wanted to pursue a new career that I was passionate about–baking. In enrolled in baking and pastry school and couldn’t wait to graduate so that I could open my own business. My dreams were soon dashed as my hip gave out and I became disabled. Not only was I not able to get a job, but I was also unable to continue my volunteer work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (I trained with TNT to raise money by participating in marathons). Since I am no longer able to work with TNT, I have volunteered to bake goodies for other team members’ fundraisers. So that I don’t lose my “touch”, I also continue to bake cupcakes to celebrate birthdays of my neighbors and former co-workers at a grocery store where I had a part-time job. Baking takes my mind off my problems and I enjoy making other happy. Winning the cupcake boxes would eliminate the hassle of trying to retrieve my plastic carriers. I’ve been trying to find a vendor for reliable boxes and can’t wait to check out Bake-A-Box. Thanks for the lead! (Karen C. –

  98. I guess whether I win or not I’ll be buying some more of these, and I’ve certainly seen much needier people in the comments already. But sharing stories is so lovely and cathartic.
    I recently started a side business (along with working full time) selling cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and some old family recipes for candy to anyone buying.
    I only started my new waitress/kitchen lackey job a week ago and after working seven hours a day on my feet trying my hardest to keep up, I was sent home because I misread the schedule and showed up an hour late. I’m looking everywhere for another job that will leave me with the energy and self-esteem to bake every day.
    Not only do I love to bake but I’m using this business as one method to save up the three thousand dollars I need to move out of the town I grew up in and move in with my boyfriend where he’s stationed in Missouri. I hope to be able to continue the business there, but I’ll probably end up working at Walmart anyway.

  99. Anonymoussays:

    If I win, I would use them for my daughter’s orchestra bake sale. These are really good kids who play really well and need funds for their trips to competitions. Support the arts!

  100. Anonymoussays:

    I would use them to deliver cupcakes for my first paying job!!! The cupcakes they requested are vanilla and I was so happy to see the ultimate vanilla cupcake recipe posted last week!

  101. Anonymoussays:

    These would be so helpful! I am just a young college student who LOVES baking! I work at florist and take my treats to work to have everyone try them, being in college in a small apartment doesnt leave much room for large tupperware so my biggest one will only hold 4 cupcakes :( baking is my break from studying for nursing school so any chance i get to be creative in the kitchen is amazing!

  102. I would give them to are sweet neighbor lady, Bonnie. I would also bring them to one of our other neighbors. I love these cupcake boxes! :)

  103. Anonymoussays:

    First, I would like to say, what excellent timing!
    We have a family friend who’s son is turning 7 soon and he has a special food allergy and he can’t have synthetic food dyes. I promised him I would make him some special colorful cupcakes for his birthday(he is very fond of John Deere colors). So after much searching I found some vegetable based food colors at Whole Foods and I’m planning on using it to pipe little tractors on top of the cupcakes for him. I baked the cupcakes this morning and then the thought occurred to me- “How am I going to transport these?” I was just looking online for boxes when I decide to check your blog! I always love making cupcakes and cakes for my friends and family but never have a safe way to carry them. I would love (and need!) those cupcake boxes.
    -Kate (

  104. Alyssasays:

    I would give my cupcakes to my best friend who is going through a financial crisis right now. She has 5 kids and a hard working husband and they are doing all they can to make ends meet… including skipping meals. So my cupcakes would go to them… because they deserve something to take their minds off of worrying even if it is just for a little while.

  105. KIM B.says:

    If I would win the cupcake boxes, I would use them to make cupcakes for the local firemen. The fire house is down the block from us, and the guys always wave when we drive by. My 2 year old son is in love with the firetrucks and ambulances! :) It would be a nice way to show them some appreciation for all of the help they give others. Thanks,
    Kim (

  106. I bake cupcakes for people that I work with (an elementary school). I always have to send my cupcake containers with them and wait to get them back. If I had boxes, it would be easier for them to receive their gift without needing to worry about getting a container back to me!

    lisaaustin121 at gmail dot com

  107. Just today I was trying to come up with a way safely transport my cupcakes. I wasn’t sure if the boxes really worked but I always like your advice. I am doing some volunteer work for The Women and Children’s Free Restaurant which gives women and children at least one full meal a day. They have guest chefs come in to cook but not too many with dessert. I would be forever grateful !! Thank you
    Heidi (

  108. Caitlinsays:

    Why I just NEED cupcake boxes: I love to bake and I bake anything and everything. But Cupcakes are just plain fun and make a lot of them. I usually donate them to work events and I’m always carrying big sheet cake pans full of cupcakes covered in (wasteful) foil to shield them from the smog of Seattle. But my lack of cupcake boxes was quite prominent when I was asked to donate cupcakes to a Planned Parenthood charity raffle and my very pretty cupcakes had to be stuffed into ordinary restaurant carry-out boxes. I tried hard not to mess up the lovely frosting and dig my fingers into the soft cake to squeeze 6 little cakes together but some minor destruction was unavoidable. Suffice it to say, I would use these boxes to ensure my cupcakes reach their fans and patrons in top-notch condition. Thanks for the opportunity! you can reach me if I’m chosen at

  109. leab17says:

    I would bring them to school (I teach at a high school)! I usually bake cupcakes for my students’ birthdays each month and this would give a nicer presentation than my usual leave them in the cupcake pan! Plus, it’ll be easier for students to grab their cupcake without getting frosting all over their fingers AND there would be a cover instead of foil running all the frosting (I really need a better way to transport them).


    – annie (

  110. Anonymoussays:

    My aunt has been going through chemo and she says everything tastes like metal. When she sees my cakes, though, her eyes light up and she says it’s one of the few things she craves. I would decorate these boxes with pink ribbon and pictures of the family and take some cupcakes to her in them. I’m sure she’d love that. :-] thank you for the opportunity.

  111. I would love to win the cupcake boxes! We are doing a Salute to Veterans event for Veteran’s Day in November, and would love to have these boxes to give to our raffle winner! As a 8 year Marine Corps veteran, and now current home ec teacher, I love to go all out for anything for Veteran’s Day!

    Vanessa (

  112. Anonymoussays:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win these boxes. I will be making cupcakes and would use the boxes for a Teacher Dinner at our school for parent teacher conferences. The Teachers all stay after school that day and do not get home until late so we bring them dinner and dessert. Thank you! Paulette (

  113. I wanted to make my sons 1st bday cake
    So I read some blogs and learned to bake!

    The cake was so much fun
    I didn’t want to be done!

    I started to make more and more
    I couldn’t get them fast enogh out the door!

    2 yrs later, an idea turned into a passion and love
    To win these boxes would be a gift from above!

  114. (lia)says:

    I would love to take a box of cupcakes to my friend Joan. She is recovering from a mastectomy and LOVES her sweets. Even through radiation she kept up her speaking schedule- teaching about suicide prevention with the non-profit she formed after her daughter committed suicide a few years ago. She’s pretty awesome.


  115. Lizsays:

    I manage several college students and I would bake them some homemade treats!

  116. Laneysays:

    I’d bring them with me when I visit my boyfriend’s family at Thanksgiving! I don’t know them very well but always feel more confident when I have baked goods in tow, so I’m going to bake some spectacular cupcakes (using recipes from this blog, of course!) and I’d love to put my treats in fancy boxes : ) Thanks!

  117. Domo Bsays:

    I would bake the cupcakes for my twin brother and NEW sister-in-law! I absolutely love having a sister in my life, and I want them both to know how special they are to me!

  118. Millysays:

    I would love to win those boxes> I am donating cupcakes for a charity called Strike 3 foundation. It is a foundation for pediatric cancer. It would be nice to give the cupcakes in these boxes to the children and their families. I can just see the smiles on their face :D

  119. K-MOsays:

    I would LOVE to win the boxes! I would give my cupcakes to a friend of mine who has brainc ancer. NOT because she has brain cancer, but bc she just rocks. And she rocks that brain cancer hard. (

  120. i suggest if u wanna to safety carry cupcake should use plastic cupcake container to carry it

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