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Apricot Cupcakes with Almond Butter Frosting: One Way to Bake with Dried Fruit

These apricot cupcakes with almond butter frosting were inspired by the lamb and apricot stew I made for Taste and Create. I’d hoped that I could use fresh apricots for the cupcakes, but I’m no farmer and didn’t realize that it’s not quite apricot season yet. I could have used chunks of dried apricots. However, […]

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Lamb and Apricot Stew: How to Come Up with Cupcake Ideas

  How to Come Up With Cupcake Ideas Sometimes people ask how I come up with the ideas for my cupcakes. Absolutely any flavor you enjoy can become a cupcake. One of the reasons I like participating in Taste & Create is that it forces me to choose a dish to make from a particular […]

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Guava Chiffon Baby Shower Cupcakes: Great Only if You Like Guava

This weekend I was tasked with making tropical themed baby shower cupcakes. I could have made my margarita cupcakes, but I don’t repeat flavors and the baby shower cupcakes were no exception. Back in February, I got an email from reader Joe asking if I had a recipe for guava cupcakes. I am a big […]

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Chiffon Cake vs Angel Food Cake

My next cupcake is going to be a chiffon cupcake. In preparation, I thought I would clarify two important questions – “What is chiffon cake?” and “How are chiffon cakes different from angel food cakes?” To find the answers to both of my questions, I turned to the ever useful site, Joy of Baking. What […]

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Cupcake Project at Blogged

Cupcake Project Gets a New Grade

Blogging is about words. However, numbers definitely do come into play: Number of hits Number of page visits Google PageRank Technorati authority Number of comments on a post I just received an email from about a new number. Cupcake Project has been rated a 9.0 out of 10 on Their score is based […]

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passover chocolate

Kosher for Passover Chocolate Cupcakes: Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Moses raised his staff and parted the Red Sea. The Kosher for Passover chocolate cupcakes began their journey to the promised land. Since they didn’t have time to wait for bread to rise, the only food they brought along was – themselves. If you’re only going to have one dessert at your Passover table, don’t […]

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