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Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie

I love my cutie pie!  Don’t you love yours? Of course, I’m talking about this little guy, who is getting bigger every day: But, I love my cutie pies too!  Cutie pies are small, orange custard pies with gingersnap crusts, topped with candied cuties (sometimes called clementines)!  If you’ve never tried an orange-flavored pie (and, […]

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candied cuties

Candied Cuties

You’re not supposed to look directly at the sun.  I’ve done it anyway (sorry, eyes); have you?  While sungazing is ill-advised, it’s totally safe to stare at these sunny candied cuties.  Candied cuties – sometimes called clementines – are super sticky, tart, and sweet enough to fill your sugar craving.  They can be enjoyed on […]

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Sweetie Pies

Sweetie Pie

I couldn’t help myself – I had to make sweetie pie for Valentine’s Day. What’s sweetie pie?  Since Google revealed no clear answer, I created my own sweetie pie recipe to share with the sweetie pies in my life. My sweetie pies are hand pies (you have to be able to hold your sweetie) and […]

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Orange Honey Sandwich Cookies

Honey Orange Mascarpone Sandwich Cookies

It doesn’t take a fairy godmother to get a simple cookie ready for the ball – just stack one cookie on top of another, put something irresistible in between, and you’re done. I made these honey orange mascarpone sandwich cookies by sandwiching honey orange mascarpone filling between two simple honey cut-out cookies.  I want to […]

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Honey Cookies

Simple Honey Cut-Out Cookies

When I think of honey cookies, I typically envision soft and spiced cookies.  These honey cut-out cookies have the texture of crisp sugar cookies but offer a satisfying honey taste.  They hold their shape perfectly during baking so you can use the honey cookies with your favorite cookie cutters. You can decorate these honey cookies […]

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Honey for baking

Do You Know Which Honey to Use for Baking?

Depending on what bees are eating, honey can take on all different flavors and even colors (Did you catch the story about bees feeding on remnants of colored M&M candy shells?).  I was reminded of this during a recent trip to Florida where I did a honey tasting offered by a company called Keez Bees.  […]

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