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Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcakes

Baby shower cakes serve as the centerpiece for any baby shower.

Choose a cake that best fits the personality of the expectant parent(s) or one that goes along with the theme of the shower. You can also make baby shower cupcakes for an easier handheld dessert option.

Use the ideas below as inspiration to find your perfect baby shower dessert!

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Traditionally, pink cakes are for baby girls and and blue cakes are for baby boys. These days anything goes! There is no reason to be held back by gender roles.

That being said, if the expectant parent loves classic pink girly things (check their registry to confirm), one of these cakes would be perfect.

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

Talk to the parent to see if they like the idea of a blue cake for their baby shower. If they do, go for it!

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Cakes

These cakes are perfect no matter what the gender of the baby will be. You can't go wrong with one of them!

Baby Shower Sheet Cakes

Sheet cakes are always a good choice for a crowd. Plus, they are typically easier to make than layer cakes and cost less if you choose to buy them. Here are a few ideas for baby shower-themed sheet cakes.

Simple Baby Shower Cakes

If you are working on a small budget or if you want to make something from scratch and you don't have strong cake baking skills, these simple baby shower cakes are for you!

Baby Shower Cupcakes

I love making cupcakes for a baby shower. That way, everyone can have their own dessert!

If you've never baked cupcakes before, read up on making cupcakes before getting started.

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