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7 Tips for Dining Out with Toddlers

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Usually when a publication contacts me and asks if I’ll write for them, the topic is a given – they want original cupcake recipes.  While I love sharing cupcakes with the world, I was thrilled when FEAST Magazine offered me the opportunity to write about other areas that I am passionate about: dining out with my son and baby-led weaning.

If you’ve got little ones at home or know someone who does, check out my 7 tips for dining out with toddlers and leave a comment with some of your own tips.  What has worked for you?

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled cupcake programming tomorrow! :)

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4 comments on “7 Tips for Dining Out with Toddlers”

  1. Kamailesays:

    My son has multiple severe food allergies so we have to bring food for him to eat when we go out, but that doesn’t deter us from eating out with him. In fact, he loves eating at restaurants even though he doesn’t eat the food. Thankfully, he’s very well behaved.

  2. chrissays:

    OMG 3 year olds, bless their little hearts! I definitely agree with the tip about not bringing unnecessary food from home. If you have a picky eater, bringing food just perpetuates a bad habit (don’t even get me started on my nephew’s endless supply of chicken nuggets!).

    My tip is to be prepared to lose money. Restaurants can be very distracting for little ones, so eating might not be their priority. Don’t be surprised if they don’t eat much or lots of it ends up on the floor. Don’t force it on them just because you’re paying for it (it’s not like restaurant food is the nutritional value you’re looking for anyway). Encourage sharing food to increase the available variety and family experience. Consider establishments with free kids meals or order food that can be easily packed up to-go!

  3. Yay baby-led weaning! I have an 8 month old and am so grateful that my daughter’s pediatrician recommended the baby-led weaning book when I asked about starting her on solids. My family and friends are astounded at how easy and fuss free our meals are. I really appreciate the tips you gave as well. Thanks for talking about this!

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