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Cranberry Pillow Cookies

Cranberry Pillow Cookies Stuffed with Maple Cream Cheese

My pillow may very well be my favorite place in the world – soft and inviting, it’s a place to rest my head and drift away from the day. Like my pillow, these cranberry pillow cookies are soft and inviting and are stuffed with something fluffy (maple cream cheese) – but please don’t sleep on [...]

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Mulled Wine Cookies

Mulled Wine Cookies

Mulled wine cookies are large, soft spice cookies with mulled wine poured right into the batter. The mulled wine flavor comes through the best in the mulled wine icing that zig-zags across the tops of the mulled wine cookies.  I thought it was pretty to pipe the icing that way, but next time, I’d throw [...]

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Chocolate Cookie

The First Chocolate Cookie

I’m not calling these chocolate cookies “the first chocolate cookies” because they are the first ones in this cookie project.  Rather, I named them as such because they are baked from a very slightly modernized version of a chocolate cookie recipe believed to be the first chocolate cookie recipe ever baked in the United States. [...]

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Cookie Supplies

Cookie Suppies 101 – A Complete Shopper’s Guide

In making over 26 cookie recipes for Cookie Project (I say “over” because I’m not sharing the duds), I used the same trusted tools again and again.  Below, I spell them all out for you and I share whether each item is a must-have or a nice-to-have.  You may be surprised by how few must-haves [...]

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Cookie Books

The Great Cookie Project – 26 Days of Cookies

I recently read a post by Heidi from 101 Cookbooks about maintaining a long-term blog.  She says: Here’s how I approach this site, and have for a long time. I think of it as my practice. It’s something I’m committed to, and look forward to being committed to for years to come. Contributing something new [...]

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Cupcake Project Community Bakeline

Cupcake Project Community Bakeline

We all have baking emergencies; we’re in the middle of baking and – HELP!! – something goes incredibly wrong or we have a question about a tool or technique or the way the recipe was written.  For a while now, the Cupcake Project Pinterest Explorer Facebook group has become a place where members can ask [...]

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