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10 All Time Favorite Fall Cupcakes

My Ten Favorite Fall Cupcake Recipes

I love the flavors of Fall, and as the temperature drops, it’s so nice to have a home filled with the warmth and smell of fresh baked goods.  Since people always ask me about my favorite cupcake recipes, I’ve put together this list of my ten favorite Fall cupcakes.  Happy baking! ◄ 10 of 10 [...]

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Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas

Thanksgiving is almost here!  Have you picked out a Thanksgiving cupcake recipe yet?  Here are my top picks. ◄ 3 of 5 Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas ► Sweet Potato Casserole Cupcakes On Thanksgiving, I walk right past the turkey on the buffet table and straight to the sweet potato casserole.  News flash:  Sweet potato casserole is [...]

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How to Convert a Cake Recipe to a Cupcake Recipe

How to Convert a Cake Recipe to a Cupcake Recipe You don’t need a cupcake recipe to bake cupcakes. In fact, most cake recipes can be easily converted to cupcake recipes: Make the cake batter as directed in the recipe. Fill one cupcake liner halfway with the batter.   Bake at the temperature called for in [...]

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Frequently Asked Cupcake Questions

I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked cupcake questions that I hope will be helpful to you.  Each page has an area for comments.  If you have your own tips or further questions related to a particular topic that I’ve covered, please add them to the appropriate page.  If there is a topic that you [...]

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How to Make a Big Frosting Swirl

How to Make a Big Frosting Swirl Everyone loves a giant cupcake swirl.  To make a perfect frosting swirl, you need three things: A stiff frosting that is pipe-able.  Not all frostings can be piped.  If yours can’t be piped, there are other ways to make cupcakes look pretty. A pastry bag.  I use disposable [...]

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How to Make Cupcakes Look Pretty

How to Make Cupcakes Look Pretty One thing that I have learned is not to fight the frosting. Some frosting recipes can be piped onto a cupcake and make beautiful swirls. Other frostings are meant to be spread. Don’t be sad if the frosting you make is the spreadable kind; your cupcake can still look [...]

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