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Cookie Spread – Review and Giveaway (12 winners!)

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Imagine using a Biscoff cookie as you would use peanut butter.  You could smear it on bread, dip veggies into it, eat it by the spoonful, or, in my case, use it as a frosting.  Imagine no more, my friends; such a thing exists.  It’s called Tamarin spread and it’s the cinnamon cookie lover’s Nutella.  I think my dad summed up this product best when he said, “You’d better take this away from me, I could eat way too much of this stuff.”

I know that Tamarin spread is no health food (you’re spreading a cookie on bread) but I love that it has a simple ingredient list: flour, sugar, rapeseed oil, baking powder, soy lecithin (for smoothness), salt, and spices.  When I talked to my contact at Tamarin, who sent me the free spread, he told me that they actually make the speculoos (the generic name for Biscoff) cookies in the traditional way, then smash them to a powder to make the spread.  Neat!

Tamarin spread has been available overseas since 2008, but the company is currently trying to break into the U.S. market. While you can buy Tamarin spread online, it may not available at your local shop (check here to see if they sell it near you).

The folks at Tamarin were nice enough to give me one dozen jars of the spread to give away.  Here’s how you can win:

  • I’ll randomly choose six winners from people who leave a comment on this post. Tell me why you want to try the Tamarin spread and be sure to include your email so that I can contact you.
  • I’ll choose the other six winners randomly from people who join my newly created Facebook fan page and comment on the status update where I talk about this contest.  I’m really excited about my new Facebook page and I hope that it becomes a fun interactive extension of this blog.

Details:  The contest is open to U.S. residents only and ends on Tue., July 27 at 11:59 PM CDT.   No one can win more that once, but you can enter two times – once on the blog and once on Facebook.

Update: The blog winners are listed below.  Check the Facebook page for the Facebook winners. Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Vivian mac, who said, “Sounds yummy! I’d make a biscoff sandwich with Tamarin. :)”
  • Rebecca, who said, “I love Nutella, especially on a crepe with bananas and whipped cream. I wonder if this would taste equally as good?”
  • Jeff and Corrine, who said, “yum…I must try this!”
  • Sourkraut, who said ” Holy cow! I absolutely must win this! My family is German so even though I grew up in the states we were frequently treated to German delicacies, especially around the holidays. One of my favorites was always Spekulatius, which is, you guessed it, the German version of speculoos. Even if I don’t win this contest I’ll have to track down a jar of this fantastic-sounding stuff. It’ll bring back a taste of my childhood!”
  • Anonymous, who said, ” I want to try it as I love cinnamon and sugar and have never been a fan of Nutella..but wanted my own spread w/o chocolate!”
  • Anonymous, who said, “This is the first i have ever heard of this spread and it sounds amazing. Speculos cookies are a family tradition. my mom has learned these from her mom who brought the recipe over straight from belgium. If i win this, i would actually give it to my mom b/c of her love of these cookies and it would be great for her to have another happy memory of her mother.”
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141 comments on “Cookie Spread – Review and Giveaway (12 winners!)”

  1. Miss E says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Miss E says:

    I am literally salivating at the thought of this. And that is why I should be one of your winners!

    brixton [at] gmail

  3. Kelly says:

    I heart cinnamon. Cinnamon toast, cinnamon apples, cinnamon sugar cookies, cinnamon rolls (FAVORITE THING EVER)…you get the idea. (I sound like Bubba naming all the kinds of shrimp in Forrest Gump…ha!). This sounds like a great idea for a spread and I look forward to trying it!

  4. I love Nutella (even thought I know it’s unhealthy) and I’m sure I’ll love this too.

  5. Marilyn says:

    It sounds wonderful. I would love to try it! marilynnicky at gmail

  6. Julie says:

    I love cinnamon, and Nutella is something I eat all the time, so this sounds wonderful!!

  7. Lauren G. says:

    I LOVE cinnamon so this sounds like something I’d LOVE! I could see putting it on toast or even in some icing on one of my cupcakes! I’d love to win! :)

  8. Liz says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Liz says:

    I really, really, really want to have a jar of this and a package of English Muffins. I think this would be so tasty for brunch!

    liz.nelson.531 AT gmail DOT com

  10. This sounds just divine! I think I better see if we have any biscoff cookies in the pantry.

  11. EvilDucky77 says:

    Cookie spread!? Sign me up!

    Evilducky77 at

  12. Sarah says:

    I love cinnamon. I love nutella. Sounds good to me!

    maxima91 at hot mail

  13. K. says:

    Biscoff cookies are the best! I can only imagine how yummy spreadable Biscoff cookies would be. My mouth is already watering at the thought…I may have to go in hunt of some of this!

  14. Joy says:

    I would love some. I would probably just eat it out of the jar.

  15. Lehcarjt says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Lehcarjt says:

    How fun! My kids are at a nut-free school and it would be interesting to see how this would do on a sandwich for lunch.

    rtaylortoys at gmail dot com

  17. Tricia says:

    Why WOULDN’T I want to try this stuff!! ;) Oh my goodness! But you know what… I’ve never even tried Nutella… so it’s probably time to open my horizons! brettntrish at hotmail dot com

  18. ERose13 says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Seema Patel says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Seema Patel says:

    After living with him for a year, my fiance finally informed me yesterday–every so sweetly–that his DREAM cupcake would be a snickerdoodle cupcake, because cinnamon & sugar are his favorite flavors! This weekend, I plan to surprise him with a batch. His other favorite food however, is plain white bread. Then, I saw your post, and this spread would be the perfect complement–both for him, and for my surprise for him!

  21. ERose13 says:

    Mmmm. Sounds scrumptious! I can’t wait to try some! I’ll just have to fill the void with Nutella.

    Ehancock08 (at gmail dot com)

  22. ashley says:

    i love the sound of this. it sounds like it might be great melted onto ice cream, or even eating spread on a sugar cookie or out of a jar.

  23. Mimi says:

    i would love to try this because i love peanut butter and nutella, and i have a feeling this would soon join those two on my list of favorites. :) it sounds soooo yummy! and i could use it with my baking too. how exciting! :D

    <3, Mimi

  24. Jolene says:

    Oh my gosh. How have I lived without this?

  25. Becky says:

    It is spreadable cookie dough! Of course I want to try it!

  26. Natalie says:

    I’ve never had biscoff, can you believe that? Hence I think I need to try some of this :)

  27. Uhm, YUMMY! I need to give this stuff a try!

  28. Liz K. says:

    Years ago I spent a year abroad in Belgium and I practically lived off those cookies and speculose ice cream. It’s really difficult to find anything even similar where I live, so I would love to relive a bit of my past!

  29. Grace says:

    Biscoff cookies taste like a party in my mouth. But I don’t fly often so it’s a very rare chance that I get to have this party. But the spread? Oh, yeah, party all the time. Plus who doesn’t love bread?

  30. Rachel Hope says:

    Sounds Delish!!! Hope I win!!! :)

  31. Sara says:

    Mmmm, I would definitely love to try this since I’m a huge Nutella fan. I think it would be great with strawberries!

  32. Courtney says:

    I want to try this because I love Nutella, and a cinnamon version sounds like it would be divine.

    cjpeacockbird at gmail dot com.

  33. Marjorie says:

    Smashed cookie spread? Seriously? How could this not be amazing??? I wonder if it would be good layered with nutella….

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Why do I want to win this? Because it sounds like Heaven in a jar!


  35. My dad bought a crepe from a mobile crepe stand while we were volunteering in North Carolina earlier in the summer. The crepe itself was actually gross in texture, but it was spread with this stuff…so we all devoured it. My dad makes excellent home-made crepes for us almost every Sunday, and I’m sure a jar of this would replace our current favorite topping of regular cinnamon and sugar!

  36. Cindy d says:

    I love cinnamon and I love free things!

  37. Niveditha says:

    I am a great fan of Nutella and I can’t wait to try Tamarin. Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  38. trishket says:

    OMG, this sounds delicious! I’d love to smear it on a graham cracker, so I’d be smearing a liquified cookie on another cookie. I checked the product locator site and the closest store that sells it is 500 miles away from me! Instead, I’m bookmarking it on Amazon right now!

    Thanks for the giveaway! trishket[at]

  39. emerzim says:

    This sounds so tasty! I would love to figure out some fun ways to use it!

  40. vivian mac says:

    Sounds yummy! I’d make a biscoff sandwich with Tamarin. :)

  41. Rebecca says:

    I love Nutella, especially on a crepe with bananas and whipped cream. I wonder if this would taste equally as good?

  42. Jen says:

    Mmmmm… I wonder if it’s the right consistency to swirl into some home-made ice cream!

  43. I really can’t see why anyone would NOT want to try this spread. Not only is it cinnamon sugar but it’s cookies! As a spread! Carbs on top of carbs! LOVE.


  44. Anonymous says:

    you had me at the reseblence to nutella!!! I would love to own a jar!


    Thanks Rachel

  45. Annie says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Annie says:

    I love Nutella, and would love to give Tamarin spread a try.

    wards121 at

  47. Tara says:

    I am curious about this spread. I love cinnamon. Thank you for this opportunity.

  48. I cannot even think to what it would taste like so Im dying to try it!

  49. Lisa says:

    I’d love to try it because I love trying new things.

  50. justine says:

    My husband calls me Cinnamon Girl. And I’ve been known to eat spreads right out of the jar, with a chopstick. Forget spreading it. I’d LOVE to try this!!

    (my contact info is in my profile … keeping fingers xx’d for a jar in my mailbox!)

  51. Baby says:

    …just ‘cuz it sounds yummy.

    wordgird AT gmail DOT com

  52. K says:

    I’m having a hard time imagining what this would taste like but I could only imagine it’d be delicious. I’d love to try!

  53. Cinnamon cookies are one of my favorite things to eat. In Mexico (where I’m finishing up a grad program), there’s a brand called Canellitas which is reasonably delicious and often make their way into my late-night-study-food-regime (healthy, yes?). For me, though, more than midnight snack fodder, cinnamon cookies are a taste of home; they evoke thoughts of chilly near-holiday winter nights baking icebox hermits with my mother, an operation we’ve undertaken each holiday since I was old enough to roll a dough ball in sugar (and pop it in my mouth, immediately and illicitly). Also, let’s face it. Sometimes a chick just needs a celery stick dipped in cookie. Or some apple with cookie. Or, perhaps, something crazy like carrots. And then definitely also pretzel rods. Definitely. Maybe also dipped in yogurt after that. And oh, the possibilities in oatmeal or plain yogurt…! Please pick me! My nostalgia, sweet tooth and I all very much want to try it!

  54. A says:

    Oh my goodness, my brother-in-law would adore this. He’s such a big nut for cinnamon. Even better if it is paired with ginger! I’d love to find a way to make something for him with both ginger and this spread–he’s so much fun to cook for, since he loves everything!

    konekoanni (at)

  55. Sara says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I’m a sucker for anything cinnamon and this looks so freakin’ delicious!

  56. MsRuckus says:

    I think that this might be the topping of the Belgian waffles I tried from a fantabulous food truck in NYC and I have been dreaming of them ever since. Please???

  57. Stephane says:

    Oh, heavens! The locator shows this spread isn’t even available in the same latitude as I live! Perhaps I’ll be able to find an online source. I do love Dutch speculaas so this spread sounds fabulous! In the meantime, I’m going to try your recipe for speculoos. ; )

  58. Blair says:

    Yummmmy – I want to try it on a spoon… not that I would eat the spoon, but those spoons make good vehicles for tasting things like this!

  59. Timeeka says:

    I love cinnamon, so I’m tempted to buy a case of this spread just because.

  60. yum…I must try this!

  61. I like this recipes this recipes is really good and nice thanks for share it.

    Print Pocket Folders

  62. britneysmurf says:

    A spreadable cookie?! I want to try Tamarin so I can see how many things is tastes good on…fruit, oatmeal, bread, cookies, and of course cupcakes!

  63. Kelly says:

    OMG!! YUMMY!! Biscoff cookies are a total weakness of mine and I would LOVE to try this spread!! One time after a plane trip where they served those cookies, I ordered a case (do you know how many are in a case??) and ate them ALL! Please let me try this!

  64. Brit says:

    I’ve never heard of biscoff cookies, much less a spread made from them. A spread made from cookies?! Sounds ridiculous, and awesome!

  65. Leslie J says:

    My grandmother’s cookie of choice was always snickerdoodles, so any kind of cinnamon cookie is fine by me! This product is genius!

  66. Anonymous says:

    I have always really wanted to try nutella, but my digestive system reacts very badly to anything chocolate. If you pick me, I would no longer have to look on my friends with envy as the glop nutella on every food imaginable, because I would have the even more delectable cinnamon cookie srpead known as Tamarin!!! Please please double please pick me!!!!!!

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Whoa…what I would like to try is your Biscoff recipe and make sandwich cookies with the Tamarin spread in the middle.

    Biscoff cookie = Very Good

    Biscoff cookie + Tamarin spread = Great

    Biscoff cookie + Tamarin spread + Biscoff cookie = PRICELESS :-)!!!

    Hallie Grubaugh

  69. Sourkraut says:

    Holy cow! I absolutely must win this! My family is German so even though I grew up in the states we were frequently treated to German delicacies, especially around the holidays. One of my favorites was always Spekulatius, which is, you guessed it, the German version of speculoos. Even if I don’t win this contest I’ll have to track down a jar of this fantastic-sounding stuff. It’ll bring back a taste of my childhood!

  70. Jen says:

    This stuff looks awesome!

  71. grace says:

    i decided i wanted to win this the moment i read ‘cinnamon cookie lover’s nutella.’ cinnamon is my life force, the end. :)

  72. angela says:

    mmmMMMMMmmMMmmmmMmmmm….. I wanna try it because it sounds SUPER DUPER YUMMO…!

  73. This sounds amazing! I want it because my boyfriend loves anything cinnamon sugar and I want to bake us some cupcakes, but most especially I want to serve this on English muffins. Mmmmmmmm! starlaiste [at] gmail [dot] com

  74. cfiggee says:

    I lived in Belgium for awhile and fondly remember specalaas as the cookies were called by the Flemish. We would stand outside the bakeshops drinking in the smells, just waiting for the cookie to be turned out of its traditional wooden mold.

    I miss that authentic flavor and would love to relive my memories.

  75. CINNAMON!!!! I eat it on almost anything. This Tamarin stuff looks like my ultimate sin waiting to happen, but I want it :O)

  76. Wow – sounds like a snickerdoodle on toast? I’m certainly going to have to get some to try one way or another!

  77. Gil says:

    I would like to win this contest because I like winning contests. I also like cookies. And I like you. But mostly cookies.

  78. Anonymous says:

    I have been known to save the little packages from the Biscoff cookie from the airline and order cases of them. I’d love to try this spread!

  79. Pat says:

    Cinnamon!!!…….it’s the nectar of the gods! It is my very favorite spice, by far.
    Who could not love it? I live in Baltimore and the closest store that sells Tamarind Spread is 90 miles away. My husband insists that is too far to travel for a jar of spread. I think a road trip is in order….maybe while he’s away at work?

  80. Edana says:

    Cinnamon…the spice! You’re the only person in the country with a supply of this? You very well may have complete control over the universe.

    I want to make thumbprint cookies and put this in the thumbprints. Also perhaps a Tamarin and Nutella sandwich. (Tamarin and Fluff? Tamarin and Nutella AND Fluff?)

  81. Anonymous says:

    OMG…. I need this! Ok. So, I live in Cinnaminson, NJ. Hello this is made for me!!!! I heart cinnamon.

  82. Francesca says:

    Yummy!! I LOVE those cookies! I’ve had them on Delta flights several times! Mmmmmm good!

    I love Nutella (I’m a chocoholic), so I can’t imagine NOT loving cookie flavored spread!

  83. Francesca (again) says:

    Forgot to leave my e-mail!

  84. Raelyn says:

    I LOVE Biscoff cookies! I can’t wait to try this spread!

  85. knev says:

    Im a triathlete and am always hungry and craving sweets, but my everyday cookies and breads are getting boring so i need something to spice them up.

  86. Tricia says:

    I would love to have more than one addiction. Nutella and chocolate need competetion.

  87. Lara says:

    oh my gosh, genius! spreadable cookies?! sign me up. would it be unacceptable to spread it on other cookies, say a chocolate-chocolate chip one? loooove cinnamon and chocolate together :]

    downtown_seoul @

  88. mskimmi says:

    I LOVE cinnamon flavored everything. I put cinnamon in my peanut butter, in caramel, in any sweet dip. So the idea of spreadable cinnamon is something that I just have to try!

  89. Yen says:

    Sounds yummy. I am thinking of mixing the cinnamon yummy goodness to brownies already.

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. The reason why I’d want to try the spread is because I’m a pastry chef– I could definitely use it in my recipes!

    Totally forgot to put my e-mail in my last comment…Yeesh! I am so intelligent. :P

  92. Lindsay says:

    I want to try it so I can make a cookie sandwich with cookie spread in the middle!

  93. Jen says:

    This spread sounds awesome. Cinnamon is such a versatile flavor, I can already think of a dozen things this would be good on. It sounds perfect for breakfast with a little pastry and a cup of coffee – yum! Thanks for sharing!

  94. Yummy! This looks amazing, but I cannot imagine what it’ll taste like. I love nutella, so I’m sure I’d like something like this!

  95. charlene020 says:

    I love this stuff – I had it in Europe a year ago and thought I would never taste it again! Thanks for the chance to enter and I hope you have a great week-end!

  96. Anonymous says:

    1. Cinnamon cookies are like, my childhood. This would be my childhood in a jar. If I get stressed out for a test, it would be WHAM! instant teletubbies. Well, I don’t stress eat. But if I had a test that day, and I needed to eat breakfast (I always do anyway…) this would be my first choice.

    2. I could mix it with nutella or peanut butter or jam or something and create Super Spread.

  97. Laura says:

    I have recently started to recover from a Nutella addiction, and I’m ready to move on to Tamarin! Cinnamon is definitely my favorite spice. I put in anything I can get away with, and sometimes even things I can’t. My family loves to tease me about the time I tainted the taco meat with it. Haha! It’s been a few years, and I’m much better at spicing things, but my love of cinnamon has only grown! I can’t wait to see what I can make out of this stuff.

  98. lindylou says:

    This sounds SO good, I MUST try it!
    Thanks for wanting to give some away!

    lindy.o (at) cox (dot) net

  99. Tanya says:

    Love to try new things!

  100. emily says:

    with bananas on pancakes or crepes!

  101. Boot ~C says:

    how could I NOT want to try this?:) I love cinnamon

  102. lauramil says:

    I need this because i would make banana breakfast sandwiches with it!!Maybe i’ll even french toast the bread…..mmmmmyummy!

  103. PenguinBot says:

    I’ll be honest. I’d probably just eat a bunch of it straight out of the jar.
    laurel (at)

  104. Cherloo says:

    I am obsessed, literally with cinnamon. This would make the BEST cinnamon toast, and cinnamon stuffed french toast, or just taste really fabu on a spoon!!!

  105. Elisa says:

    I love cinnamon/sugar mixture on anything, but what I love even more is trying new ingredients and bringing those ingredients into my kitchen to use with my kids. I’m excited about trying this new product!

  106. Anonymous says:

    I want to try it as I love cinnamon and sugar and have never been a fan of Nutella..but wanted my own spread w/o chocolate!

  107. JudyR says:

    My husband loves anything cinnamon so I would love to get a jar for him.

  108. Tinell says:

    OH!!! How my heart (and stomach) are yearning to win this jar of delciousness.

  109. Anonymous says:

    I have been reading about this in several different blogs and would love to try it!

  110. Anne says:

    um, can i just say? NOM. i am mildly obsessed with cinnamon– it ends up in waaaay more of my baking projects than actually call for it. i just think it makes everything better!!

  111. Julie says:

    mmm….cinnamon! would love to try this!!

  112. Emily N. says:

    I’d like to try this as a fruit dip.
    email in profile

  113. Meredith says:

    I have never heard of this but it sounds great!

  114. Cakefortwo says:

    I for one am a nutella *FREAK* and have been in a could-compete-with-my-pregnant-bestie food craving mode lately… o.O Cinnamon Cookie spread?? seriously!? O.O I don’t know how you found this stuff but it sounds fantastic…

    Oh the wonderful things i could bake with these!!! If i end up not winning one of these miraculous jars i may just have to saddle up and buy one anyways.. haha. Good luck to everybody!

  115. violet78 says:

    I love Nutella and would love to try the cinnamon variation!

  116. Anonymous says:

    This is the first i have ever heard of this spread and it sounds amazing. Speculos cookies are a family tradition. my mom has learned these from her mom who brought the recipe over straight from belgium. If i win this, i would actually give it to my mom b/c of her love of these cookies and it would be great for her to have another happy memory of her mother.

  117. Amanda says:

    This just sounds amazing! Cokkie anything, mmmmmmmmm…. I’d love to try it!

  118. Hannah says:

    This sounds amazing!

    hannah.druckman [at] gmail

  119. Pumpkin says:

    I sooo need this! I spent the weekend canning peaches picked freshly off our tree. 10 jars of peach jam were canned and there are still 3 giant bowls full. UGH! Please don’t make me can any more jam. I’d much rather make peach cobbler cupcakes and top them with this spread. If I win, I promise to share my cupcakes and not hoard them all for myself :)

  120. This sounds like the best idea ever. Ever. I want to try this banana slices, and with oatmeal, and then with chocolate and/or nutella. Ooo…I wonder how it tastes with butter on a toasted english muffin, or just on a SPOON!

  121. Anonymous says:

    Totally unrelated, but I saw this and IMMEDIATELY thought of your blog.

    Maybe in time for Halloween?
    –Kathi in Indy :-)

  122. I am obsessed with cinnamon…. nuff said :)


  123. Oooooh, cinnamon-y. I love speculoos, and even more I love saying “speculoos.” This spread would probably be fantastic on fruit, too: spread on a slice of apple or chunk of banana.

    OH, or how about a peeled pear, cored and cut into thirds, topped with a spoonful of Tamarin spread and broiled? Mmmm.

  124. I love to eat biscoff cookies with orange juice…… i can only imagine the yumminess of slathering on this spread on orange wedges!! mmmm!!


  125. R says:

    Sounds yummy to me.
    I love biscoff cookies!

  126. R says:

    silly me, I didn’t include my email
    caringcrochet at

  127. Wehaf says:

    I love cinnamon cookies, and this spread sounds delicious. It would be perfect on a bagel for a quick breakfast.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  128. Jackie says:

    I love biscoff cookies and i bet they would taste better with this spread!

    jackienguyen95 (at)

  129. Miss Naumann says:

    Well, I love Biscoff cookies…I want to try the spread inside a crepe. You know, like people use Nutella…but I don’t like hazelnuts.

  130. Shannon says:

    The label on the jar is cute enough to make me want to try it.

  131. WWillows6 says:

    A cinnamon cookie spread sounds so delicious and I would love to have this as a treat!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  132. Wow. This is a must have. Wife and I love cookie dough, but first I’ve heard of spreadable cookie!

    Pass the milk!

  133. I want this to eat it with a spoon :)

  134. Carol Browne says:

    Cinnamon cookie spread on toast? Best spread ever! (Sorry Nutella). I’d put it on apple slices, too. I just made it into health food. :-)

  135. ironstef says:

    Biscoff’s are my favorite. I would spread this ON biscoffs. I need this spread in my mouth.

  136. I’d love make a Biscoff sandwich cookies with this stuff!!

  137. You had me at ‘spreadable cookies’. This sounds delightful, and I would post about it on mah blog.

  138. Rachel says:

    How do you think the spread would taste as frosting for a strawberry cupcake? Should I mix it with cream cheese or leave it as is?

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