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April Fool’s Day Cupcakes Are a Fun Surprise Snack

“Would you like a cupcake?”
“Of course!”

“Wait… what?”
“April Fools!”
Today’s April Fool’s Day cupcake is really a piece of toast cut in the shape of cupcake, smeared with chocolate almond butter and cream cheese, and topped with candied sunflour seeds.
The cupcake toast is healthy (when compared to the real thing) and is the perfect April Fool’s Day after school snack.


This concept and all of the food styling was done by Brooke of Sucre Shop!  She’s been sharing other cute snack idea on her Instagram feed.  Check them out!
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4 comments on “April Fool’s Day Cupcakes Are a Fun Surprise Snack”

  1. thanks.. you have managed to fool me.. hehe..
    I wonder how do you cut the toast to look like cupcake.. do you draw the sample first or you just use your imagination?

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