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Do the Hokey Pokey Cupcakes – The Cupcake Love Connection Continues

Groom 2.5 undresses the Do the Hokey Pokey Cupcake “Lovely” “Delightful” “Minkolicious” “Oh wow!” “I want to marry Minko”All of the above were quotes said by Groom 2.5 after tasting Minko’s Do The Hokey Pokey cupcake, except one. Which quote was not said by Groom 2.5 and who said it will be revealed at the […]

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Hokey Pokey – Nigella Lawson

Hokey pokey, as far as I knew, was just a song. However, I have learned that hokey pokey is also a candy, with a recipe popularized by Nigella Lawson. Hokey Pokey is also a key ingredient of Minko’s cupcake for Groom 2.5 (read Cupcake Love Connection to see what this is all about). If she […]

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Cupcake Project’s G, PG, and PG-13 Rated News

I have news – lots of news. The first is rated G. It’s very kid friendly. The second is PG due to difficult topics. The third is rated PG-13 for language. If you want something R rated, check out my post on How to Make Nut Butter. Let’s start with the G-rated news! Cupcake Project […]

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Pumpkin Cupcakes with Rum and Maple

Pumpkin cupcakes are good on their own, but this pumpkin cupcake with rum and maple kicks it up a notch. The cupcakes smell distinctly of rum, but when you bite into them, you can taste the pumpkin and just a tiny hint of the maple. They are moist and lighter than you might expect from […]

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Apple Butter Frosting Recipe

While you may be tempted to skip this apple butter frosting recipe and just slather plain apple butter on your cupcakes (and I couldn’t blame you), I highly recommend giving the apple butter frosting a try. It’s got brown sugar, apple butter, and cinnamon and is perfect for any Fall cupcake or for eating with […]

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Easy Halloween Cake

Disclaimer 1: I did not make this easy Halloween cake. Disclaimer 2: This Halloween cake did not initially look easy to me. However, the baker (Lisa from one of my favorite blogs, My Own Sweet Thyme) said it was not very complicated, and after reading her great step-by-step cake making instructions, I felt like anyone […]

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