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2012 Ice Cream Cupcake Contest Finalists

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The judges have spoken.  They’ve narrowed down 71 entries in the 2012 Ice Cream Cupcake Contest to three finalists – by no means an easy task.  And the finalists are…

“The cool refreshing combo of mint and chocolate is one of my personal favorites, and I could literally shovel chocolate buttercream into my mouth by the spoon full, so these were a clear favorite for me. I also loved the presentation of the homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiched between the cake with the generous slab of rich chocolate buttercream on top… mmm.” – Judge Lindsay Ann from Dollhouse Bakeshop

“Mint chocolate is my favorite flavor combination and I love that this is completely made from scratch.” – Judge Stephanie Nuccitelli from 52 Kitchen Adventures

“Can these be any more delicious sounding?! I love how she turned the ice cream cupcake into a peanut butter cup by coating it in chocolate. That is such a creative twist on the ice cream cupcake. I can imagine myself popping one after another of these in my mouth. They sound like a dangerously good indulgence.” – Judge Stephanie Nuccitelli from 52 Kitchen Adventures
“These Ice Cream Cupcake Peanut Butter Cups also caught my eye immediately! I LOVE Reese’s cups so the combination of PB ice cream and chocolate cake sealed in an edible chocolate cup was one of the most creative recreations of the peanut butter cup I have ever seen.” – Judge Lindsay Ann from Dollhouse Bakeshop
“Julia’s Funfetti Cupcakes were made with vanilla buttercream frosting and Funfetti sugar cookie dough ice cream and were beautifully topped with sprinkles.   Pinch me!” – Judge Melissa Johnson from Best Friends for Frosting
“Funfetti + cookie dough ice cream + frozen buttercream truffles in the cupcake. All I can say is: yum (I’m the kind of person who can eat frosting with a spoon).” – Judge Stephanie Nuccitelli from 52 Kitchen Adventures
What’s Next?
One of these three finalists will win the grand prize of the $250 gift certificate to a cooking/baking supply store.  We’ll be announcing the grand prize winner as soon as we hear back from our judges with their final pick!  In the meantime, head on over to my partner in crime, Scoopalicious, to find out if you’ve won one of the four entry prizes!
Thanks again to everyone who took the time to create an ice cream cupcake for this year’s contest.
As part of Foodbuzz, I received support from Häagen-Dazs® for this contest.  Huge thanks to both of them!  Thanks also to Sucre Shop, Cakespy, and Heather Baird for providing entry prizes.
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13 comments on “2012 Ice Cream Cupcake Contest Finalists”

  1. Chris Basdeckissays:

    I’m disappointed my entry wasn’t one of the top three, but it was a fun experience coming up with an ice cream cupcake for a contest. Good luck to the finalists!

  2. Sydsays:

    im sooo gonna try these recipes!!!!!

  3. OMG I’ve died and gone to heaven… the Funfetti. I. cannot. live. without.

  4. How exciting. Thay all look like winners to me. Cupcake heaven!

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  5. Congrats and good luck to the finalists! I was so happy just to be one of the judges favourites, I can only imagine how excited the finalist are :)

  6. Kamailesays:

    oooh…i’d totally pick the peanut butter cup ice cream cupcakes. I LOVE pb and chocolate together. And I think making them look like pb cups was pretty sweet. that may be next on my too bake list. Yum!

  7. TidyMomsays:

    What a fun contest!! the finalist all look amazing! I could NEVER choose just one……I think I need to try them all!!

  8. What a great selection of winners! Love how unique each concept is.

  9. What a great selection of winners! Love how unique each concept is.

  10. Creative concepts and delicious cupcakes! How I wish for my fast recovery in my dental implant new york operation, so that I could try making them all!

  11. My paradise valley hospital phoenix doctors advised me not to take too much sweets these days. Sad to say that I don’t have any chance on trying these sinful desserts anymore.

  12. This is so tempting! How I wish I could try these sweets, but unfortunately my friend from dental search engine optimization company told me to lower my sugar intake to prevent from severe oral problems..

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