Stef | Cupcake Project - Part 43

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Rhubarb Cupcakes: The Perfect Autumn Cupcakes

Five Spice Powder Frosting Recipe

rhubarb compote

Rhubarb Compote: Just Two Ingredients


Rhubarb Pulled Pork: Great Today, Even Better Tomorrow

Bread Pudding Cupcakes With Lots of Chocolate

What to Drink with Your Cupcakes

Toffee Recipe: Toffee That’s Almost Too Good to Put in a Cupcake

Last Day to Win Free Amano Chocolate

Raw Food Cupcakes: Cool and Refreshing

Raw Food Frosting Recipe: Use Coconut Oil and Agave

Announcing Food Interviews: Another Chocolate Interview and Giveaway!

July 4th Cupcake Ideas

Orange Cupcakes: Cupcakes Grilled in an Orange