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It’s Election Time

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Voting is now closed.  I will be posting the winner early this week.

The candidates, FilterPure, Planet Water, and Heifer International, haven’t bombarded you with campaign phone calls or pamphlets in your mailbox. That doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t appreciate your vote this week.  Today through Friday, we will be voting on which of the three charities above we will be raising $4000 for during the month of November (read the introductory post to Cupcake Project 4.0 for details).

Before casting your vote, I would encourage you to take the time to read about all three charities.  You can start by reading the posts on Cupcake Project (FilterPure, Planet Water, and Heifer International) where the charities have detailed what they would do with the $4000.  From there, you can dive into the charities’ websites to learn more.


  1. One vote per person. 
  2. All votes must be in by 11:59 PM CDT this Friday.
  3. To remove potential bias, I am not going to reveal any voting results until the votes are all in.

How To Vote

To vote, complete the form below.  I am asking for your name and email only to ensure that there is just one vote per person.  I will not be contacting you about your vote or using your email for any other purpose.


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