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low calorie chocolate mousse

Relatively Low Calorie Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is not low calorie.  However, this chocolate mousse has no sugar, butter, or heavy cream in it, which makes it a relatively low calorie chocolate mousse.  The key to this chocolate mousse is using top quality chocolate.  In this chocolate mousse recipe, the flavor of the chocolate itself is what makes the mousse [...]

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Egg Safety: Cholesterol and Pasteurization

My journey into egg safety and ultimately pasteurized eggs started, of course, with a cupcake. It was time to make my “Better Than Sex Chocolate Cupcakes“, and as part of the cupcakes I wanted a chocolate mousse filling. It had to be a real chocolate mousse made with raw eggs. Are Eggs Bad For You? [...]

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Saffron Cupcakes: Golden Threads Make a Treasure

Saffron cupcakes are well worth every expensive bite. I’ve baked cupcakes with all kinds of unusual flavors – beer, avocado, ricotta cheese. Some work better than others. Saffron cupcakes work. The saffron’s flavor comes through in every bite and fills the air with a sweet, soft aroma. Why Saffron Cupcakes? This is my second time [...]

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Patric Chocolate: A Chocolate Tasting Experience

Patric Chocolate is one of only 5 or 6 companies in the United States that makes chocolate from bean to bar. Bean to bar means that the one company, in this case one person, is responsible for every step of the chocolate making process. Last night, I had the privilege of attending a Slow Food [...]

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Chocolate Doughnut Cupcakes: Yeast is a Beast

As this is a cupcake blog, doughnut cupcakes were my only choice if I wanted to participate in the Time to Make Doughnuts event by Peabody and Tartlette. I definitely wanted to play, so the chocolate doughnut cupcake was born. Doughnut Cupcakes are Harder Than Cupcake Cupcakes It typically takes me about two hours to [...]

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Mimosa Cupcakes: The Best Sunday Brunch Cupcakes

Mimosa cupcake update, 7/10/2010: This post is about mimosa cupcakes that I made in 2008.  They were delicious, but very dense.  Recently, I’ve been using a lighter orange cupcake for my mimosa cupcakes which has been a huge hit (I still use the frosting from this post and I don’t use any syrup at all).  [...]

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