Blog | Cupcake Project - Part 139

Bhapa Sandesh Indian Cupcakes: Happy Blogoversary to Me

One year ago today, I posted the first cupcake on this blog. It was an Indian-inspired chai cupcake. By total coincidence, one year later, I am posting another Indian cupcake. I wanted to make Indian cupcakes to go with my Taste & Create naan recipe(’cause you know, you need a starch to go with a [...]

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Mango Whipped Cream Frosting Recipe: Light and Refreshing

I wanted a light and refreshing topping for my Indian cupcakes. Mango whipped cream frosting fit the bill. Mango whipped cream frosting would also be great on a pound cake or angel food cake or cheesecake or to dip crackers in or whatever you can dream up! Buying Mangoes Buy the correct kind of mango. [...]

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Naan Recipe: If You Can Make Pancakes, You Can Make Naan

Naan is one of my favorite components of an Indian meal. Sometimes when I go to an Indian buffet, I’ll hit the buffet one last time for naan only so that it is the last flavor in my mouth when I walk out the door. What is Naan? Naan is an Indian bread that is [...]

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Olive Oil Cupcakes with Lemon, Thyme, and a Balsamic Vinegar Whipped Cream: Weird Thyming

Olive oil cupcakes with balsamic vinegar whipped cream don’t taste like salad dressing. If you love olive oil and balsamic vinegar, don’t be afraid to try them in something sweet. You won’t regret it! My olive oil cupcakes were made with lemon and thyme. They were dense and crumbly, yet plenty moist and tasted like [...]

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Baby Shower Cupcakes: Banana Chocolate Cupcakes with Macadamia Nut Butter Frosting

What Makes My Cupcakes Baby Shower Cupcakes? The baby shower cupcakes used an ingredient that is often found in baby food – bananas. The baby shower cupcakes are mini cupcakes – baby-sized. The baby shower cupcakes are topped with baby talk candy by Wilton (conversation hearts with baby shower themed words on them). The Baby [...]

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Magic Bullet vs Ordinary Blender: How to Make Nut Butter

Do You Need a Magic Bullet To Make Nut Butters? I wanted to make some macadamia nut butter for my Vere inspired banana, chocolate, and macadamia nut baby shower cupcakes. Several people told me that the best way to do it was to use a Magic Bullet. Luckily, Groom 2.0 owned a Magic Bullet, so [...]

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