Blog | Cupcake Project - Part 152

Frequently Asked Cupcake Questions

I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked cupcake questions that I hope will be helpful to you.  Each page has an area for comments.  If you have your own tips or further questions related to a particular topic that I’ve covered, please add them to the appropriate page.  If there is a topic that you [...]

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How to Make a Big Frosting Swirl

How to Make a Big Frosting Swirl Everyone loves a giant cupcake swirl.  To make a perfect frosting swirl, you need three things: A stiff frosting that is pipe-able.  Not all frostings can be piped.  If yours can’t be piped, there are other ways to make cupcakes look pretty. A pastry bag.  I use disposable [...]

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How to Make Cupcakes Look Pretty

How to Make Cupcakes Look Pretty One thing that I have learned is not to fight the frosting. Some frosting recipes can be piped onto a cupcake and make beautiful swirls. Other frostings are meant to be spread. Don’t be sad if the frosting you make is the spreadable kind; your cupcake can still look [...]

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How High to Fill Cupcake Liners

How High to Fill Cupcake Liners The height you should fill a cupcake liner varies by cupcake recipe. I strongly recommend baking a test cupcake if you are trying a new recipe: Fill one cupcake liner halfway and bake according to the recipe. See how high the cupcake rises.  Some recipes don’t rise at all, [...]

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How to Open a Cupcake Shop

How to Open a Cupcake Shop I’m regularly asked for advice on opening a cupcake shop.  Unfortunately, I do not own a shop and have never sold my cupcakes.  I bake cupcakes for friends and family and make money through recipe development and the advertisements that you see on this blog. Cupcakes Take the Cake [...]

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Food Photography Tips

Food Photography Tips I am extremely lucky to be married to a professional photographer.  Jonathan (of J. Pollack Photography) takes all of my photos.  He wrote a blog post on Digital Photography School with some of his top tips for food photos that is definitely worth a read.

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