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Pumpkin-Shaped Pretzel Bites

Pumpkin-Shaped Pretzel Bites

If you haven’t seen a pretzel roll at the grocery store or on the menu at a local restaurant, you are bound to see it soon.  People have begun to get more creative with pretzel shapes and I’m all about that trend!  I’ll take hot pretzels however I can get them. Pumpkin-shaped pretzel bites are [...]

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Pumpkin Cheesecake Fudge

Pumpkin Cheesecake Fudge

Pumpkin cheesecake fudge is a perfect mashup between pumpkin cheesecake and white chocolate fudge.  It’s dense and fudgey (yes, I just used fudgey to describe fudge – apologies to my high school English teacher), and it somehow tastes exactly like pumpkin cheesecake, even down to the graham cracker crust. Speaking of mashups… In Dorothy’s book, [...]

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cakes under the influence halloween 2

Bake Up Your Favorite Halloween Drink

It’s been over a year since I told you about Cakes Under the Influence – an incredible cupcake innovation that lets you bake cupcakes in the shape of margarita glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes, and shot glasses.  When I presented Cakes Under the Influence’s products back then, I suggested making margarita cupcakes for a summer [...]

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Meet Mandazi

Back in July, I received an email asking me to review a book called The Second Tree, an “international foodie thriller” where “ancient Ugandan prophecy collides with Manhattan’s haute cuisine community.”   I stared quizzically at the email for a while – I don’t typically write book reviews (with the exception of reviewing cookbooks).  I [...]

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Pumpkin Steamer

Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Steamers

My son Myles goes to a preschool that follows the Project Construct model of education (it’s similar to Reggio Emilia, if that means anything to you).  Rather than having a set curriculum, the kids explore topics they are interested in and the teachers act as guides in their experimentation and discovery.  Myles’s class has been interested [...]

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Fair Trade Giveaway

It’s Been a While Since We’ve Had a Giveaway, So…

Last week, I shared a recipe for chocolate banana pirate ships to celebrate Fair Trade month and to show you how Fair Trade certification can make a huge difference in the lives of people in agricultural communities around the world. Fair Trade USA has created a Pinterest board showcasing Fair Trade recipe ideas from a variety [...]

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