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Vegan Meringue Frosting with Aquafaba

Vegan Vanilla Meringue Frosting Made with Aquafaba

I gave my unsuspecting mother-in-law a cupcake with vegan vanilla meringue frosting made with aquafaba.  When I finally told her what it was, she said, “Oh, I read something about that aquafaba stuff and I thought, ‘Yuck!’  But, this didn’t taste like yuck at all.”  Score! For the uninitiated, aquafaba (literally bean water) is the […]

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Pop Rock Popsicles

Pop Rock Popsicles

These pops rock! (I had to go there.)  Much as I love my Pop Rock Rice Krispie treats that actually snap, crackle, and pop, I adore the idea of popping popsicles! My popsicles are made with fresh strawberries, sweetened with a touch of sugar, and enhanced with a little balsamic vinegar and a splash of lemon juice.  After […]

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Corn Muffins

Streusel-Topped Peach-Stuffed Corn Muffins

Corn muffins are often unremarkable – although they always make superb delivery mechanisms for honey butter.  My corn muffins are extraordinary in their own right (which is good or bad, depending on how much you love honey butter). My corn muffins are pleasantly light and sweetened with a touch of sorghum, but it’s what’s on top and […]

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Pecan Butter

Southern Sorghum and Bourbon Pecan Butter

My master plan was to make a southern sweet pecan butter to spread on corn muffins.  Because things rarely stay simple around here, the pecan butter turned into sorghum and bourbon pecan butter and the corn muffins turned into streusel-topped, peach-stuffed corn muffins.  The original idea would have been blue skies, but my new plan […]

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Pineapple Upside Down Waffles

Easy Pineapple Upside Down Waffles

Pineapple upside down waffles were born out of my mom’s request for pineapple upside down cake and my desire to make something a little more unique.  I first experimented with throwing pineapple upside cake batter on the waffle iron.  This was a fail – batter stuck to the iron and the waffles fell apart in […]

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How to Turn Leftover Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns Into Sweet Breakfast Pastries

Extra buns are the missing socks of the food world.  No matter how carefully I shop, I somehow always end up with more buns than meat after a party. Leftover hamburger buns and leftover hot dog buns can be used for sandwiches, but why do that when you can turn them into a breakfast pastry that […]

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