Blog | Cupcake Project - Part 149

Coffee Cupcakes: The Magic of Meringue

As I progress in this cupcake project, I find myself becoming obsessed with cupcakes. I look at more pictures of cupcakes than I care to admit and I’ve actually begun to see cupcakes where they don’t even exist. A popular cupcake type these days is the ice cream cone cupcake. For those that don’t look [...]

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Rum and Coke Cupcakes Topped with Rum Balls: A Surprise Hit

When I made the Soda Fountain cupcakes, I bought root beer extract, cream soda extract, and cola extract. I bought the cola extract specifically with this cupcake in mind. I’ve been wanting to make Rum and Coke cupcakes ever since the extracts arrived, but I thought I should space out my soda based creations. The [...]

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Chocolate Pretzel Cupcakes – The First Ganache

Salty and sweet with a crunch, these chocolate pretzel cupcakes have it all. My Chocolate Pretzel Cupcake Inspiration Before my office moved near my new favorite clothing store, Plato’s Closet (it’s not just for teens, really it’s not), we were located downtown directly above a Macy’s (we’re talking in the same building, no need to [...]

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Apple Banana Cupcakes Topped with Sweet Ricotta: Some Things are Better Naked

One of my favorite comfort foods is pasta (shells work well or wagon wheels) with cottage cheese, cinnamon, brown sugar, and golden raisins. It’s basically an easy version of my mom’s noodle pudding which is still pretty easy but takes longer to make. I could be making a stretch here since this recipe doesn’t even [...]

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Soda Fountain Cupcakes: Cakes on a Plane

These soda fountain cupcakes are actually root beer cupcakes topped with cream soda frosting and a chocolate malt ball. I found that just the smell of them made people smile. Cupcakes on a Plane I’ve been baking cupcakes for quite some time now, but since I live in St. Louis and my family lives in [...]

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How to Make Ricotta Cheese

How to Make Ricotta Cheese I had no idea how easy it is to make ricotta cheese. Here is how you make ricotta cheese: PrintHow to Make Ricotta Cheese IngredientsWhat you need 1/2 gallon of milk that has not been homogenized 1/4 cup of white vinegar Cheese cloth Pinch of baking powder to neutralize the [...]

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