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Vere Week Interview and Giveaway Part II – Running a Chocolate Company

This post is part of a 5 part series on Vere chocolate. To get the most out of this series, start on Part I. Part II: Running a Chocolate Company How large a company is Vere? It’s not very big. I have a factory in Manhattan where we make our artisinal products. The factory is […]

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Vere Week Interview and Giveaway Part I – The Vere Beginning

Vere week is here – your chance to win free chocolate! The following winners have already been drawn: Ivy, mrschloesmom, Verena, and Gina! But, it’s not too late to enter. Read the interview, then comment on the post for the correct day of the week to enter. Even if you already entered, you can enter […]

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Announcing Vere Week: Giveaways, Interview, and a Cupcake

Last month, I wrote about the free Vere chocolate I received from Kathy Moskal, Vere’s owner. While I had a few complaints about the strength of the flavors in their flavored bars, I found their chocolate quality to be top-notch. Many of you wrote that you enjoyed reading the review. Now it’s your chance to […]

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The Supreme Spice Extract Winner Is ….

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Supreme Spice extract giveaway contest! The winner was determined by a random number generator program written in GAWK by Jonathan (he’s multi-talented). $ gawk ‘BEGIN { srand(); print int(rand() * 84 + 1); }’69 In case you don’t feel like counting, the 69th commenter and therefore our […]

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Multigrain Cupcakes with Strawberries: Revisiting the Strawberry Cupcake

About a year ago, I made strawberry cupcakes. I used an award-winning recipe and I joked that I should have left well enough alone. I messed up the recipe by adding some jam, which made it too moist. Did I follow the strawberry cupcake recipe this year? Nope! I converted it to a mutigrain cupcake. […]

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Strawberry cream cheese frosting is a perfect summer frosting. It’s light and refreshing. I don’t like my strawberries with too much added sugar so I use fresh strawberries rather than a strawberry syrup in the frosting. Groom 1.0 said that the strawberry cream cheese frosting tasted a bit like strawberry yogurt. Why Strawberry Cream Cheese […]

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