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10 Things Only Cupcake Bakers Understand

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1.  The feeling when a perfectly domed cupcake sinks as it cools.

2.  That frosting can hide so many mistakes. It’s our little secret.

3.  But if frosting doesn’t make the cupcake pretty, there’s a magical fix.

4.  That no matter how many times you tell us that something else is the new cupcake, you aren’t going to make us go away.

5. That we get to do this.

6. That we don’t care about your diet.  Try the cupcake – or at least pretend to.  You don’t have to finish it.

7.  That people who love cupcakes from box mixes have a lot to learn.

8.  That we are praying that you don’t set our cupcakes out in the sun.

9.  That we won’t be able to listen to what you are saying while you are eating a cupcake.  We are too busy hoping to see this:

10. That we stockpile baking supplies and cupcake liners.  Replace closet with pantry and there is our dream:

We’re a pretty cool bunch.  If you want to join us, I’ve got over 200 cupcake recipes on this site to get you started.

What would you add?

Let me know in the comments.

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10 comments on “10 Things Only Cupcake Bakers Understand”

  1. Fayesays:

    1. The sudden urge to bake cupcakes can strike at any time…even midnight!
    2. 5 minutes after baking dozens of cupcakes, you want to bake more!
    3. Nothing is “over-the-top” when it comes to cupcakes
    4. Don’t call my cupcake a muffin

  2. Denise S.says:

    I can relate to every single one of them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. RBJsays:

    We believe in small miracles.
    It’s not about the cake, the frosting or the sprinkles, its all about the love.
    We bake cupcakes because we can not because we can’t bake a multi-layered cake.
    Cupcakes are perfect for the commitment phobic. After all, its “just” a cupcake.
    Cupcakes are not some fly-by-night fad. Cute and substantive for generations.

  4. LJsays:

    Muffins are just ugly cupcakes!

    So with you on #10!! I would add, our feet are always sore. But 9 hours of baking and prettifying is a perfectly normal Sunday activity.

  5. Candisays:

    This is one of the most clever and thought out posts I have seen. Why didn’t I think of it?

  6. Rachelsays:

    Ha–#2 & #4. Frosting is the perfect cover. And at least among my group of friends & coworkers, I get asked to bake cupcakes all the time. People never get sick of them (no matter what the MSM says)!

  7. Michellesays:

    A box mixes is no different than from scratch or I can make a box mixes taste like scratch made.

    Umm, no, just no. Not even close to the same and a box will never taste like scratch made. Also people who lie about baking from scratch when it looks and tastes like a box mix. Just own up to it.

    Big pet peeves of mine.

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