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Homemade Graham Crackers Recipe: Graham Crackers Don’t Have to Be Square

It’s nice to have a homemade graham cracker recipe on hand for pie crusts, s’mores, and snacking.  People inherently understand the value of a homemade chocolate chip cookie or brownies made from scratch. However, even seasoned bakers seem to turn to a box rather than a homemade graham cracker recipe.  Although, not as simple as […]

Continue Reading · Comments { 46 } Sweet Dreams of Chocolate told me that they wanted to send some free chocolate for me to write about. As you might imagine, with a name like they have a lot of chocolate on their site. I wondered what might come in my package. Could it be… A Vere Ultimo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar? This is a […]

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Gluten-Free Quinoa Cupcakes: Quinoa for Breakfast Part 2

These gluten-free quinoa cupcakes were inspired by A Southern Grace’s apple cinnamon quinoa breakfast which I wrote about in part one of quinoa for breakfast. However, I am dedicating the gluten-free cupcakes to Cathy (a gluten-free friend of mine) whose husband wrote me this email back in September: “Okay, so I just read the blog […]

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Quinoa for Breakfast: Part 1

I’ve loved quinoa since I first encountered the little colorful curly-Q’s. It’s so much more interesting as a base for a dish than the old standby, white rice. However, until recently, I hadn’t considered the merits of quinoa over oatmeal. This post is part one of the story of quinoa for breakfast. Quin-whaa? The Wikipedia […]

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TCHO Beta Bars: Like Fudge Brownie Batter

I recently signed up at Blake Makes to receive and review free samples of food products. If you are a food blogger and you haven’t heard about Blake Makes yet, definitely check it out. This week’s sample was from TCHO chocolate, a San Francisco chocolate company. Over the past month, I’ve gone from chocolate commoner […]

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Absinthe Cupcakes: Brought to You By the Green Fairy

The Green Fairy Presents: Absinthe Cupcakes Prepare for a fantastical journey of taste like none you have experienced before. What The Fairy’s Friends Said About Absinthe Cupcakes The Green Fairy’s Only Friend who Had Tried Absinthe Before: Liked the flavor but was disappointed that he didn’t get drunk from the cupcake. (You can definitely taste […]

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