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Kentucky Derby Pie Cupcakes: Place Your Bets on Chocolate, Walnuts, and Bourbon

► Skip to the recipe In 2004, I went to the Kentucky Derby for my birthday. There were no Kentucky Derby cupcakes there, just a lot of rain. It rained so hard that they had to shut down the betting systems due to flooding. Jonathan and I had to walk in puddles of floating cigarette [...]

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Greek Bird’s Nest Cupcakes: The Birds and the Bees

► Skip to the recipe My Greek bird’s nest cupcakes are all about honey. They are an extremely dense, honey soaked cake topped with a crunchy, honey soaked Greek bird’s nest cupcake topper. If you love honey and more specifically love Greek desserts like baklava, you’ll adore these cupcakes. The Greek bird’s nest cupcakes are [...]

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Semolina Flour: Don’t be Confused

What is Semolina? According to my favorite source on everything, Wikipedia, semolina is “the gritty, coarse particles of wheat left after the finer flour has been extracted.”  As you might imagine, semolina can be very different depending on what type of flour you’re getting those particles from. Semolina from Soft Wheat Semolina from softer types [...]

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Greek Bird’s Nest Cupcake Toppers: Not for Easter

I admit – I made these Greek bird’s nest cupcake toppers because I thought they would be good for Easter. I don’t celebrate Easter and clearly I have no clue what is good for Easter. I thought that because it was a nest, it would be Spring-like and perfect for a post about an Easter [...]

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Apricot Cupcakes with Almond Butter Frosting: One Way to Bake with Dried Fruit

► Skip to the recipe These apricot cupcakes with almond butter frosting were inspired by the lamb and apricot stew I made for Taste and Create. I’d hoped that I could use fresh apricots for the cupcakes, but I’m no farmer and didn’t realize that it’s not quite apricot season yet. I could have used [...]

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Lamb and Apricot Stew: How to Come Up with Cupcake Ideas

► Skip to the recipe   How to Come Up With Cupcake Ideas Sometimes people ask how I come up with the ideas for my cupcakes. Absolutely any flavor you enjoy can become a cupcake. One of the reasons I like participating in Taste & Create is that it forces me to choose a dish [...]

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