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Christmas Cupcakes – Mulled Wine Cupcakes with Chestnut Butter Frosting

Other Christmas Cupcakes and Chanukah Cupcakes: Eggnog Cupcakes Gingerbread Cupcakes Blue Chanukah Cupcakes Christmas cupcakes made with mulled wine will have Santa begging for more (he likes his wine, you know – why do you think he has such a ruddy complexion?). These Christmas cupcakes have a complex adult taste, but they are sweet, moist, […]

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Roasted Chestnut Butter Frosting

Roasted chestnut butter frosting is the perfect topping for any Christmas cupcake and there is no open fire needed – although you may find yourself seeking one out as you eat it. The chestnut frosting is not overly nutty, and it has a mild flavor and a smooth buttercream texture. While peanut butter has it’s […]

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Mulled Wine – Not To Be Confused with Mold Wine

Mulled wine is a perfect drink for the holidays, but be careful how you say “mulled wine.” When I told my friends about the mulled wine I was making, invariably they would hear “mold wine” and get grossed out. Mulled Wine vs. Mold Wine Mulled wine should never be confused with mold wine. Mulled wine […]

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German Chocolate Cupcakes

German chocolate cupcakes were the cupcake adaptation of For the Love of Food’s German chocolate cake. The first thing that struck me when I was making the German chocolate cupcakes were the 2 1/2 cups of sugar. This is a sweet chocolate cake! I feared that it would be too sweet. However, it actually wasn’t. […]

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Baker’s Coconut Doesn’t Have to Come From a Bag

There is a reason that you’ve never made shredded baker’s coconut from scratch. It’s a lot of work. However, as it turns out, homemade baker’s coconut is well worth the effort. Even people who typically hate coconut loved the homemade variety!Bellow is the step-by-step break down of how to make baker’s coconut. But first, credit […]

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Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Thanksgiving Cupcakes Thanksgiving cupcakes are scattered throughout Cupcake Project. But, I decided a Thanksgiving cupcake roundup was in order after Jonathan was asked by Lucky You whether I had any Thanksgiving cupcakes on my blog. Here are the cupcakes that I think would be perfect for Thanksgiving: Pumpkin pie cupcakes Pumpkin pie cupcakes: The Thanksgiving […]

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