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Pudding Cupcakes

Pudding cupcake recipes are very common with cake mixes, but you don’t see many from-scratch pudding cupcakes. I’m not sure why. Pudding adds a nice flavor and moistness to any cupcake. You could make these cupcakes using any flavor of pudding. I used tapioca pudding, but I’d like to try it again some time with […]

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Tapioca Pudding Recipe for Kids

This tapioca pudding is for kids! I have no kids, so I can’t prove it, but look at that photo and tell me that this bowl of tapioca pudding doesn’t look like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops. The trick is to buy large and colorful tapioca pearls. The tapioca pudding recipe will […]

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The Wedding Cupcakes

A small selection of the wedding cupcake possibilities Couple 2.o chose from After over a year of sampling Cupcake Project cupcakes, Bride and Groom 2.0 have selected their wedding cupcakes. The three wedding cupcakes will be: Apple cinnamon cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting Chocolate cupcakes with bourbon and pecan with pecan butter frosting with […]

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Bourbon and Pecan

Groom 2.0 wanted chocolate cupcakes for his wedding. I thought the better than sex chocolate cupcakes would be perfect, but Bride 2.0 found them too rich. They both really liked the derby pie cupcakes. However, they had a problem and I had a problem. What Do Chocolate Cupcakes with Bourbon and Pecan Have to Do […]

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Pecan Butter Frosting with Chocolate and Bourbon

Related Posts: How to Make Nut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes with Bourbon and Pecan Almond Butter Frosting Macadamia Nut Butter Frosting The tricky part about pecan butter frosting is getting your hands on some pecan butter. Pecan butter is not something that is sold in most stores. It is, however, fairly easy to make nut butter […]

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ToastedRav Video

The ToastedRav story and video are here! They did such a great job with it! Thanks again, ToastedRav!

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