Blog | Cupcake Project - Part 2
Hash Brown French Toast

Maple Bacon Hash Brown French Toast Casserole

There are two camps of eaters: those who don’t like the different foods on their plates to touch (the separatists), and those who mix them all together (the smooshers).  I’m a smoosher – especially when it comes to breakfast foods.  I love maple, bacon, hash browns, and French toast even more when they are all in the […]

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Cake Boss Baking Givaway

Your Summer Baking Could Get a Lot Cuter

The Cake Boss Baking metal cake carrier is my new favorite cake carrier.  It has a vintage feel with an adorable modern style!  One lucky reader (will it be you?) will win the carrier along with the matching Cake Boss Baking prep bowls!  The prep bowls are cute enough to serve double duty as candy bowls […]

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All about Buttercream Frosting

What’s the Difference Between Italian, Swiss, and French Buttercream Frosting?

I was the strange kid who always wiped off and threw away the buttercream frosting from slices of birthday cake.  As I became a baker, I learned that most buttercream frosting we consume in America isn’t made with butter; grocery store cakes are typically frosted using shortening.  I developed an American buttercream recipe that I adore which […]

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How to Fix Overbaked Cake

I Overbaked My Cake, Now What?

Today, I overbaked a cake on purpose (eek!).  This was so much harder than doing it accidentally.  My brain kept saying, “I must save the cake!” but I resisted because I know that all of us overbake cakes from time to time.  I wanted to show you a simple way to turn your overbaked, dry, […]

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Toasted Coconut

How To Make Toasted Coconut Chips with Sea Salt and Caramel

One of my favorite snack foods right now is toasted coconut chips with caramel and sea salt.  You might have seen this product at Trader Joe’s sold under the name roasted coconut chips or you may have encountered a version made by Dang sold at other grocery stores.  Toasted coconut chips are sweet, salty, not at all […]

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Frosting Substitiion

The Frosting Substitute You Need to Know About

Sweet buttery frosting certainly has its place, but not every cupcake or cake needs to be topped with butter and sugar. A simple frosting substitute will make your cupcakes much healthier and also cool and refreshing. Instead of topping your cupcakes with frosting, substitute Greek yogurt!  I have a recipe on this site for Greek yogurt […]

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