My Best Easter Dessert Ideas

My Best Easter Dessert Ideas

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Easter Desserts

Just in case you’ve missed a couple of my best Easter dessert ideas, I have put them all in one place.  I hope that everyone who is celebrating has a sweet weekend!

I’d love to see your best Easter dessert ideas, too!  Please post pictures to the Cupcake Project Facebook page.

My Best Easter Dessert Ideas

Easter Cupcakes with a surprise bunny hidden inside – These cupcakes are a crazy fun Easter dessert idea and not as hard to make as you might expect!

Hot cross buns stuffed with strawberries and chocolate – My hot cross buns are a meant-to-be twist on the classic.

Cupcakes baked in real egg shells – If you missed this post, you have to check it out!  I even have a version where the eggshell is dyed and the cupcakes have a fake yolk center.

Homemade jelly beans – I’m not going to lie; this Easter dessert idea isn’t easy, but it’s awesome!  You can make the jelly beans in any flavor you want!

Easter egg cookies – These coffee hazelnut cookies taste like upscale Mexican wedding cookies – wrap them in foil to make them look just like chocolate eggs.

Bunny Tails – These are little homemade powdered donut holes.  In the post, I have a printable of a bunny that you can give to each child to color before they add the edible tail.

Goldbunny crackers – This one is more of a snack than a dessert.  It’s the Easter version of goldfish crackers.  Goldbunny crackers are perfect for little ones who can’t wait for the meal to start.

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