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Bananas Foster Gelato

With all of the heat many of us have been experiencing this summer, you may be laughing at me when I tell you to turn your ovens to 350 F to bake the cupcake of the week. 

So, here’s something cold – a Bananas Foster gelato made with bananas and spiced rum and drizzled with a spiced rum caramel sauce (the same caramel that I used on my canelé cupcakes).  This Bananas Foster gelato tastes just like its namesake dessert, but without the pomp and circumstance of a table-side fire.  It’s straightforward to make and, while it can be prepared in an ice cream maker, it doesn’t require one.

Bananas Foster Gelato Recipe

I found the recipe for Bananas Foster gelato on Canadian Living’s website.  They called it Gelato di Banana al Rum and you can call it that, too, if you think that sounds snazzier.  You can head over there to find out how to make the gelato and you can find the must-have rum caramel recipe on my canelé cupcake post.

Oh – and that cute little spoon? You can find that at Sucre Shop.

A banana foster gelato recipe perfect for the hot summer! Made with bananas and spiced rum drizzled with spiced rum caramel sauce, this recipe is one best way to cool down the heat! Try this refreshing recipe today!
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