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What to Drink with Your Cupcakes

What to Drink with Your Cupcakes Milk is my drink of choice with cupcakes. My mother-in-law is all about coffee with her cupcakes. She sometimes even waits for her coffee to be ready before taking a bite because she loves the combination so much. Soda is certainly a popular choice among the kids’ party circuit, […]

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Toffee Recipe: Toffee That’s Almost Too Good to Put in a Cupcake

A toffee recipe was not what I started out looking for. I was actually looking for a bread pudding cupcake recipe. What I found, though, was a bread pudding cupcake that contained homemade toffee. While I enjoyed the cupcakes, the homemade toffee was the star of the show! It was so good, in fact, that […]

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Last Day to Win Free Amano Chocolate

Today is the last day to enter to win free Amano chocolate on Food Interviews. Comment on each of the five parts of the interview for your best odds of winning! On some of the posts, there are less than 20 entries, so your odds of winning are very high! Also, I received an email […]

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Raw Food Cupcakes: Cool and Refreshing

The concept of a raw food cupcake seems to go against the entire grain of cupcakes. Cupcakes are a baked product – raw food cupcakes are not baked. They are basically a bunch of raw food pressed together in the shape of a cupcake. Did the Raw Food Cupcake Taste Like a Cupcake? Nope! The […]

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Raw Food Frosting Recipe: Use Coconut Oil and Agave

Raw food frosting ingredient: coconut oil What is Raw Food Frosting? Raw food frosting is frosting that contains no ingredients that have been heated above 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit – no sugar, no butter (unless it’s from raw, non-pasteurized milk), and definitely no Crisco. What Can I Use in a Raw Food Frosting? To make a […]

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Announcing Food Interviews: Another Chocolate Interview and Giveaway!

Photo by Amano Artisan Chocolate After two sucessful interviews on Cupcake Project, one with Vere Chocolate owner Kathy Moskal, and one with Supreme Spice owner Anjali Damerla, I am now hooked on interviews! I have started a new blog, Food Interviews, where I will be doing all of my future interviews. If you enjoyed the […]

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