Blog | Cupcake Project - Part 130

Plum Cupcakes: Almost Like Plum Tarts

Plum cupcakes were a definite bake this summer. The farmers’ market plums were too tempting to resist! Before the plum cupcakes were baked, they didn’t match the color of the wrappers at all. However, I was excited to see that after baking the plum cupcakes, the plum and wrapper completely matched! How Were the Plum [...]

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Jello Frosting: A Cool and Refreshing Way to Top Cupcakes

Jello frosting is cool, refreshing, and a perfect topping for a summer cupcake! What is Jello Frosting? Jello frosting is just jello! I used cookie cutters to make various-sized circles of jello and placed them on the cupcake. The Problem with Jello Frosting There is only one small problem with jello frosting: cupcakes are best [...]

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Spice Cupcakes with a Candy Center: Meet the Barrister

These spice cupcakes were inspired by Chris Reed (no, this cupcake is not designed to look like him). I interviewed Chris about his Reed’s natural sodas and he mentioned that one of his favorite party drinks was a float with his Spiced Apple Brew and some vanilla ice cream (he’s clearly a party animal). I [...]

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Really Sticky Candy with Applesauce

My really sticky candy with applesauce is like no other candy I’ve encountered before – which isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s REALLY STICKY. It’s so sticky, in fact, that unless it’s fresh out of the refrigerator, you can’t pick the candy up – it just sticks to your fingers. Jonathan loved the sticky candy. [...]

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Knit Cupcake and More Vere Reviews

Nupur made me this cute knit cupcake! I interviewed Nupur (One Hot Stove) for Food Interviews at my house. I love doing phone interviews with people across the country, but nothing beats face-to-face encounters. Not only did Jonathan (he’s now STLPhoto on Twitter) and I share a lovely dinner with Nupur and her husband, but [...]

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Rhubarb Cupcakes: The Perfect Autumn Cupcakes

My rhubarb cupcakes were dubbed by my cupcake taster, Ran (who has tasted so many of my cupcakes that he may as well be Groom 2.5), as “the perfect autumn cupcake.” He went on to say how he felt weird even eating the rhubarb cupcakes in the summer. What Did the Other Tasters Say About [...]

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