Blog | Cupcake Project - Part 151

Sweet Potato Casserole Cupcakes: The New Thanksgiving Classic

The greatest food debate in Jewish cuisine and possibly the greatest Jewish debate of all time (though that’s debatable) is whether the passover matzoh balls should be sinkers or floaters. My family traditionally always served both kinds, each grandma at the table making up a batch that her mishpacha would most enjoy. My mother-in-law who [...]

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Cupcake Hero Contest: Cloves

Laurie of Quirky Cupcake has been kind enough to make me the co-host of this month’s Cupcake Hero contest. The theme of this month’s contest is cloves. I remember working with cloves in kindergarten when I made a primitive room freshener (an orange with cloves stuck in it). Do other people remember doing this? More [...]

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Every New Reader Is Exciting, But…

It brings me great joy that all of you read and enjoy my blog. I get particularly excited when you come out of the closet and say hi in the comments. Each new reader is equally important to me. It’s true. However, I must admit that I was a bit more excited than normal (OK, [...]

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Avocado Lime Cupcakes: It Isn’t Easy Being Green

“Cupcakes just shouldn’t be that color,”said my friend about my Avocado Lime Cupcakes knowing full well that any statement she made was liable to appear on this blog. She was willing to try them though. In fact, she ate a full three quarters of a cupcake. Yes, she and her boyfriend (of “I injured myself [...]

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Just Cupcake?

The more you know, the more the details matter. Earlier this year, I got into apples. Before, an apple was an apple. Now, I pay great attention to the type of apple I am eating. I even stick apple PLU stickers on the border of my office whiteboard to track what kinds I have already [...]

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Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes with Mead Frosting and a Honey Swirl: Rosh Hashana Cupcakes for a Sweet New Year

One cupcake taster closed her eyes to savor every bite. Another chose to eat this as his first piece of cake in 3 months and did not regret the choice. I ate one fresh out of the oven and it was so good I was scared that frosting it would screw it up somehow. It [...]

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