Blog | Cupcake Project - Part 147

Gingerbread Cupcakes: Could they be Perfect?

Gingerbread cupcakes are perfect for the holidays. Upon tasting the gingerbread cupcakes, Groom 1.0 stated that he thought they would be perfect for their wedding and even though he hadn’t tried the many cupcakes that were still to come these gingerbread cupcakes would likely make the cut. The only complaint that everyone had was that [...]

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Pumpkin Cheesecake: Is it a Cupcake?

This was a controversial “cupcake”. There was much debate among my friends as to what defines a cupcake. Does it have to be a traditional cake or does anything you can eat in a cupcake wrapper become a cupcake? What is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? Ultimately of course the bride and [...]

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Black and White Cupcakes: A Taste of NY

Being from NY, I love Black and White cookies. I wanted to recreate the essence of the black and white cookie in a black and white cupcake. Most people in St. Louis haven’t heard of black and white cookies except for maybe a reference to black and white cookies on Seinfeld. What better way to [...]

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Lemon Curd Filled Cupcakes: The First Flop

Since my first cupcake went so well from chockylit’s blog, I decided to try another right away. I made lemon curd filled cupcakes. These were way too sweet and just not particularly good. I did learn a few things making them though: 1. I learned how to put a filling in a cupcake. Wait [...]

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Chocolate Chai Spice: The First Cupcakes

First things first, to begin the project I went out and bought some supplies. I decided I would make 24 cupcakes in each test batch so I would need to buy a second muffin tin. I also was definitely going to want to play with piping icing so I needed a pastry bag. I ended [...]

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My Cupcake Blog: Why Have a Cupcake Blog?

Welcome to my cupcake blog! My cupcake blog is going to be the home for all of my cupcake experiments. I am going to be baking cupcakes for a wedding on New Year’s Eve 2007. Until then, I am going to bake a different cupcake each week, blog about it, and let the couple choose [...]

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