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The Chosen Ones

With less than a month remaining before the big day, the Bride and Groom have chosen!
They carefully evaluated each and every cupcake and they have selected their three favorites.

I will be making eight dozen of each cupcake variety to serve at their wedding on New Year’s Eve. This will be the most I have ever attempted to bake at one time. I’m nervous, but also excited about it. Will my hands get sore from piping frosting? Will I get sick from licking so much cupcake dough off the mixers? I’ll be sure to let everyone know as the saga progresses.

Despite our differences of opinion along the way, I am very happy with their selections.

They decided to go with a cupcake drink theme.

They selected:

Soda Fountain Cupcakes
The Groom loved these at first whiff. They want them exactly as I made them.

Margarita Cupcakes

The Bride’s family demanded these make an appearance.


Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes

This one was by request of the Bride. It was a combination of the gingerbread cupcakes that she loved and her desire to have coffee in a cupcake. I plan to make these without the simple syrup and possibly with only latte frosting as opposed to a gingerbread and latte swirl. However, that is still open for discussion.

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15 comments on “The Chosen Ones”

  1. I think those margarita cupcakes would look adorable with a glazed lime slice. And I highly recommend investing in some great storage containers so you can freeze cupcakes and make them ahead. Good luck on 4 X 12 X 3!!! (Holy crap batman, that’s a gross!) ;-)
    Oh, and good luck on your interview too!

  2. Stefsays:

    The lime idea is cute! Thanks!

    So… after posting this, the groom pointed out that I had posted incorrectly and we had said 8 dozen of each. I fixed it. Even more crazy. I’ve been going back and forth on the freezing thing. I am thinking of using two kitchen aids and making 24 at a time in each one and trying to do it all in the two days before the wedding. Think that’s a bad idea?

    The interview went well, but it was 4 hours long! It was a bit much.

  3. Alannasays:

    What a great collection and how much better that there’s a ‘theme’ connecting them, that the groom loves one, the bride loves another, you like them ALL and one has a StL connection and and and and

  4. Hillarysays:

    LOVE the collection! All very unique and tasty drinks in cupcake form! I am STILL completely honored to have indirectly influenced their wedding celebration and your choice of cupcake :)

  5. This is so exciting! I know it will all work out great! Question – How are you getting the cupcakes to the venue?

  6. Stefsays:

    Alanna – Thanks! I’m definitely really happy with their picks.

    Hillary – They should put your name in the program in a “cupcakes influenced by” section. :)

    Kimberley – That’s an excellent question. It hasn’t quite been worked out yet. Lots of Tupperware? Any ideas?

  7. uhmmmmm- I thought you were crazy before. Now I think you are totally loco girl! I use to bake cakes for wedding and would bake the cake, freeze them, then frost them the day before and of wedding. Not the same thing I know but cupcakes are even easier to freeze. If anything goes wrong you will be too stressed to enjoy the wedding. I’d recommend buying a cupcake holder ASAP ( or Michael’s). You can freeze the cupcakes in Tupperware up to 2 weeks in advance and it will actually make them moister- just frost them all 2 days before. Frozen cakes are also easier to frost BTW. SOP for most bakeries. Hopefully you have already thought about cupcake display stand? I’m stressed just thinking about what lies ahead for you- hah!
    and 4 hours of interview better mean you got the job- damn!

  8. Alitasays:

    mm how nice they look! Gingerbread and latte all in one!
    Nice combination of tastes and great decoration!

  9. Alitasays:

    As the date for the Wedding is approaching, I’d like to wish you a great success with these cupcakes!
    Hey hey :) I have a birthday on Dec 31 :D

  10. Stefsays:

    Tempered – You are making me nervous :). Maybe I should reconsider my non-freezing approach. I’m definitely going to give it some serious consideration. Thanks so much for all the advice/wanrnings. The Bride’s dad is actually building a cupcake stand. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

    As for the job, it sounds like they decided to not hire anyone right now. Grrr. I may be able to work there in the future though, if I am still looking.

    Alita – Thanks so much! Happy early birthday!

  11. Alitasays:

    Get a stand and everything will be perfect, don’t worry :)
    Once I had to prepare two giant cakes about 100cm x 70 cm each, and the day before my back ached for standing and beating cream …
    six hours … with my ordinary hand mixer … :) So I suggest investing in a mixer that could do the job itself.
    I’m not saying anything about the decoration it’s another story :)
    Good luck :)
    Will come back to see how’re things going,

  12. Stefsays:

    Alita – I hope you are right! I’ve got the mixer thing covered. I have my kitchen aid plus I am going to borrow a second kitchen aid to make things easier.

  13. Helenesays:

    Wow that’s going to be great. I love the idea. I really like the soda fountain cupcakes. Nice work.

  14. chriseasays:

    I agree about freezing the plain, fully cooled cupcakes. Even if you start a few days prior, they will be fresh when served. then decorating all at once. They look delish! best of luck!!!

  15. Anonymoussays:

    I realise this post was a couple of years ago now.
    but what about serving the margarita cupcakes in a cocktail glass?
    If the glass is of good quality you could bake the cakes in the glasses and serve from the glass with a spoon. maybe add a little salt around the edge for effect or a glazed lime wedge. yum!

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