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Potato Candy

How to Make Candy With Only a Potato, Nutella, and Sugar

My Nutella potato candy has the consistency of fudge and tastes like Nutella with the sweetness of white chocolate! But really, candy made with potatoes?  Yes, potatoes.  You’ll never know they are there. There are two types of potato candy.  There’s the potato candy that looks just like potatoes (the resemblance is astonishing) but actually contains no [...]

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Hamantaschen Pie

Hamantashen Pie

Purim is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about hamantashen (the triangular cookies that are supposed to remind us of evil Haman’s hat).  Hamantashen, like all Jewish foods, can be made with a variety of different doughs and fillings.  Family traditions are influenced by great-grandmothers who toted recipes from the old country. It’s [...]

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Got PMS? Eat This!

I asked what you crave when you have PMS and while I heard what I expected (chocolate), I also learned that a lot of you need your salty snacks – like potato chips! I created chocolate potato chip PMS pie to cover all of your PMS food needs.  PMS pie has gobs of chocolate, two [...]

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Potato Chip Pie Crust

How to Make Pie Crust From Potato Chips

My mind is officially blown!  I can’t believe how pretty a pie crust made from potato chips can be – plus, potato chip crust is so easy to make! If you peek over the potato chip pie crust rim in my photo above, you may be able to tell that the pie in the photo [...]

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Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie

I love my cutie pie!  Don’t you love yours? Of course, I’m talking about this little guy, who is getting bigger every day: But, I love my cutie pies too!  Cutie pies are small, orange custard pies with gingersnap crusts, topped with candied cuties (sometimes called clementines)!  If you’ve never tried an orange-flavored pie (and, [...]

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candied cuties

Candied Cuties

You’re not supposed to look directly at the sun.  I’ve done it anyway (sorry, eyes); have you?  While sungazing is ill-advised, it’s totally safe to stare at these sunny candied cuties.  Candied cuties – sometimes called clementines – are super sticky, tart, and sweet enough to fill your sugar craving.  They can be enjoyed on [...]

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