Blog | Cupcake Project - Part 2
Pecan Pie

Three Reasons My Pecan Pie is Better Than Yours

My pecan pie is better than yours.  Sorry. Here’s why: 1. My pecan pie is made with maple syrup. Most pecan pies are made with corn syrup.  Does anyone really get excited about the taste of corn syrup?  Feel free to make a case for it the comments, but I won’t believe you anyway. Maple syrup, however, […]

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How much does a cup of flour weigh

How Much Does a Cup of Flour Weigh? I Weighed 192 Cups of All-Purpose Flour to Find Out.

How much does a cup of flour weigh?  It’s an important question if you want to be able to convert American recipes over to the metric system or if you want to break down a recipe to see the ratios of different ingredients.  Knowing the answer can also help you more easily scale recipes up […]

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Chocolate Sugar Pie

Sea Salt and Chocolate Skillet Sugar Pie

Skillet sugar pie has been a favorite around here since the first day that I shared the recipe – it tastes like crème brûlée in pie format. Today, I want to share a variation that chocolate lovers will embrace even more than the original: sea salt and chocolate skillet sugar pie!  This chocolate sugar pie tastes like […]

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Carrot Pie

Showstopper Carrot Pie with Pecan Brown Sugar Crust

If you’ve never had carrot pie before, you’re not alone.  I hadn’t either.  I was curious if I could bake a carrot pie in the same way as a sweet potato pie.  If so, I knew that I wanted to integrate one of carrot cake’s best elements, the cream cheese frosting, into the carrot pie recipe.  I could and […]

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fair trade giveaway

Fair Trade Mother’s Day Giveaway!

I’ve been writing about Fair Trade this week – how Fair Trade certification is an important mechanism for protecting and empowering women in agricultural communities around the world.  In addition to freedom from harassment and other social requirements, Fair Trade certification ensures that women have a voice, a vote, and a leadership role in their communities. Fair Trade USA has […]

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Coffee Lollipops

Homemade Cinnamon-Dusted Coffee Lollipops

When you were a kid and your mom gave you a lollipop, you had a huge smile that lasted just until the wrapper came off and your tongue came out.  This Mother’s Day, it’s time to reverse the roles and make your mom smile with a homemade cinnamon-dusted coffee lollipop.  The coffee lollipops are more […]

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