Blog | Cupcake Project - Part 5
Peppernut Snowmen

Peppernut Snowmen Cookies

Peppernut cookies, or Pfeffernusse in German, are traditionally tiny spice cookies (the size of a nut) and are loaded with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg.  There’s molasses, too, for a deep flavor and a splash of brandy for brightness.  But, the ingredient that sets these little guys apart is pepper! I got the idea to turn my […]

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Cherry Turnover Cookies

Mini Cherry Turnover Cookies

I fully acknowledge that I have one of the best jobs in the world.  I stay home, bake desserts, and get paid for it.  I really have no right to complain one iota.  But, every job has its little frustrations.  A small one that I have is that I hardly ever get a chance to […]

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Baked Brie Monkey Bread

Baked Brie Monkey Bread

Monkey bread looks simple enough – like a rustic Bundt cake.  It hides a secret: It is made of balls of cinnamon roll dough that you can rip off with your hands – allowing your family and friends to literally break bread together. This monkey bread has a second surprise in its pillowy cinnamon/sugar bread […]

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Chocolate Gingerbread Pretzel Cookies

Chocolate Gingerbread Pretzel Cookies

Everything is better with chocolate – including gingerbread.  These chocolate gingerbread pretzel cookies have all of gingerbread’s spices with the addition of melted dark chocolate. Of course, the most fun part about these cookies is that they look like pretzels.  The “salt” is really turbinado (raw) sugar. PrintChocolate Gingerbread Pretzel Cookies Yield: 3 dozen pretzel […]

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Sparkle Cookies

Sparkle Cookies (Arnhem Cookies)

In my quest for unique cookies, Arnhem cookies stood out like a sparkling light.  On the King Arthur Flour blog, they are called Crystal Diamonds and sparkle-icious.  I’m just going to call Arnhem cookies “sparkle cookies”. Sparkle cookies are made with cracker dough containing no sugar.  Instead of rolling the dough out on flour, you […]

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Chocolate Mousse Frosting

Chocolate Mousse Frosting – Dark, Decadent, and Creamy

What’s better than a bowl of chocolate mousse and a big spoon?  Chocolate mousse piped on top of your favorite cupcake! Chocolate mousse frosting is the ultimate in decadence.   It’s rich (we’re talking Oprah rich), smooth, and creamy.  If you plan to try one new frosting this year, try this one.  It’s chocolate, so […]

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