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Absinthe is Legal and Ready to Be Used in Cupcakes

Absinthe is legal, but I’d never tried it before. Have you? Here are the basics, starting with… What is Absinthe? According to Buy Absinthe Alcohol, “Absinthe is a spirit made out of various plant extracts, among which [is] ‘Artemisia Absinthium’ or common wormwood.” What is Wormwood? According to Absinthe Fever (also the source of the […]

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Missouri Bean to Bar Update and a Reason to Go to St. Louis’ Union Station

On Valentine’s Day, I wrote about Patric chocolate, a top-notch chocolate that is produced from bean to bar in Missouri. Earlier this week, reader Kristen wrote to let me know that Cioccolato, a store located in St. Louis’ Union Station carries Askinosie, another Missouri bean to bar chocolate. Those of you who live in or […]

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Trader Joe’s Does Not Carry Vanilla Bean Paste

Many of you commented on my post on vanilla bean paste about being able to get cheap vanilla bean paste at Trader Joe’s. Since I hadn’t seen it at my local Trader Joe’s, I decided to try to find out what the story was by emailing Trader Joe’s directly. Here is their response: Hello Stefani, […]

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Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe – Cup-Pies

Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe Pumpkin pie is a holiday staple. However, isn’t it the best when everyone gets their own mini pumpkin pie (cup-pies)? (Note: Mini sweet potato pies are also a favorite of mine.) Here’s What the mini pumpkin pie recipe tasters had to say: My father was in town from NY to taste […]

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Vanilla frosting

Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting Recipe

This vanilla frosting recipe is so much better than your everyday vanilla frosting. Regular readers may know that I don’t typically like vanilla frosting. I typically make cream cheese frostings, mascarpone frostings, or glazes. However, this vanilla frosting recipe is an exception. It tastes just like melted vanilla ice cream. In fact, I used it […]

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Vanilla Bean Paste

Why You Should Buy Vanilla Bean Paste

Let’s start with the basics on why you should buy vanilla bean paste. What is Vanilla Bean Paste? When I first heard about vanilla bean paste, all I could picture was that white paste that you eat (umm.. glue with) in Kindergarten mixed with some bean specks. I found lots of pictures of the vanilla […]

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