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Home  »  Recipes  »  reviews  » Sweet Dreams of Chocolate told me that they wanted to send some free chocolate for me to write about. As you might imagine, with a name like they have a lot of chocolate on their site. I wondered what might come in my package.

Could it be…

A Vere Ultimo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar? This is a certified 100% organic single-origin dark chocolate bar with 75% cacao content. I’ve been enjoying trying single-origin chocolate. I’d enjoy trying a different brand.

A Choclatique Premium Chocolate Chip Sampler? I’ve never tried this brand of chocolate chips. Maybe they would send me these so I would get hooked on using them whenever my recipes called for chocolate chips.

Choclatique Premium Dark Chocolate Curls 8 Oz Bag? I know I could figure out how to make my own chocolate curly-Q’s. However, if a bag of them arrived at my door, I wouldn’t complain. They would look so pretty on top of a cupcake.I thought about asking what would be in the box, but I decided that would kill the surprise.

What did Send?

The Nautical Collection 60 Piece Gift Assortment. This chocolate gift box contained almond butter crunch, toasted almonds in milk chocolate, orange crunch in dark sweet chocolate, creamy butter caramel with a pecan in dark sweet chocolate, and solid milk chocolate – all in sea themed shapes.

I certainly wasn’t going to melt these chocolates down to bake with them. However, I could use them to top some beach-themed cupcakes!

Beach cupcakes will be sailing your way soon!

These are the first cupcakes I’ve made where I needed to provide tasters with a topper guide to ensure they got the flavor they liked.

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3 comments on “ Sweet Dreams of Chocolate”

  1. i am not satisfied using chocolate chips so far and i tend to use dark chocolate with high cocoa butter content. even the dark chocolate chips still are containing more sugar than cocoa butter. i shall try the more expensive one, like valrhona nibs, but yeah… still have to order online, that puts me off.

  2. Stefsays:

    I don’t mind buying things online if I buy a bunch at once. Otherwise, the shipping can be a bit much. I was looking today at buying some new cupcake liners online and the shipping is so much more than the actual product. Seems crazy. Anyway, I haven’t tried these particular chocolate chips. However, there has got to be a chocolate chip out there that makes you happy. I’ll let you know if I ever stumble across a really good one.

  3. Emilinesays:

    Oooh! Look at all of those goodies. I want.

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